Because of the glitch last night with orders, anything ordered yesterday and today is 10x the points! 

The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Here! Early Access is Live! Can you believe I’ve been blogging this sale for 6 years now? I’m an OG Anniversary Sale Blogger!! I remember shopping the sale with my sister back in 2012 on a weekend trip to Seattle and leaving our kids home for our first overnight away from them. That was my second year shopping the sale, first one blogging it. We watched the Katy Perry movie that evening after our long day of shopping (it’s all that was playing). I can’t even remember what I purchased or find my blog posts since I re-branded my blog (here is an NSALE post from 2014!), but it was such a blast. I know my sister got Frye boots that year though. That’s what I love so much about this sale is that it’s truly an event.

If you have a Nordstrom Rewards Card, Nordstrom Debit or Credit Card you now have access to shop the sale. If you are not shopping the early access, public access starts on July 20. In the meantime, you can plan your shopping cart now by seeing whats available, and what people are loving. I hope to have try-ons for you on Saturday or Sunday. If you’ve made it to the store and want to share your first impressions, let us know what you’ve tried on. I’m trying really hard to stick with my Classic Style list.

What I Ordered From The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Round 1

Ordering last night was just insane! I was up until 3 am blogging, and attempting to place my order. The Nordstrom website is experiencing glitches and my shopping cart kept bumping me out. Eventually, I was able to place my order late last night but it’s still processing. I decided to order the blazer. It’s a pricey investment piece but fits in my closet staples list.  I ordered the Rag&Bone black jeans but now I sort of wish I had ordered my favorite pair of AG jeans – there are now only 4 sizes left so probably will be fully sold out shortly.  I’ll hopefully get to try both on Saturday or Sunda and exchange for my preferred pair. I’m not 100% certain on the shoes but I knew they’d be hot sellers and I wanted to try them on at least. I’ve been wanting a pair of white dressy sneakers.

Round 2
*(boo! This second order just canceled on me. Just the shirt sold out but the entire order was canceled. Had to reorder the jeans but yesterday was 10x points.)

Swayed by the 10x points yesterday. Not sure what I’m keeping from my purchases yet. I will only keep one pair of jeans, and then I need to decide between the shoes, and the rails shirt. I’m not sure if I’m going to love the shoes in person when I see them, but wanted to try them out.

♥Try-Ons Comming Soon!♥

Recommending From Previous Years Purchases Or Try Ons

These items are all huge winners in my closet and have stood the test of time.

So so tempted to get another Barefoot Dreams cardi since it’s the exact style I like in colors I love. I also really want the AG Jeans here. I ordered the black Rag & Bone Jeans last night, but now I’m second-guessing.

Worthy Investments

Higher price point, but quality timeless items.

I always look at investment pieces and try to get one each year. I’m loving the Stuart Weitzman OTK boots. I didn’t anticipate such an amazing pair on the sale. Too bad my calves are too wide for these. There is another pair of great black leather boots by Tory Burch shown below that come in an extended calf size, and regular. The price on those is unbeatable.

Catching My Eye

How amazing is this dupe! This is not the same coat, but such a nod to the Meghan Markle Burberry Coat. Meghan wears a ton of Mackage so I love that they made this.

This pink blazer looks a lot like the one I just got which I shared in this post the other day.  Same cut, similar color.

Under $100

Great purchases for under $100. 

These are all really great items at amazing price points. Easy on the budget but not lacking in quality or style.

Activewear Picks

The Best Picks From Activewear

I’m so excited to see Sweaty Betty and Varley. This year definitely has more variety in this department.



Catching My Eye In Beauty


Items Selling Out Fast

Grab These Before They Are Gone

These AG Jeans that I regrettably did not order are now sold out in my size and several other sizes. I picked up the AG Farrah instead (full size run currently) and I think I’m actually happier trying a new style – they are a darker wash, higher rise and look a bit dressier. I predicted both the jeans and Le Pliage being sell outs.

Shop The Catalog Now!

    1. It should be back up and running shortly. The good news is it’s crashed for everyone else too so the items are all still available.

    1. Not online. You could try doing a phone order from a US store (if you have a US Nordstrom Rewards) and I believe they can ship to you in Canada with a shipping charge of $30. Not sure if that’s changed this year but I’ve done that before.

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the blazer! I’m going to have to stalk the website for the AG legging ankle because they’re out of my size. Turns out my giant order went through (so did some duplicates ) and I’ll pick up at my store. I called the store and they were super helpful. There was a Veronica Beard from a few years ago that disappeared right out of my cart. I tried the one from last year and didn’t love it. I hope to have one some day. I ordered lots of jeans and the 4 pairs of shoes I wanted to try. I need a charcoal cardi and I picked the top shop one. My sister in law is at a store and said the Madewell cardigan is beautiful.

    1. I’ve seen a few try-on picks of the blazer on and it just totally sold it to me. I’m curious how it would look on me, with a more casual style so definitely looking forward to trying it on and sharing my own fit review. I didn’t like last years VB jacket either. It was the motto style blazer so not the classic style and not versatile. This one is exactly the shape I wanted, and has the dicky included so has several ways you can wear it.

      I wonder if you do an online order for store pick up, if you can delay picking it up for a few days or if you have to pick up the same day.

      Can’t wait to check out the Madewell cardigan. I’m loving Madewell so much this year.

  2. Hi Christina
    Yes, you can online charge an order and Nordstrom will hold it for a week. I was able to place a few charge & holds at 3 AM! This morning was another story. Last year the website crashed, but as an apology Nordstrom gave 10 times points for the issue all weekend.

  3. I’m very annoyed all the trouble and loops Canadians have to go through to order. I live no where near a Nordstrom and do 85% of my shopping online and was willing to Drop a lot of $$. You’d think being such a big company they could get it figured out!

    1. I completely get that but honestly, you are better off as a consumer waiting for the Canadian in-store sale on July 20th, and calling Canadian stores and having them ship items directly to you from the Canadian store’s inventories (no duties or import taxes that way!). The bonus to that is Canada has completely separate inventory so while stuff may sell out quickly in the US, it doesn’t draw from the Canadian warehouse inventory so you absolutely have a shot at the sale items you want, especially since the sale isn’t as monstrously big here in Canada. I cover the US sale first because the majority of my readers are in the US and I’ve adapted to that well before Nordstrom was even a thing in Canada. When I started covering the NSALE In 2012, there was not even a store in Canada, or the ability to ship here with borderfree. If you want first first dibs on the Canadian store, you can get a Canadian Nordstrom rewards card and access the early sale on July 17th, and do phone orders.

    2. Ugh. I’ve been thinking about this all evening and I’m very annoyed by it too. Not at Nordstrom, just the entire prohibitively expensive retail scene in Canada. I may write a post about this topic soon I think.

      1. I’d like to see your post regarding the Canadian retail situation! I am also totally annoyed by how things are handled here. I understand it is a different country, but still!

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