The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just about here! If you have early access to the sale (Nordstrom Rewards Card required) you will be able to shop from this post starting tonight at midnight PST. Be sure to check back here if you are shopping at Midnight or Thursday morning. I’ll be blogging the upload live like a crazy person and the same way I blog the Lulu Uploads – real time! If you need a how to shop the sale guide, I’ve got one here for you.

If you are not into the NSALE content, bear with us fanatics! All my same usual content will still be published, I’m just blogging overtime during the sale, and mainlining espressos. 

These are the best items from the catalog so far, and from sneak peeks around the web – you can see more of the NSALE Editor Guides on the tabs in the Nav Bar.  I’ve been able to sus out several items around the web from the sale that hasn’t been published in the catalog. My wishlist is still a tossup. I have a silly list going with multiple purchase combinations. Budget acrobatics.

The Best Sweaters and Wraps

Lots of cashmere options this year! These are the spendier sweaters of the bunch, except for the bottom left and bottom middle.


The Best Denim & Jeans

The black jeans on the left are on my wish list, although I’ve added Mother Denim based on a readers recommendation, and I’ve been wanting to try Frame Jeans.


The Best Coats & Jackets

My wishlist in this category is completely out of control. I basically would love one of each of these four, and also a few others.


The Prettiest Blouses

These blouses are stunning and super affordable


The Best Handbags

I love all of these but especially both Le Pliage bags, the Pink Kate Spade


The Best Shoes

So many amazing shoes in this sale. This category is going to be massive.


The Best Beauty

This is a problem area for me. I am not budgeting for beauty, but there are at least 10 items I really want.

  1. TBH I’ve been so turned off by the American tariff’s against Canada that I won’t be purchasing american products for the foreseeable future or travelling to that country. I generally have supported Canadian products in 80% of my purchases in the past 10 years but definitely escalating that decision now. Obviously this means I will skip Nordstrom anniversary sales.

    I know your site isn’t really political but I generally comment on all the posts so I figured I add my two cents.

    1. I absolutely appreciate you commenting and sharing your views. You are always welcome to! It’s definitly an issue that is hard to ignore for my Canadian readers and it can’t help but be politicized. This is a huge topic of discussion in my family with both sides being represented. This is a tough one for me as a Canadian blogger that covers retail, with a majority of American readers, but an equally important amount of fellow Canadian readers. I deeply respect the decision to have solidarity with the Canadian countermeasures.

      1. The US Imposed tarrifs against Canadian steel and aluminum and as a countermeasure, the Canadian government imposed a sur tax on Canadians bringing back any products that contain steel, aluminium, any bedding, a long list of grocery products. Essentially anything that is produced in Canada, the government will tax you if you bring back products from the US. There is a CBSA list I will link to again if I can find it. I don’t believe it impacts clothing retail.
        Here is an article on the US Canada Trade War. I didn’t read it all the way through, it was just the most convenient to post.

          1. Effectively yes. It pressures Canadians to buy Canadian, and it puts pressure on the US to continue with the status quo for NAFTA.

  2. Hi lulumum aka Cristina!

    I’m not familiar with NSALE but seeing sold out items just before the sale event, I wonder if shoppers purchase full price and get their discount afterward.

    In lululand, I miss the design good years aka about 2008-13. Ever since the uploads are getting worst and worst, losing its edge and quality (and quality control) below low. One good item out of +100 is truly testing lulu core fan base, and many are out the door cherishing their vintages piece. Your perseverance/endurance for keeping up with their nonsense is remarkable. On the plus side, lulu improved its quality warranty process.

    Politic wise-ish, economic cycles and policies come and go. Hopefully, the issues get resolve promptly for everyone’s sake.

    Enjoy the espresso and good luck with the NSale 🙂

  3. The items shown are the correct landing pages for those items but they aren’t ‘live’ yet so they show sold out. Tonight at midnight they will all be in stock, but only purchasable if you have the store card. You get the sale price immediately at checkout. None cardholders will be able to view the entire sale and all the prices, but then access the sale items on July 20th.

    Yes, for me it was 2008 to around 2014. If I knew then that their design style would change so dramatically I wouldn’t have sold as much as I did over the years. I still love the brand and they have great technical apparel, and I still find stuff I like but the detail of their design assortment is gone. I need to remember to shop ebay for some of those old pieces.

    I agree re politics.

    Thanks! Tried for a nap this afternoon but that was a no-go.

    1. thank you for the explanation for NSALE. make sense!

      yep around lulu sheerness-gate years! vintage lulu is awesome.

      happy shopping to you 😀

    1. OMG Me too! I’m finding so many of the hidden products right now so keep scrolling the little widget at the top of the page. I’ve been working the past two hours adding them in.
      My game plan for tonight is to have my top favorites open in tabs so I can easily add to my shopping cart.

  4. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to this sale as I do every year & will be checking your posts. Can’t wait!!!

    1. I don’t believe it will be. The Canadian NSALE is in store only. Try it though and see if you can use it to access, then use a different payment method.

  5. So if I have a Nordstrom Rewards card with a Canadian address attached to it, it won’t work?
    I’m trying and when it’s askinh for a zip code confirmation and won’t allow me to use a postal code.

    So how does a Canadian get a American rewards card?

    1. I was having this issue too. This happened last year and I was able to do an online chat and they just gave me a number to put in, like 0000. This year online chat said I had to talk to the card department (waiting forever for the chat) and then I had to wait on permahold for the card department. Eventually I was able to place my order, but I wasn’t able to go back and do the second one. It just kept toggling the site back to CAD.

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