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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies Round 1

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies Round 1

Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies Round 1! Well, technically this is my in-home ‘dressing room’ since this is my online order, but I have a part 2 coming soon which will be In-Store Dressing Room Selfies, so for the sake of continuity, part 1 and part 2 are Dressing Room Selfies. I may even have a part 3 with the Vancouver Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans

Veronica Beard Steel Jacket With Removable Turtleneck Dickey

I am so in love with this multi-way blazer! This was a risky piece for me to buy because dressy is not my style and I don’t work in an office, but I was wanting an investment item from my Classic Style Wardrobe Staples list as my big splurge this year.   A dressy item that I could pair with my more casual jeans, sneakers and white tee to make it a little more sophisticated and dressed up. This jacket is such a dream. It has a turtleneck dickey that zips in and out and that you can wear with other Veronica Beard Jackets. I love that they have grey hoodie-style dickeys to pair with their blazers too! This is a size 12, and it fits really well. Tailored in all the right places but plenty roomy in the chest, arms, and shoulders.

*Forgot to add a fit notation. I have rather wide lats from olympic weightlifting and all the heavy high pulls we do, and large shoulders these days. My shoulder span isn’t that wide (just average) but they have bulky muscle. This jacket fits so comfortably around that area. I have read a few reviews around the web that say this jacket fits more relaxed than her others so perhaps that is why. I love that it’s such a feminine tailored fit, but is still relaxed in certain areas without making it a boxy overwhelming fit.

Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans

Three options in different budgets. I love all of these and hope to try them this weekend. The pink on the left looks just like this one I purchased on clearance the other day. Same cut, style and color! As you can tell, I’m on a blazer + tee shirt kick!

Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans

Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (Black Raw Hem)

I love Rag & Bone Jeans but if you remember from this post about all my favorite jeans, Rag & Bone are slightly second place to my fav, the AG Jeans. I made a rookie mistake and although I knew there would be AG Jeans, I didn’t see right away that the AG  The Legging Ankle Skinny without any distressing was uploaded (it was 2 am!). I placed my order with these and then saw the AG’s and really kicked myself. I decided to wait until Sunday to see if would want to exchange these for the others, but they are now fully sold out. I still really like these and the fit is perfect, so I’m going to keep them. The only consideration for returning them was if I could get my top top favorite. These are a really deep black wash, a nice higher mid rise and very slimming. The fit is TTS but they are also pretty stretchy so they feel really comfortable.

On the far right, the budget option with rave reviews!

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Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans

Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers 

These sneakers caught my attention for two reasons. First, they are a dressy white sneaker that fits in with my Classic Style Staples. They are an upscale brand but the price is really, really great. I also really love the sweater knit detail. I think the knit detail is much more obvious and pretty on the other two colors though with a contrasting grey pattern.  All three color options where beautiful, but in the interested in having that ‘white sneaker’ look I chose these. They are a little bit ‘golf shoe preppy’. I also prefer these ones to the others because they are a matte leather vs the slight sheen of the others. I think these may be nubuc which is what makes it matte. The leather quality is just incredible on these and they are a very well made, quality shoe. Especially for the price point of $129 . They even come with a beautiful thick linen dust bag, just like my high end shoes do!

The Vince Cantara Slip- On Sneakers are TTS  to slightly roomy and super comfortable. They are easy to slip on and off. My one hesitation with these (before they arrived) was I worried that the knit portion would be way too stretchy and loose against the foot, but actually, it’s reinforced with a strong elastic. I think these look really elegant. With this outfit, I think the brown or black would look better but with another outfit or with blue jeans (which I wear most often) these will look better. Hopefully, they stay clean! I’m going to try the brown and black pair on this weekend and confirm that the white is the one to go with.

Steel Jacket with Removable Turtleneck Dickey VERONICA BEARD, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneakers, Rag & Bone Raw Ankle Skinny Black Jeans

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  • That jacket with the dickey is AMAZING! I’m picturing it with some dark skinny jeans and boots. That was a great purchase. ?

  • Sorry but the blazer is quite ill fitting on you. Note that the sleeves are far too long and it pulls across the front. It would require some serious tailoring in order to achieve a desired fit and style. The fit is way off as is IMO.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Dressing a curvy body is quite challenging. Clothing will not fit a size 10-12 body in the same way it will fit a narrow size 6, or even a curvy petite 4. The length and proportions of this jacket are correct for my height and my desired fit. The sleeves can be taken up or cuffed/rolled. The pulling across the button was actually not pulling but bunching from how I was standing. This jacket doesn’t need to be fully reconstructed for me. I feel good and confident in this jacket but I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      • Sleeves are definitely too long. Please do not roll up—that will take away from the tailored look you are going for. Get them altered.

        • Yes, I agree. Nordstrom offers free alterations so I’ll get the sleeves taken up a bit. I do like the look of the sleeves pulled up though so I’m definitely going to wear it that way as well.

  • I’m really confused about the early access! I just signed up for a Nordstrom credit card but on the Canadian side and I know that the early access for Canadians is in store only but can I not view the early access on the US site? I tried signing up for the Nordstrom cc on the US site but I need a US zip code. Help!! I wouldn’t mind shipping to the PO box in Blaine but do I need to sign up for the Nordstrom card on the US side to be able to shop (it won’t let me because I don’t have a US address)? This is all very confusing.

    • You should be able to view the sale on the US side by changing the site to ‘US’ and then you have to actually refresh the page to get the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale icon at the top left. It should allow you to view the sale items.

      I wonder if this is a new change to the Nordstrom US cc. I got mine years ago so this may be a new policy. Did you try calling nordstrom credit card services? they may be able to process an application. I think though that when Canada Nordstrom started offering their own CC, they must have made it so Canadians can no longer apply for the US one.

  • A lot of damage has been done without going to a store. I ordered the Rag & Bone black jeans and black Vince shoes. I debated between the black and the white colors and ended up with the black. I am going to a store tomorrow to check out the white. I think they give different looks and may need both if the fit is comfortable.

    Does anyone have the Tom Ford eye quad from the NSale? I have the honeymoon quad, not sure if they are similar enough.

    • All my damage has been done online so far but I’m getting to the store finally tomorrow. I’d love to know how you sized the vince shoes. Did you stay TTS as well?

      I heard that the Tom Ford eye quad sold out. If the store I go to tomorrow has it, I’ll check it out for you.

      • I bought both TTS and size down. I am supposed to get them early next week. Hopefully I will get to check out both black and white in store tomorrow :). I will buy the white too if I love it. I am super excited about my in store shopping tomorrow even though I heard that there are not nearly as much inventory in the store compared to online.

        Thank you Cristina! Please keep us posted about your store visit.

  • I disagree with Blondielocks–I think the jacket looks great on you! What a great find!

    I applied for a credit card, so I could access the sale and it said I was approved and then…nothing! No email confirmation, no note to my account or anything. Do they not process CC applications during the sale? Maybe I did something wrong.

    Oh, well. It’s not like I NEED more clothes…

  • Okay, I seem to be okay now–I think. Where you sign in to access the sale, it asks for your card number and under that it asks, “Approved for a card but haven’t received it yet?” And then it asks for your phone number and a few other things. I’m sorry, I can’t talk now I have shopping to do!

  • Ha! I got the Barefoot Dreams Circle cardigan–I’ve admired them since last year, and a cute pair of Mephisto boots. The cardigan is on back order and won’t arrive until August, but I really wanted one.

    • Enjoy the cardi! The circle cardi version that I like was sold out in the store yesterday. I couldn’t get one in this year’s colors but that’s ok.

  • hey cristina! i have been loving your NAS coverage this week 🙂
    i love those rag and bone jeans and the sneakers. i was wondering about the sneaker material and it makes sense that they might be nubuck. the white is such a pretty finish/texture compared with the others in my opinion (which is actually why i ended up not buying them because i don’t want white but i DO want that nice leather on the white pair).
    re: the blazer, i am a bit neutral. i agree you can lose a couple inches on the sleeves if you want that tailored look you were talking about in your classic pieces post, but i also in general like jacket sleeves rolled up. my main hesitation though is that it seems not that great for the price. like – if you walked into nordstrom with $500 to spend on a blazer, is this THE one you would pick? it seems slightly sloppy (and don’t get me wrong i love more drapey/sloppy kinds of jackets and they are very on trend right now), but not sure that it is particularly “classic” because of this. also – what is the deal with the seam going down the front of the upper arm? it looks like the armpit part of the arm is on the front. just seems confusing at this price point. i was also wondering about the polyester material on this jacket when i considered buying it myself, but it seems like it doesn’t bother you, so that’s good to know. basically, i vote that if you love love love it and it is the one blazer you would pick if you had a fist full of hundreds (regardless of sale/not sale), then keep it!! i own so many pieces that i adore that nobody understands but me and other peoples opinions have not made me love them any less. LOL.
    anyways, thanks for all you do!!!

    • I think the seams are more obvious because the fabric is plaid. They would not be so noticeable on a solid fabric. I’m curious about the back view. Does the plaid match? It better at this price point.

      I agree you should keep if you “love love love it”. But don’t be influenced by the sale price, the brand name, how much it’s being talked about online, etc.

      • The plaid does match but at the upper back it meets up in a ‘v’ that lined up. I’ll look at it more closely when I’m home tonight.
        Yes, the sale honeymoon needs to die down before I can be certain. I’m going to think on it. I do love it a lot. The question is is can I find something similar that I love as much for cheaper.

    • Thanks so much Buggie. I agree about the sneakers. That matte leather is so nice. Had the black and brown been the same I would have had real trouble deciding. I might have gone with black. I do love the white though.

      Thanks for your comments. I’m definitely going to think about it hard. Tags won’t come off until I’m absolutely certain about it. That means trying it on front of a mirror about 12 more times. Lol!

    • As far as the fabric, yes it’s polyester but it’s actually quite nice, not slick or shiny. It’s lightweight. It’s the nicely knit poly fabric from the Portugal mill that creates a lot of luxury technical fabrics (Lucas hughs, Stella McCartney etc). The negative to it though is that it creases and I don’t think a wool blend would.

      • Oh that’s great to hear (and interesting). I love all your random fashion knowledge!

        Yeah I have many things to think about too… it is so thrilling right when the sale starts, good thing most of it is fall stuff so there’s less of an impulse to rip the tags off immediately! 🙂

  • I tried on the Vince shoes in the store today. It is definitely a roomy tts. I am between 5.5 and 6 and took 5.5. I ordered the black last week and the white today. As I noted above, they give different enough looks that I will get a lot of wear from both. I also bought simplehuman mirror so that I can see all my flaws (LOL) and a pair of rag and bone sunglasses. After I got home, I order a marked down rails shirt, the caslon dupe, and a murad set. This made my fourth online order – yikes. I used to wear a lot of Lulu casually and at work so I NEED to update my wardrobe. No guilt but I do need to edit things down once they all get here.

    How was your shopping trip, Cristina?

    • Shopping was fun but a total whirlwind. My husband went to explore the city and left me to it and I just tried on clothes until it was time to go, then we ate lunch at Din Tai Fun which was awesome. The Vince sneakers where almost completely sold out at this store. No black or brown for me to try on at all, and they had one left in the white in a half size down for me. They fit but were a little finicky to put on compared to the TTS. They were scuffed up though so I didn’t exchange mine for them. I was also looking for Rails shirts since the one I ordered online got canceled. This particular store was completely out of Rails shirts.

      I’m in the same boat. I have tons of Lulu I love and I’ve purchased so little this year. Actually, only the Luna crops and a couple of love tees. I’m good for Lulu (until they bring back the special designs) so happy to invest in the other side of my wardrobe.

      • Din Tai fun, yum! My neighbors and I were just talking about their soupy dumplings last night. Need to go…

        • Yes!! If you have one near you or other Taiwanese dumpling places you must go. Dim Sum in Vancouver is great but for soupy dumplings, Din Tai Fun is where it’s at.

          • actually, Long’s on Main st has the best dumplings in the city, way better than din tai fung (and very affordable!)

            • Really? It’s my duty to try this for comparison sake. Maybe an excursion for my kids while on summer vacation. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  • Are your jeans cuffed? If so, what makes the raw edges special? Can’t really see them. I might be totally seeing things. Black obscures details.

    • I cuffed them, but I like wearing them cuffed and uncuffed. The nice thing about raw edge is that when you cuff them you get a nice flat fold, and they sit closer to your leg cuffed or uncuffed than when you have a finished hem. I also like that you can customize the length without having to have them professionally hemmed.
      I tried to lighten the picture slightly to make the details more visible. The wash of these jeans is very intense black.

  • Re the Veronica Beard blazer – I haven’t seen this one in person, but I do own one. I wear full suits to work on the regular and have owned lots of high priced suit jackets/blazers in my working life. The Veronica Beard one I bought last fall is spectacular quality and gets tonnes of compliments everytime I wear it. It was $$$$ and sold out in my size at full price, but I was able to get a pop back on the first day it went on sale for 40% off – I have never completed an online purchase so fast in my life!

    I like the one in the Nsale – I do agree that the sleeves are likely too long on you and should be shortened.

    • Thanks for sharing! I’m happy to hear a review from someone who has purchased an NSALE veronica blazer in the past. I just love this one and don’t feel like I can part with it. Maybe not an exquisite fit, but overall the style is right for me and it makes me happy. It just feels special. Definitely going to get the sleeves altered. I have $100 alteration credit at Nordstrom.

  • I was just at the Canadian early access in Toronto – they did not have the Veronica Beard blazer here, nor did they have the Vince sneakers in Port, only black and white. I am going to try to order the Port ones when the US sale opens to the public on Friday, but bought the black ones just in case I can’t get the other ones. Also got two pairs of jeans – the black Rag & Bone and the AG Ex boyfriend slim. Amazing prices on both those.

    • If you don’t mind my asking, can I know what the prices were for the AG and also the vince sneakers? Too bad about the blazer and especially the port sneakers. The Seattle store didn’t have the port or the black and only one left in the white. Really good call to order them on the US side and taking the black home just in case.

      • The AG ex boyfriend slim were $213.90 (reg. $320) and the R&B black were $173.90 (reg. $260). Am now thinking I should have taken the white ones home just in case, but that can be tomorrow’s lunchtime excursion!

  • Just bought the Veronica Beard blazer…. I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!!! Will you be doing any cosmetics/non-shoe & clothing Nsale reviews?

    • Awe thank you!!! The blazer is my favorite purchase.
      I didn’t buy any cosmetics this year so won’t be doing a post on those, although having browsed the beauty section several times I have to say my favs are the Le Labo perfume set, the Diptyque candle/perfume set, the charlotte tilbury lipstick set and the body glow product. I was also interested in the micro needling set but the price was high.

      I did try on lots of shoes and will do a post on my recommendations since you’re interested. None of the shoes I’m recommending have been covered by other bloggers which has me scratching my head. There were some really great high-quality shoes on sale.

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