Lululemon Move Lightly Pant Lululemon Move Lightly Pant Lululemon Move Lightly Pant Lululemon Move Lightly Pant

Move Lightly Pant

I ordered the Move Lightly Pant in two sizes anticipating that sizing up may be necessary. I love tencil because it’s so soft, silky and lightweight but it has no stretch at all so sizing up is typical unless it’s very relaxed fit. These are straight leg and high waisted so the fit issue for me in my TTS was in the upper thigh and hip area. Size up (the photos shown in this post) was perfect though and super comfortable. I’m so tempted to keep these but one problem I had with them is the cargo pocket really puffs out, and that is so unflattering on a pear shape. I love cargo pockets but they have to lay flat so that they don’t create bulk, and they need to be higher up on the leg for me.  Lululemon avoided the bunchy pocket issue elsewhere by removing the side pockets and the back pockets. I hope Lululemon makes a pocketless, relaxed fit cropped jogger in tencil because I’d be all over that.  Despite the fact that these didn’t work for me, I still really recommend them as a try-on if you are in the market for a cute pair of summer crops to wear with a nice pair of sandals and a cute top. If they also don’t work for you, try these linen crops from Aritzia instead. I got the Errol Pant last year and really love them. It’s a nice quality linen that doesn’t wrinkle a ton and it’s just as nice and cool as the Move Lightly Pants.

Lululemon Move Lightly Pant Lululemon Move Lightly Pant Lululemon Move Lightly Pant Lululemon Move Lightly Pant

    1. No, I’ve just thrown it with my husband’s suits for dry cleaning. I suspect the problem with washing at home is you will lose the pressed look of the linen. I think I will steam it between dry cleans.

  1. I wanted to love these but seeing how the pockets make it look like your butt goes down to your knee I’ll have to pass. Too bad cause I love that material as well.

  2. Thanks for the fit review. I might try it just to try but likely I’ll pass on it as well. I do like tencil though! Such a disappointing pocket placement. I think it flares out awkwardly on the store photos as well. I don’t think it’s just the pear shape issue. Your assessment is right; the pockets should be higher and they should be “fake” pockets so it doesn’t add bulk where most women don’t want it. Everytime I get a linen pant or shirt, I always regret it because of the wrinkling issue. It only works for me in a blazer because it’s more structured and has a lining. But even then, I’m constantly dry cleaning to get the pressed look.

  3. I got these and did not have to size up, I am an 8 in everything and not pear shaped. They don’t pull like they do on you Christina, I agree the pockets should be higher but it looks fine on my pants. I am worried about wrinkling with this one. Thanks for the Aritzia tip!

  4. I got the pants in size 2 and the pockets don’t puff out too much. Mine is in color Blue Tied so you kind of see the cargo pockets better and I actually like the style.

  5. I don’t mind cool linen for the summer; I throw my linen items in the laundry, then I iron them once before wearing. If I had to choose between linen and Tencel, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the former. I hope Lululemon uses a higher grade of Tencel, but it still becomes a crumpled, cheap-looking mess when worn. The Aritzia pants look tempting, they are a linen mix, not pure linen, so they might keep their crispness.

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