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Guest Fit Review Speed Up Crop Tidal Speed Up Crop Tidal


I noticed two of the more recently released prints at the mall Lululemon so I stopped in to try them on.  They didn’t have these prints when I went earlier this week.  While I don’t particularly like the Speed Up Crop style, I was drawn to the blues in this print.  Blue is my favorite color.  As you guys have noticed, I’ve lost a bit of weight so I no longer need to size up in the Speed Up Crop/Tight.  The difference between my TTS and size up is the fact that the waistband no longer creates a muffin top.  That’s the reason why I would size up in this style of tight.  It is still very compressive!  This print is backed on white.  I did not notice any fading in a bend test.  I forgot to do a deep knee bend to see if there was any fading.  I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this print.  This print comes in the Train Times Tight (my favorite), which I will purchase.  The Speed Up Crop is now TTS for me.  But for those of you in between sizes, I’d recommend sizing up.


Guest Fit Review Fast & Free Crop Pixel Fast & Free Crop Pixel


As you know, the F&Fs are one of my favorite styles of tight.  When this print uploaded, I was drawn to the different shades of green.  The print is definitely more vibrant in Nulux than in the Swift Ultra fabric (Choose a Side Short).  I believe this print is also backed on white (or a very light lime green).  Sorry, I can’t remember.  Nevertheless, I did not notice any fading.  I did notice a bit of fading in the size down when I did the bend test but not across my hips while standing.  The pictures are of me in my TTS and if I were to get them, I’d get my TTS.  Although I liked this print online, I didn’t like it as much in person.  But I did like it in the short.  I think this might be a print I’d like in a tank.


Choose a Side Short in Pixel Haze Multi Black


The Choose a Side Short is a new style of short that is reversible.  It is made from Swift Ultra Light with a 3″ inseam.  These shorts were very lightweight and felt like I hardly had anything on.  It would probably be great for long runs.  Because it’s reversible, there is no lining.  The waistband was comfy and adjustable.  The side slits were not too high.  These shorts were a roomy TTS for me.  Generally, I size up in shorts but I haven’t tried any shorts in my TTS since I lost weight.  These are my first pair and probably not a pair of shorts that would be a good judge of what my actual size should be.  I’m thinking in the Speed Up Short or Hotty Hot Short, I’d still want to size up.  I may consider getting a short in this style rather than in the Tracker Short.  But I’m going to have to do a side by side comparison to really know.  These are definitely shorts I would love to lounge around in.  I think a lot of you ladies might really like the Choose a Side Short.  If you’re considering them, you should definitely try them on.   Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the other side.

Wake Up & Go Sweater Wake Up & Go Sweater Wake Up & Go Sweater


I wanted to try this sweater because it was made from Cashlu (Lululemon’s version of washable cashmere) and the fact that it was a zip up sweater.  The fabric was very soft and the knit didn’t seem like it was so delicate that I’d fear snagging it everywhere.  What I’m not sure about is if the softness will fade after washing.  Does anyone have experience with this fabric?  My pictures make the color Starlight look more grayish lavender than it is in person.  It is a pale blue and a very beautiful subtle blue color.  This sweater is definitely a roomy TTS and I suspect many of you will size down.  I should have grabbed the size down but I was too lazy.  I would probably have walked away with this sweater but the price tag stopped me.  I think it is a bit much at $128 USD plus tax.  If it goes on markdown, I will consider it.



Play Off The Pleats LS Play Off The Pleats Long Sleeve


I wanted to try one of the pleated items and this was the only new thing I could find.  I did find the Play Off the Pleats Tights but those were already on markdown.  The store didn’t have the Can You Feel the Pleat Pant (Lululemon’s take on the paper bag pant style).  On the hanger, I thought the LS looked very plain from the front and I wasn’t sure how much it would bag out because of the pleats in the back.  This LS is TTS but the sleeves felt a bit snug.  But because the fabric is the same lightweight UV fabric as the Water Bound Hoodie, it felt comfortable and there was enough give in it that it didn’t feel too restricting.  Otherwise, the LS is a roomy TTS.  When I tried it on, I thought the front looked too plain and it didn’t hang on me as nicely as I thought it might.  Lengthwise from the front it was just right.  I thought the LS was much cuter from the back.  But the back of the shirt is shorter than the front.  Because of its shape, it would be very forgiving for most of us.  I also think there’s enough space in the chest for larger busted ladies.  It wasn’t bad but it’s not something I’d spend $88 USD on.  The part I liked most was the color; especially, in this fabric..


Sweat Time Short Sleeve Sweat Time Short Sleeve


I wasn’t sure if I’d like where the sleeves would hit my shoulders in this shirt.  Shirts with an “in between” cap sleeve doesn’t usually work for me because I have broad shoulders and it hits in the wrong place.  But this shirt surprised me and I thought it was flattering and feminine because of the gathering at the shoulders.  I also really loved this color.  It is definitely more orange than red.  The fabric was very lightweight and breezy.  This shirt is a roomy TTS that hangs well and is just long enough that I think it would work for both tall and short women.  My only hesitation is the price tag of $68 USD for a shirt that I wouldn’t work out in.  I think I’d rather spend that money on other types of street/casual wear.  But if it goes on markdown, I’ll be all over it!


Move Lightly Pant Move Lightly Pant Move Lightly Pant


I wanted to try the tencil items because Cristina and so many of you love the fabric so much.  I agree with all of you; it’s a very soft and lightweight fabric that has a silk look to it.  Although Cristina already did a fit review on the Move Lightly Pant, I wanted to see how it would look on my body type.  I don’t think the side pockets worked on me either.  Like Cristina mentioned, if the pockets were a bit higher and didn’t bag out, this would be a nice casual pant.  I tucked my shirt in so you could see the waistband.  I thought this pant was a roomy, relaxed fit TTS for me.  I would have loved this pant if it didn’t have the cargo pockets.


Move Tightly Short Move Tightly Short Move Tightly Short Move Tightly Short


I also tried on the Move Lightly Short.  I think the short was overwhelming on me because of the relaxed fit and length.  I’m wearing my TTS and didn’t think to try a size down.  It did nothing for my figure.  Ordinarily, I probably would wear it with a form fitting tank that was tucked in but I didn’t have one of those tanks in the dressing room.  I tucked my shirt in so that you can see that the waistband was the same as the pant.  When my shirt was untucked, it just looked sloppy on me.  I thought it looked like pajama shorts on me.  I tend to think sportier or more structured shorts work better for my body type.  This style short doesn’t work for me at all but I think it would work for many of you curvier ladies.  The fabric drapes well and feels nice against your skin.

  1. Thank you for the fit review as always, Mrs O!

    The pleated LS looks nice, classy in the front and fun in the back. I have to check it out. I also like the choose a side shorts. I have a small butt so it may not work for me though.

    You look amazing, look at those biceps!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by the pleated LS. It really is a fun style; very light, bouncy and flirty. Lol; I think I have a small butt too. It’s the reason why I do so many heavy squats and other butt exercises. Trying to make the most out of what I have. The gathering on the choose a side shorts help with the “small butt issue”.

      Thanks for noticing!

  2. Most of that is pretty blah, especially for the prices.

    In addition to the poorly placed cargo pockets, that dropped crotch is not a good look for those pants.

    You, however, look great!

    1. Thanks Lizzie. I’d agree with your assessment of the cargo pants. And nothing “screamed” at me to take it home.

  3. I love the orange tank on you. It’s very flattering and color looks nice with your coloring. I agree on the price though, it’s about $10-15 too much imo.

    I love the hoodie!! The little details on it are so cute- the cuffs, the mesh, etc. Same opinion on the price. It’s just a little too much, especially since Lulu usually has a tiny percentage of cashmere in their items. I’d consider that one if I saw a nice MD though.

    I love the first print on you too!

    1. All three of the items you mention are on my wait and see list. If it goes on markdown, I’ll get it. I know; the details on the sweater are so cute. And I like that it’s a zip up. Makes it more versatile.

    1. Thanks! I’m going to try that print in the Train Times. But it doesn’t come out in the Train Times Crop. I think I may like a crop version better.

  4. The orange Sweat Time SS looks fabulous on you, though I don’t understand why they insist on calling these short sleeve, when they’re closer to a tank top. Even the color suits you! Thanks for the reviews, Mrs. O!

    1. I agree; it’s closer to a cap sleeve than a short sleeve. Thanks and you’re welcome. I just wish my stores got the newer items in more consistently. By the time they get them, we’re on to the next new things so the try ons become old news.

        1. I don’t recall thinking that the v-neck was too deep. In all honesty, sometimes my Another Round Tee feels like it’s a bit low cut; I adjust it every now and then. I think the way this tee is structured, it won’t fall forward as much as the Another Round Tee. If you have higher bras, that might do the trick or a bandeau to make you feel more secure.

  5. Thanks for all your reviews, Mrs. O, and you made me wanna try out some of the items. ?

    Love the blue pattern on the Speed Up Crop but I read the reviews on this crop and they are not that positive. Looks like it’s kind of tight and tends to slide down. Not sure if sizing up will help (I’m 103 lbs with 24” waist, size 2). I know you like Train Times but I’m not a big fan of mesh panels …

    1. Hopefully, the print will come out in another tight. I’m surprised the reviews are that the Speed Up Crops slide down. The waist is snug. You should go try on your TTS. I’ve found that most very compressive tights loosen up after you pull them up/down a couple of time. It would be great if it came in the F&F crops or even WUPs.

      1. Thanks, Mrs. O. I tried on the Align Crops the other day and it was buttery soft. Even though you mentioned that Luon and Nulux tend to pill more than Luxtreme and Nulux, I couldn’t resist getting one pair and will see how things go. My friends’ Align Pants and Crops do not pill at all so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. ?

        1. Mine don’t either. I just wouldn’t rub weights on them. I do love my Aligns. You can’t beat the feel of them. I think you’ll love them!

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