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Nothing for me today but I did consider the Heathered Dusty Rose Scuba. Also, the Side Story Tee. I have a black Side Story Tee from last year and it’s so great. I am considering the white one but, yuck at spending  $54 on plain white tee. I probably would have gotten it in a pretty pink/mauve tone.

I’m really curious about the Feeling Balanced Sweater. It looks like it has a lot of sheen to it which makes me think it has some polyester (or nylon) blended  in it to make it more of  a ‘sporty’ material. Although, 100% Merino Wool is the most sweat wicking temperature regulating so that is pretty sporty in itself, but maybe they where going for a sport look.  I much prefer 100% merino but it doesn’t say it is, it just says ‘merino wool’ under fabric, and that fabric section takes being as vague as possible very seriously.

Feeling Balanced SweaterFeeling Balanced Sweater Feeling Balanced Sweater Feeling Balanced Sweater Feeling Balanced Sweater

Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) Tech Mesh Dark Olive
Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) Tech Mesh Dark Olive

Align Pant – Deep PhantomLululemon Align Pant - Deep Phantom

Fast & Free TightFast & Free Tight Linear Flux Light

Wunder Under Hi-Rise TightWunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Blocked Full-On Luxtreme - Linear Flux Battleship

Move With Ease JacketMove With Ease Jacket Move With Ease Jacket

Scuba HoodieLululemon Scuba Hoodie Light

Knot Gonna Fly Tee
Knot Gonna Fly Tee

It’s A Tie Long SleeveLululemon It's A Tie Long Sleeve

Wild Twist BraLululemon Wild Twist Bra

Power Y TankPower Y Tank Sequoia Camo

Rest Less PulloverRest Less Pullover

Reveal 7/8 Tight *VortexReveal 7/8 Tight Vortex

Define JacketDefine Jacket Teal Shadow

Back & Forth TankBack & Forth Tank Back & Forth Tank

Hatha WrapLululemon Hatha Wrap

  1. Kind of tempted by the Free to be Moved bra, but $68 is too much for such a simple – and likely not very functional – bra. I wish they’d offer a bra that doesn’t go over your head, like the Lift & Separate. I just don’t have a lot of confidence that something that can go over my shoulders is going to really hug my ribcage.

    Pace Rival in Moroccan Blue is a possibility, but it looks really shiny. I’d like to see it in person first. I have no confidence in the website photos.

    Overall, still rather ho hum. Anyone have any idea when we’ll cycle through the Holman era and see some of the new designs? I believe it takes 6 months+ from drawing board to distribution, so we probably have a few more months to go. He left at the end of October, if I recall correctly.

  2. I ordered the 3 new colors in the cool racerback. Rose Quartz, Desert Teal, and Dark Shadow. Also ordered tracker V’s in Persian Red. It’s hit or miss when lulu decides to make a red short in a cut you actually like (I am in the minority, but like this tracker variation best). Seems like their scarcity solid red short marketing tactic worked and I caved. Didn’t really need the CRBs, but figured I should show support for still selling that cut-even if it is online only and those colors are not like any I already own.

      1. oh I did not even know they are still selling the old racerback! thanks ladies 🙂
        how is the quality of the fabric?

  3. I was looking forward to the Feeling Balanced Sweater arriving but saw it in store today and not impressed. It is very slim and short. Then I saw the new green Rest Less p/o and couldn’t believe how small all the sizes were. I thought I was in Iviva. I didn’t even bother trying either of these on. Nothing for me this week.

  4. Contemplating on the “chasing miles” tight in Persian red…
    Can anyone here on this thread describe how they fit? What tights are they similar to in terms of fit?

  5. Wanted the dusty mauve dress that came out, but had it in my cart (size 4) and said it was sold out by the time I tried to check out minutes later. Wow!

      1. Dress was first uploaded before Christmas in all three colors. I tried the light grey and dusty mauve for a trip to Hawaii right after Christmas and I loved it so much. However….There was not a single under garment that worked under that dress. I must have purchased 10 different slips/boy shorts/girl shorts and tried it with my own stash of things and there wasn’t anything I couldn’t see a panty line with…either in the hips or on the tush. Going commando was not an option for was just to revealing…the material is very thin. Thought it was tts. If it came out in a stripe I could probably pull it off Very cute dress

  6. The Refresh maxi sold out quickly online in the charcoal colour so I called an AB store for a phone sale & “only” had to pay 5% tax…instead of 12% in BC lol!

  7. Very very $$$$ night. New Align colors, dusty rose scuba, speed up short, 3 colors of original crb, and that new shawl with color block.

  8. Did anyone see that there are Free To Be bras in two skin tone shades? I’ve been wearing Free To Be bras under my office professional clothes for awhile now (I don’t need much support) but yesterday’s upload makes me think I’m not the only one who does this! It’s great – 10x more comfortable than a regular bra, no migrating straps, can get me through a hot summer day … thank you Lululemon!

    1. I must own about 30 free to be bras. Mostly in black and white. I ordered 5 nude color ones. I mostly wear this bra for work also. I’m 34B

  9. I love the dusty rose scuba, but I had seen a porcelain pink define jacket on one of the foreign sites (maybe UK?) and now I’m torn: get the scuba or wait to see if the define comes out next week. This waiting game has burned me before…;-)

    1. I got both. They are very different colors. I’m a sucker for any shade of pink. I would love a truly hot pink color scuba

  10. Surprisingly, nothing for me. Except for the nude free to be bra. If the back and forth tank goes on markdown, I may purchase it. I just don’t want to spend $62 for a tank I may only be able to wear to barre class.

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