So far I’ve ordered these joggers from last weeks upload which seems to be online only for now. I’ve been waiting impatiently for my store to get them so I could try them on after seeing them on a friend. Why didn’t Canada get the Extra Mile Long Sleeve or the Viola Swiftly Tech LS, or the White/Dark Cast? I would have purchased all those items. A couple of weeks ago I got the Dark Olive Fast & Free Tights, and now it’s available in crop form along with Aeon Fast & Free Crops so I was toying with returning the tights to get the crops, but I think I’m just going to stick with the tights. I’d absolutely get the crops in Aeon except that I have Pace Rival Crops in Black Grape, so I don’t need a second purple tight.

Did you order anything from this upload? I know some stores got an early product drop of some of these items so if you got to try something on, let us know how you liked it.

The Lululemon Upload is up!

Last weeks Lululemon Upload post.

Extra Mile Long Sleeve
Extra Mile Long Sleeve
Extra Mile Long Sleeve Extra Mile Long Sleeve

Rise & Shine Jacket III
Rise & Shine Jacket III
Rise & Shine Jacket III

Fast & Free Crop IIFast & Free Crop II Aeon Fast & Free Crop II Dark Olive

Rain Haven JacketRain Haven Jacket Rain Haven Jacket

Align Pant II 


Fresh In Mesh TankFresh In Mesh Tank

Fresh In Mesh LSFresh In Mesh LS

Swiftly Tech LS Crew ViolaViola Swiftly Tech LS

Swiftly Tech SS CrewViola Swiftly TEch SS Crew Swiftly Tech SS Crew White/Dark Cast

Wunder Under Crop II Special EditionWunder Under Crop II Special Edition Wee Are From Space

Fresh In Mesh CropFresh In Mesh Crop

Fresh In Mesh TightFresh In Mesh Tight

Reveal 7/8 TightReveal 7/8 Tight

Online Only** Free To Be Wild Bra

Free To Be Serene BraFree To Be Serene Bra Viola

Deep Stretch BraDeep Stretch Bra

Variagated Wunder Under Hi Rise TightWunder Under Hi Rise Tight Variagated

Knot A ProblemKnot A Problem LS

Warm Down Jogger

Train Times 7/8 Tight and Train Times Crop

Cool Racerback II Aeon

Do The Twist TankDo The Twist Tank

Down & Around CrewDown & Around Crew

Hotty Hot Short IIHotty Hot Short II

Forward Flow CapeForward Flow Cape

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  1. Align Pant II in Moody Blues looks like the color Greyvy! Hope they come out in crop form.

    Really excited by all of the color! Aeon, Teal Green, Moody Blue, Viola, Rouge, Candy Pink, Dusky Lavender! If only they’d release these colors in my every day bra, the Free to Be Zen. Crap, my wallet is going to hate me this fall…

    1. I hope they release it in a crop too! I was really excited to see all these items in store this past weekend. I have to try on the special edition WU — probably in night tide. I ended up purchasing the train times crop (I’d been waiting for that print) and the matching bra. It’s so pretty in person! I just ordered the free to be wild bra in black. I wanted to get the pink one too but I have a similar color and I want to save the money for something else.

      I’m not sure if I should return the F&F in disperse dusky lavender and get the dark olive crop instead.

  2. I really like moody blues and shadow blues that were uploaded in the Align pants. Unfortunately I don’t wear “naked” pants. Wonder if they’ll put out speed tights in those colors. I’m dying for some more nice solids in my run/train tights. I was debating getting the melanite speed tights but I’d prefer one of these two colors so maybe I’ll wait.

    Loving viola, so I’m picking up the ls swiftly and ftbs bra. Also tempted by the night tide special edition scalloped wu’s. Overall a good upload but still leaves me wanting more. Would love to see some more cold weather jackets and pullovers.

    That Down and Around crew looks like an umpire’s vest. Not sure what the design team was thinking with that one.

    1. I’m thinking about the special edition WU in night tide as well. Saw them in store this weekend but didn’t have time to try them on. I’ll probably go later this week. I’m liking the new blue hues too. I really like melanite. It’s such a nice rich color.

      1. I ended up ordering the SE night tide WUs and the melanite speed tights. Unfortunately the WUs are shipping from Washington state which means I won’t get them for a full 7 days. Hate that. I read your post above – did you get the Train Times in pulse/capri/black? That print piqued my interest but so hard to tell online. I wish I lived closer to a store!

        1. Yes, I got the Train Times Crop in pulse capri black. I initially bought a run skirt in the same print because I loved it so much. Then when I say the train times previewed on the LLL site, I returned it and waited. One of my local stores got an early drop before the upload. When I saw it, I bought it. I like the fit of the train times pant/crop. I finally tried it on this morning in the pulse capri black print and absolutely loved it. It’s printed on a darker blue background so it is completely opaque and the pattern does not fade. The blue is a beautiful metallic teal (on the bluer side). The tags came right off. I got the matching bra as well.

      2. I LOVE night tide ! Such a rich blue jewel colour – I got it in the Align pant, and Define (although I think I will return the Define because I don’t really have any pants to go with it). I also got Melanite Aligns and Define – same situation – may return the define, but think I’ll keep the tight. It’s such a nice grey. I wasn’t a fan of “dark carbon” which was actually med-light grey to me, and greyyvy (however it’ spelled) was too blue.

        1. I was lucky enough to find a night tide define on markdown in my size! They hardly go on markdown. So, I bought it immediately. That’s why I want to get the night tide special edition WUs. I’m going to check out the melanite aligns. I actually like my dark carbon aligns.

    1. I ended up buying them from a seller on eBay that I’ve done business with before. Sure glad I did since once again they are not online. I’m wondering if some of the stores in the larger cities have them. Sometimes they get items before they pop up online, or never are available online.

      1. My local store said they had them and sold out quickly last week. We never get early drops on products here. Maybe we won’t get an upload in the US? Or maybe they sold old super quick???

        1. The pair I bought shipped from New York. Maybe it’s worth a shot calling the stores in NYC. I hope you both find them, they’re a little darker in person which I personally think is perfect.

        1. brownuniversity-usa, you can always message her if she doesn’t. Some sellers are buying from their local stores and returning if the items don’t sell. Normally I abhor this behavior but this seller doesn’t price outrageously. I hope they have your size!

          1. my local store in NYC had no idea that Dark Olive even existed in F&F tight… geezus. Thank you Runrunyogi. I will look at this re-seller’s listing.

          1. thank you! I bought a pair of dark olive F&F tights from that seller. The tights are beautiful in color. So happy. I also paid less than retail to boot!

    2. You can call or chat with a GEC on the lulu website. They can give you the phone numbers of stores that have them and you can place a phone order with free shipping. I’ve seen the F&F tights in Dark Olive in Berkeley, California. Perhaps try a California store?

    3. Wilca, call GEC and have them locate them in the US stores. I know Beverly Hills had them but only in size 8 or 10. Not sure if that will work for you. But when they looked them up for me in size 4, there were many stores that still had them.

  3. For Canada I thought this drop was boring and really not much new when you take away new colours for previously released product. I would have bought the new Swiftly in Viola in both s/s and l/s had Canada got that colour. I also like the Extra Mile l/s which Canada didn’t get but since I don’t like the colour choices I am not too bummed about it. I like the Warm Down Joggers in Pelt but the fleece is not as nice as last year’s Fleece Please Joggers which I got in Inkwell so I am going to hold off for now. So nothing for me this week.

    1. I agree, I would buy the ls Viola Swiftly if it had come here. I love that colour! Nada for me this week. I do like the Eon shade though so I may get a pair of Align crops in that colour.

  4. I’m buying the Aligns in Moody Blues and Shadow Blue. The aligns are my go to everyday pant, but I do prefer the Pushing Limits style and wish they were coming out in more colors. As I commented above, I did break down and searched eBay for the F&F in the Dark Olive. I lucked out because a seller I have purchased from before was selling a couple pairs.

    I swear the Special Edition Wunder Under Crops in Wee Stripe have been around before and sold out quickly. Maybe the color combination is slightly different but they look familiar.

        1. Not the original anon, but I also have a pair and they are nice. In fact, I dug them out and wore them to yoga this morning since the weather has turned cooler.

        2. I had a pair that I eventually sold. The online photos were misleading. The “white” parts weren’t as bright white as they look in the pics, they were a dirty-greyish white. It bothered me, so I never wore them. But I do know lots of others LOVE them. It’s also possible the new ones are more true white.

    1. I replied to a similar comment above re: F&F’s in Dark Olive. You can call or chat with a GEC on the lulu website. They can give you the phone numbers of stores that have them and you can place a phone order with free shipping. I’ve seen the F&F tights in Dark Olive in Berkeley, California. Perhaps try a California store?

      1. Thank you! I already purchased them. I trust the seller I purchased from and they arrived perfect, plus I didn’t have to pay above retail. When I chatted with the educator I was told they weren’t available in the U.S., but it was also a little over a week ago. I figured the large stores on the coasts must have them when I was able to purchase from the seller in NYC.

  5. I tried the extra mile long sleeve and loved it. It’s a bit smug but I prefer it to fit like that.
    I bought the WU II SE and love them. So soft and flattering. The Deep purple and Ombré in the Swiftly SS are gorgeous in person. I didn’t see the align II in store with it but I’d consider ordering it. The fresh in mesh tank is really comfortable. I usually hate built in bras but I feel like I could work out and just spend the day in that shirt. My store had a lot of this on Saturday.

    1. Did you buy your tts in the extra mile long sleeve and find really snug. Would you recommend sizing up if you want just a nice fit but not too loose? Thanks.

  6. Have not ordered anything, but stopped by the store today and got Varigated WUP. The ed told me that the print is smaller , than last winter. I thought it looked different and I think I liked first release better. Any chance anybody could comment on that? Who owns a pair from last season?
    Also, does anybody have any intel if Pace Rivals being retired?? I really hope not, but I haven’t seen any new ones since May I think. That would be so sad if they do that

    1. I’ve been wondering about the Pace Rivals too. An Educator told me once that once an item goes on markdown in black (pants) or black and white (tops), then they’re being discontinued. Have you tried the Final Lap Crops? So far I like them better but might miss the mesh of the Pace Rivals during my runs next summer (currently running inside).

      1. There have been no new pace rival releases in a while, which sucks so I believe they are being discontinued. I love pace rivals and have several pairs and they are the most affordable crops lulu makes.

    1. I actually think the rain jacket is quite lovely! I just bought an Arcteryx shell, so a new rain jacket is the last thing I should be buying, but this one is really tempting me.

  7. I was really hoping for other items in the starlight print. Especially the blue WUs in that print.
    Has anyone seen them in store in Canada on the East Coast?

  8. I’m looking at pics of greyvy and moody blues aligns and I’m thinking that is the same color. Has Lululemon ever marketed the same color under two different color names before? Does anyone know how these two colours compare?

  9. I didn’t get anything from this Upload because I’m hopelessly waiting to see if Aeon Alights come out in 7/8. I’m not a fan of where the crop hits me, and since I don’t wear them for working out (in which case the cropped length would be ok), I want the pant. I’m also quite disappointed that the Viola swiftly wasn’t released in Canada. WTH? Fingers crossed for next week. No Teal speed Ups either or that gorgeous swiftly coming in something other than a SS (which I don’t wear).

    I still want – Aeon CRB, Viola CRB (when it comes out), Viola swiftly LS, Viola Define (haven’t bought yet, not sure what to pair it with)….

    SO MANY JEWEL TONES all coming out at the same time. …it’s killing me! Buy everything now in hopes that the winter months are boring colours haha!

    1. My local store has the Pushing Limits Pants in Aeon and Melanite. I’m an align addict but like these better. They’ll probably release the Align Pants online next week, that’s what they did with Shadow Blue.

  10. It looks like there is going to be a warehouse sale in Hamilton, Ontario. They have been advertising for staff on the Burlington facebook page. I think the sale starts on Friday ,Sept 29th.

  11. I am crossing fingers that viola ss swiftly comes to Australia, it looks gorgeous! And those all set mini bucket bags in midnight navy America has gotten, I am loving lulus bags lately.

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