Mrs. O has some great fit reviews up for us today! Thanks Mrs. O!! I’m hoping to have a fit review up for you guys soon of the Violet Swiftly Tech SS (must have!), and Long Sleeve, as well as the Box It Out Joggers and Press Pause Jogger.

Wunder Under Crop II (Special Edition) *Scallop Wee Are From Space, Night TideWunder Under Tight SE Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Tight SE Night Tide SW II WU

Wunder Under Crop Special Edition Scallop Wee Are From Space  and Night Tide

I was very interested in the special edition WU 7/8 tights.  These fit like a true 7/8 tight on me.  Generally, 7/8 tights tend to be full length on me but I’ve noticed lately the pant legs are a bit shorter than they were.  For those long legged ladies, this might become a problem for you.  But for us short legged ladies, it’s a welcome surprise.  I liked the contrasting details in the wee are from space print but I know that I will not grab them as often as the night tide color.  Surprisingly, the wee are from space was more opaque than the night tide.  It could be that the pattern hid any sheerness better than the solid color.  (But I can’t comment if a color of undies other than nude would show through.  It could possibly show through like any other light colored tight.)  I would give the wee are from space a 9.5/10 in opaqueness and the night tide a 9/10 in opaqueness.  As many of you know, I’m really sensitive about sheerness.  The ed asked me if everything was ok because she could see that my head was down because I was doing the bend test and trying to look through my legs.  LOL.  She said she could see the outline of my undies a tad but she did not think it was sheer, i.e., no skin showing through.  Sizing up in the night tide had the same effect so I stuck with my TTS.  I took home the night tide pair.

Extra Mile Long Sleeve

Extra Mile Long Sleeve

I had to try on the Extra Mile LS because I love rulu fabric.  What I loved about this LS was the details: the pleats in the shoulders, the ruffles at the cuffs, the zippered pockets and the rounded hem.  Heathered Utilitarian is very close to dark olive as you can see.  Side by side it was the same green color with black mixed in but different than the heathering in swiftlies.  The heathering was very similar to what LLL does with Vinyasa Scarves.  Because it looked to be a slim fit, I grabbed the size 4 and 6.  I generally wear a 6 in Swiftlies, which is a size up.  When I tried on the 6, it was too loose.  A different kind of loose than the swiftlies.  The shoulders didn’t fit right and it bunched too much around the torso.  I definitely liked the fit of the 4.  I wanted to give you an accurate description on sizing since many of you don’t live near a store.  In tighter tops, especially a long sleeve (like swiftlies and defines), I wear a size 6.  I was always in between sizes in those types of items.  I have lost a few pounds so I’m starting to be less in between than I used to be.  Swiftlies and defines are looser now for me.  I’m not quite in a 4 in those items because I tend to like those items with a little room but no one would say it was too tight if I wore my TTS.  So, long story short, if you are in between sizes, size up.  This is definitely a slim fitting LS (because it’s a run LS).  But know that a size up will be looser than a size up in swiftlies.  For me, this LS was TTS.  I noticed in my pictures that this LS buckled a bit at the hem.  I think it’s just this particular shirt.  I didn’t notice it in the size up.  I bought it intending to switch it out at another store.  When I pulled it down straight, the buckling went away.  I couldn’t keep it down and try to take a picture at the same time.  If it was priced slightly lower, I probably would have gotten the black one as well.

I need your help.  I can’t decide if I should get the 7/8 F&F or the Crop F&F in dark olive.  I tend to favor crops but this time I feel like the 7/8 length might be more versatile.  What do you guys think?

Reveal 7/8 TightReveal 7/8 Tight Reveal 7/8 Tight Reveal 7/8 Tight

Reveal 7/8 Tight

I tried these on because I liked the ventilation pattern.  But when I felt the fabric it was the type of fabric I know is sheer on me.  I was really interested in the pattern placement.  This tight is TTS.  But it was definitely sheer on me (7/10, which is too uncomfortable for me).  I’ve tried on other tights with this similar fabric (in other brands as well) and I have the same problem.  Sizing up doesn’t help either.  I think the way the fabric is knit causes the problem regarding opaqueness.  It’s supposed to be a naked sensation so it’s a lighter fabric.  I thought the ventilation pattern was nice.  It didn’t go too high up my thigh in front or on the side.

Fresh In Mesh TightFresh In Mesh Tight Fresh In Mesh Tight Fresh In Mesh Tight

Fresh In Mesh Tight

I was drawn to these tights because the mesh detailing on the lower calf reminded me of the inspire tights (one of my favorites).  I don’t like the redo of the inspire tight — the invigorate 7/8 tight.  I thought the tight was nicer than the crop because the crop doesn’t have mesh in the front — only along the side and back.  The back seam was really nice and flattering.  Unfortunately, the color of the tight was too dark to really see the effect of the back seam.  An ed was wearing them and it really flattered her figure and lifted her bum.  These tights are TTS and fully opaque.  I was torn between pelt and black.  But since I have a black pair of inspire tights, I got pelt in the fresh in mesh tight.  I really liked this tight and I hope it becomes a staple.  I will definitely purchase more if it comes in other colors.  I didn’t try on the crops but I will the next time I go into the store.  I don’t think I would mind the lack of mesh in the front.  It would just be plain from the front.  The back seam detailing and along the side of the legs is enough to sell me on the crop style.


  1. Hey girl, you look FAB, especially your back/shoulder. What have you been doing to lean out/get toned?

    Love love love the WU SE and EM LS. I bought them in the same colors as you did :). I feel the WU is a loose TTS and the EM LS is a tight TTS. I stayed with my size 2 in WU and sized up to 6 in the LS. I will wear the LS casually so a loose fit will be more comfortable.

    1. Thanks! I’ve just been working out like a maniac — barre, pilates, spin and weightlifting. I’ve also tweaked my diet a bit but not much because I have a health condition that requires me to have a very restrictive diet. So, all of the “good” things most people eat, I cannot, i.e. I can only have white bread, white rice and white pasta, no beans, no nuts, no seeds, etc. I really think it’s just the continued, consistent working out.

      I agree with your take on the fit of the WU and EM.

  2. I actually found the Extra Mile LS to be scratchy & thin. It was not the soft, cozy, luxurious rulu that I love. So, I steered away from it. So sad. I was ready for a new rulu top. The fit was fine, but the fabric bothered me a lot.

  3. Great fit reviews and you look fabulous in everything. I am happy luon is back and the WUC look great in Night Tide and Wee Are From Space as well, tough choice. I have to be honest and say I don’t care for the Extra Mile l/s. I am happy to see LLL adding more details to their clothing but that hem looks bad and in the picture your top looks pulled down but the hem puckers. I like my rulu tops to fit a bit loose so this would be a size up for me. However I just don’t like the colour options. I don’t need another black rulu, spray jacquard will never enter my closest and I am not a fan of the olive/military type greens. LLL sure made it easy to say no to this rulu.

    1. The hem on the ES LS I think is a defect with only that shirt. I am going to switch it out this week. I just bought it so I would have something to exchange. Upon closer inspection, the hem is uneven. I did not notice that on any other shirt. Just that one. I have a feeling the ES LS will come out in other colors. I like military greens so it was an easy purchase for me.

  4. I think the extra mile LS is only nice rulu in the utilitarian color. I tried on the black and felt the black/white splatter – the black was sort of soft but nothing like the green, the splatter was spongey and yucky.. When I walked back out to the floor I noticed how soft the green one was and I was SO SAD because that color of green is un-wearable for me and my skin tone but the rulu was amazing.
    I agree with you on the 7/8 length as well and mentioned it to the eds at the store this weekend. As a tall girl (6 ft) the 7/8 pants have literally become crops on me, and crops have become “Get stuck behind the knee and cut off circulation/cause chafing pants’ and I find it incredibly annoying.

    1. They really have to come out with long and regular sizing. We’re not all one length fits all. I agree with you about the splatter ES LS; I didn’t like the feel of it. I didn’t bother with the black because I have so many black LSs so I can’t comment on the feel/texture.

    2. I’m with you. I’m 5’9″ and am frustrated that I can’t find a full length tight anymore. Even Speed Tights have shrunk, and it seems like every new “full length” pant is 28″ or shorter. I’m tired of it. Other manufacturers look more tempting.

      1. I’m also frustrated by this. And I also feel like they’re using shorter models so that you don’t really get a true picture of the length. They will list something as 25″ that is almost ankle length on the model. For me 25″ is 7/8 or less. And definitely agree that 28″ as a “full length” tight is not long enough. There will always be the debate of the tall and short legs out there and who to be “fair” to which would be solved by offering petite, regular and tall options. I’m mostly annoyed that when they made the change, they made it so drastic. To go from 31″ to 28″ inseams on tights is a pretty big jump IMHO…seems like they excluded a large bunch of ladies that way!

  5. I order the SE WU’s in night tide as well and they were more than a little sheer on me. Keeping them because I love the color and usually wear a CRN anyway and those are pretty long. With nude and black hipsters I could see the outline (in a booty out test position) and with anything smaller like a thong..:well you could see a lot more. I hate wearing a hipster because they move around so much. Does anyone have a good suggestion for good under wunderunder undies? For the record I have not purchased any luon pants since the release of the SE laser cut high rise a couple of years ago (1st release) they are always always to sheer for my comfort zone

    1. I’m looking for better undies too. For now, I wear hipsters. I stopped wearing thongs. LOL, must be my age. I find that the LLL hipsters move around a lot less. I liked the SE II WU enough in night tide for me to get over the bit of sheerness. I’ll just have to pick and choose what types of workouts. Probably spinning or running/walking only. The reveal 7/8 tights were way too sheer. I stay clear away from that type of fabric.

      BTW, I tried on the fresh in mesh crops today. I really liked them. The mesh at the front of the crop is shiny so it doesn’t look as plain as I thought they might. Got them in black. I just think the back hem is so flattering.

  6. Try Zobha. They move around while wearing regular clothes – jeans, skirts, etc – but under leggings or run tights, they always stay put.

  7. Thank you Mrs. O for all your reviews and I read every one of them. I love the special edition WUC and have been wondering about them. I would prefer them if they were luxtreme as I only do HIIT. Do you think the luon pair can hold up to sweat? You look fabulous in the leggings:P

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you find them helpful. After awhile, I feel like it sounds the same. I think in the darker colors you might see sweat stains, not so much with the wee are from space print. I find that luon doesn’t dry as fast as luxtreme and might be a little more hot. It’s full on luon so I think it will hold up better than luon. There seems to be a bit more polyester in it than my other full on luon tights. I think they will hold up. I’ll try them for spin.

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