The Lululemon upload is up!

Last weeks Lululemon upload post.

This was not a bad upload at all actually. I scooped up the Essential Tank in Whirlpool and then I broke down and ordered the ridiculously priced Refresh Hot Cold Bottle. Initially I balked at getting this but what I like is that it (allegedly) keeps things very cold for a long period of time, and I like that you don’t have to take off the lid to drink it constantly. I’m not sure I *neeeeeed* it, but it’s decently sized and I think I will use it lots. Is it better than a Swell bottle though? This all gold Swell bottle is $55 at J Crew and holds slightly less volume, but it’s slightly prettier and more bougie. What do you guys think?

What did you purchase this upload? Have you tried anything on in store today?

Run The Day CropRun The Day Crop Run The Day Crop Run The Day Crop

Run The Day 7/8 TightRun The Day 7/8 Tight Run The Day 7/8 Tight

Essential TankEssential Tank Essential Tank

Speed Short RazzleSpeed Short Speed Short Razzle

Ready Set Go Short SleeveReady Set Go Short Sleeve Ready Set Go Shortsleeve

Align Crop Dark AdobeAlign Crop Dark AdobeAlign Crop Dark Adobe

Ready Set Go TankReady Set Go Tank Ready Set Go Tank

Goal Crusher TankGoal Crusher Tank Goal Crusher Tank Goal Crusher Tank

Hold Your Form BraHold Your Form Hold Your Form Bra

Refresh Hot/Cold WaterRefresh Hot/Cold Bottle

Sun Setter JoggerSun Setter Jogger Sun Setter Jogger

Hotty Hot ShortHotty Hot Short

All The Right Places Crop IIAll The Right Places Crop II

Sneak peek of a new print. I like this a lot!

Power Y Tank

Power Y TankPower Y Tank

Smooth Runner CropSmooth Runner Crop

Free To Be Serene BraFree To Be Serene Bra

Long Distance TankLong Distance Tank Long Distance Tank

Love Tee CrewLove Tee Crew

Swiftly Tech SS Crew Dark AdobeSwiftly Tech SS Crew Dark Adobe

Dark Adobe Tracker Short VTracker Short V Dark Adobe Tracker Short V Dark Adobe

Sculpt Tank II WhirlpoolSculpt Tank II Whirlpool Sculpt Tank II

Quick Pace Short SleeveQuick Pace Short Sleeve Quick Pace Short Sleeve

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  1. I haven’t been able to access LLL website for the last couple of hours. Doesn’t look like I’m missing much except the Essential Tank in the new blue looks nice. I was on the UK website this a.m. and saw a couple of older items on their wmtm page I would like, their wmtm of 233 items has the best selection compared to Canada and the U.S.

  2. I was hoping to get the align pant in dark adobe this week since stores have already started selling them. I’m very tempted by the ATRP crop in the same color though. Maybe I’ll get those first and see how I like the color.

    1. Could you keep us updated please? 🙂 i’m tempted by the ATRP crop in dark adobe as well!! looks nice on the web.

      1. I actually got the Dark Adobe F&F Crops. I really like the color. It is a deep wine color that is more purple than red.

  3. Curious on sizing for the Essential tank, is it a size down item? Reviews on line are making me think I shouldn’t stick with my regular size.
    Is the Sculpt Tank 11 short in the torso? And that’s why they keep knotting the tank?
    Thanks for your input 🙂

    1. I buy my TTS 10 in the Essential Tank, but I’ve purchased a size 6 before and the 6 still fits loose enough. You are definitely safe sizing down in this. I just happen to like it in my TTS with the looser drapey fit in the back.

    2. I sized down one in both the Essential Tank and the sculpt tank. I wish they’d stop knotting tops that aren’t designed for that. I don’t find the sculpt tank to be short.

    3. I’m a size 6 in CRB and swiftlies, and size 4 in essential or other loose fitting tanks/shirts. The size 6 is too baggy for me in the front.

  4. Why are they knotting all the shirts now??? I mean, swiftly tanks and CRB’s knotted? UGH so stupid looking. They are trying to be way too trendy (cold shoulder run top???). The only thing of interest for me is the Goal Crusher tank. Looks like it would be cool to wear for long runs – just hope it’s not too long.

    I agree with you LLL (Cristina) about the new print sneak peak. Looks nice 🙂

  5. I saw that cold shoulder top in store– totally ridiculous to workout in. If I saw someone wearing that in the gym or at a class, I’d think that they were trying way too hard to make themselves seem cool or draw attention to themselves. And you can easily find that same look for casual wear for $15.

    I’m happy to see Razzle in a few more items! The hotty hots and FTB are tempting. I’m also liking that new print. It’s pretty!

  6. You should check out hydroflask or kleenkanteen if you’re looking for a nice insulated bottle. I have both brands and they keep things cold/hot for like 8-12 hours.

    1. Agreed. I have a Kleen Kanteen and bought the special top, so I don’t have to unscrew the top to get a drink. I love it. I don’t put anything hot in it, but my ice stays all day.

    2. Yep, I’d much rather use a Swell bottle or Hydroflask than the bottle shown here. That bottle is too pricey for the volume.

    3. I use the insulated Polar Bottle. I bought a 20 oz. bottle at Dick’s in Arizona, filled it with a 1/4 of water and put in the freezer. Next day I filled the rest up with water and still had ice and cold water after a two hour hike in the desert. I came back to Canada and bought the 24oz. at The Running Room. I like the push up/down spout, no dealing with a screw top or too large of an opening that is too big to drink from without spilling down my chin.

    4. I saw the insulated bottle in store today. But I put it down because of the price and because I already have a similar insulated bottle. The nice feature is you click the top to open so you can drink from all sides of the bottle, and lock to prevent spills. But for price, there are other insulated bottles out there. I love my my Chantal insulated bottle, which keeps things cold/hot for at least 6 hours. Chantal also has the click on/off top. You can get 2 of $20 on Amazon.

  7. I have tons of S’well bottles, including the rose gold one. If you’re in Canada, you can order them from and In fact Indigo just got some really nice ones for Canada 150 and a cool Canada/Banff design (I got both, they are great). Watch for those 15% off weekend codes for Indigo when you order. The gold one you mentioned will get lots of fingerprints though – keep that in mind. I’m constantly polishing my Rose Gold one from the same line – but it is gorgeous. I’ve seen S’well knockoffs, and they definitely aren’t the same as the original. I do love them, especially the larger ones. I still have ice cubes left 24 hrs later – it keeps water glacier cold for ages.

    As for the upload, I expanded my collection of On the Fly shorts in the submarine colour. Nothing else appealed.

  8. What are the Jaded crops in the video as you open their main homepage? The one with the energy bra on?
    Love the color in the crop but need a side pocket?!!

  9. Do you think that the CRB (with the Dark Adobe All the Right Places crop) is Very Light Flare or Grapefruit? There seems to be a few items coming in that color; Speeds, Free to be Serene Bra. I like it pared with Razzle and Dark Adobe!

  10. I totally agree with you on that print sneak peek, it looks like a really feminine camoflauge, and the bright blue colors on it are really popping! I’m eager to see a review on, or a video of how that new water bottle works, I have a Swell but also was tempted. I talked myself out of it because of the collection of lulu water bottles I already have that I never really turn to when running out to the gym (I go for cheap shaker bottles the supplement stores give you free with purchase – go figure lol) but they are shaped/styled (lots of flair and not too over the top bougie 🙂 ) really nice and look like they’ll be super durable.

  11. The new styling is so disappointing. I really loved the photographs with the grayish background and thought they’d really upped their game. These glaring white ones ripping off Outdoor Voices’ style are really lame.

    I wish Lulu would go back to its old style, but if not, at least find its *own* voice. Everything looks like a knock off of some other brand.

    1. bordeaux drama i think has more brown tint. Dark Adobe has more red in the color. I have both. Dark Adobe seems to be a little brighter version of BD

  12. I actually bought all three colors of the cold shoulder top. it looks very cute over my casual wear crop. I also tuck it in my casual shorts and looks cute that way also. It keeps me cool in South Carolina heat and humidity.

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