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Nothing for me today but I was tempted by the Love Tee Overdye that the US got sometime mid last week. I was hoping Canada would get it today, along with last weeks Energy Bra in Shell Pink but sadly that didn’t happen. Sheesh, it seems Canada is getting only a tiny amount of products lately while the US is getting a more normal upload. It doesn’t just seem like they are short on colors this year, it seems like they are much shorter on product overall.

I’m also liking the Fast & Free Crops in Adobe so I’ll probably order those since those get a lot of use in my closet. A lot of people have had seam issues with the Fast &Free crops but I haven’t yet so I feel safe taking a chance, although I think it’s only a matter of time before my black pair starts to unravel. Alouette is a nice print and I think that’s going to sell really well tonight, but I’m not drawn to it. I think I’m just black-white splatter style print fatigued.

What about you guys? Did you order anything? What do you think of the new items?  

Wunder Under Hi RiseWunder Under Hi RiseWunder Under Hi Rise

Define Jacket SubmarineDefine Jacket Submarine

Define Jacket Submarine

Align Crop JadedAlign Crop Jaded

Fast & Free Crop IIFast & Free Crop II Fast & Free Crop II


Ornate 7/8 TightOrnate 7/8 Tight Ornate 7/8 Tight

Ornate CropOrnate Crop

Ornate BraOrnate Bra


Intended TankIntended Tank Intended Tank Intended Tank

Final Lap TankFinal Lap Tank

Wunder Under Crop Hi RiseWunder Under Crop Wunder Under Crop

Scuba Hoodie IV JadedScuba Hoodie IV

Speed Short JadedSpeed Short Jaded

Space Tee EyeletsSpace Tee Eyelets

Breeze By Muscle TankBreeze By Muscle Tank Breeze By Muscle Tank

Space Crew EyeletSpace Crew Eyelet

Love Tee OverdyeLove Tee Overdye

All The Right Places CropAll The Right Places Crop

Tight Stuff TightTight Stuff Tight

Hotty Hot ShortsHotty Hot Shorts Hotty Hot Shorts Hotty Hot Shorts

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 1/2 TightWunder under Hi Rise 1/2 Tight

Line Up RacebackLine Up Racerback Line Up Racerback

Hint Of Sheer SingletHint Of Sheer Singlet Hint Of Sheer Singlet

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    1. I was just coming on here to say the same thing! It’s awful! Doesn’t do anything for the clothes or the models. Looks terrible!

    2. totally agree!! my eyes are hurting and I’m seeing like a halo around the model. I don’t like it at all.

  1. The only think tempting me is the hint of sheer singlet, but I’m worried about the material being too delicate. I’ll have to think about it.

    1. Yeah me too…worried about it being too see through for me…i am definitely not buying $118 crops its too much!

      1. If it’s the same type of “mesh” as the twist and train crops, it’s not as delicate as it appears. I didn’t worry too much pulling the crops up from the mesh side.

    1. Yes. Where have you been the last 3-4 years? lol And honestly, these models do not look like teenagers. They look to be in their early 20s.

  2. Totally agree with the above comments. The background is way too bright and the models look like kids.

    Having said that, there are a number of things I’m eyeing. I *never wear shorts, but I ordered the train times short in boysenberry last week and really like them. I’m thinking of ordering the ditsy print uploaded today. Also thinking about the ornate tight or crop. And I love ebb to street tanks and really like the submarine color so I’ll probably get that.

  3. I really wish the breeze by muscle tank was available in a size 2 🙁 I’m hoping for more things in the submarine color, would definitely pick up a pair of run times in that color! Also, does anyone know if the FTB Serene bra in the header photo is the velvet dust or is it a preview that we will get figue?

  4. I don’t know if this is happening to others but I click on this post and I am only getting one picture of the Aligns and there are no comments and yet it states there are two for this post. this happened to me yesterday where the comments never came up when I click into the post and I was only able to read them after I made a comment.

    1. Sorry about that! That seems strange! I just refreshed the cache on my site but if it’s still happening for you you may need to clear the cache on your device. Your device may be storing an older version of the post or site from a few days ago and is working a bit slower at updating it. Let me know if those two things don’t work.

  5. Alouette is alot like a reebok print from this winter/spring. Im drawn to it but black and white is getting old…plus i havent had much luck with nulux wups….they slide down badly. Only the fast and free work for me. I dont like forest green so submarine is a no go for me. Im waiting for light pattern f and free as the adobe would be too hot for summer runs. I bought a ton with discount from toronto run so need a break lol

  6. The faded zap hotty hots don’t look like faded zap at all to me. Faded Zap has more of a neon yellow tint to it. These shorts look more like an older color, I think it was called Sunny Lime? I’m curious to know if the shorts material is actually a changed dye lot of faded zap or if someone messed with the color during Photoshop. I may head to the store to see it IRL.

  7. So happy to see that it’s not just me! I dislike the new pictures so much! Too bright and also to far! Unless you look at the description below the picture, there’s no way to know if it’s a top or bottom that is featured!

    Why do they have to make a knot for each top (either in front or back)?

    Not much color either this week so nothing for me!

    1. They need to stop with the knots already! To top it off, I got an email about “Knotty tops”. I hate the stylist they have. Not everything needs to be knotted. Half the tops they are knotting should be either!

      1. I agree, by knotting the tops in the product photos it makes it difficult to see what the top actually looks like. Not everyone wants to knot their tops! That being said, I actually have always put a knot in my tops from time to time and not because it seems to be the current trend. I do it because I am short and have a short torso. Some of the longer tops just get in the way when I’m working out and by adding a little knot it allows me to customize the length. I don’t necessarily want to wear crop tops all the time either. It’s really more of a function thing depending on the workout I’m doing and I’m sure others do the same. Now that it appears to be the “trendy” thing to do it might make me do it less… kind of a bummer.

  8. That Define in Submarine is beautiful! But what happened to the Seascape one that just came out? It can’t possibly be sold our already, is it? I still have the tags on mine and may have to return it in favor of Submarine since darker colors usually suit me best. I’ll wait until tonight’s order comes in and will have to compare them in person.

  9. Everyone is aging themselves complaining about the pictures being bright and the models looking “young.” If it’s not one thing, it’s something else to complain about. I need to stay away from the comments section, but I enjoy reading when people are excited about a new product…

      1. I agree – the models look fine. They aren’t “stickly” and fill out the clothes well. I’m more concerned with the lack of creativity Lulu has put into their pieces (constantly going with stupid boxy designs), than what the models look like or how old they are.

      1. ‘Entitled SAHM’s’ is a pretty provocative statement. I haven’t been part of this discussion and I’m not invested in it one way or the other but as a SAHM I am surprised you have such a negative opinion of moms.

  10. I got the Dark Adobe Fast & Free Crops today and am eyeing the Submarine Define. Perhaps also the Line Up Racerback in Seascape, Ebb to Flow in Submarine and the Hint of Sheer Singlet in Black.

    @Gymmie, the Submarine has more blue in it than it appears in the pictures. It’s definitely a green but more similar to jaded than forest green. It actually looks really nice with jaded. It’s like a very deep aquamarine. I like Alouette too but have the same problem with WUPs in Nulux.

    @Sourkraut, the Seascape Define sold out online but I’ve seen it in all 3 of my local stores.

  11. I’m loving Intended Tank, but why sane colors again? I got several items in these and would like something different. Not liking dark green or new Nulux print. It’s summer for gods sake who wears dark green in summer ?? As far as new Nulux pant I like Nulux , but print isn’t doing it for me

  12. Does anyone know what pant the model is wearing with the space tee eyelet? I hope it’s a preview.

    @LLM, I had a seam problem with my fast & free crop and LLL damaged it out and gave me a new pair which has had no issues. The eds thought there was a bad batch made around the time I bought mine. My other f&fs have been problem free. I also get a lot of wear out of them, especially with my sweatier workouts.

  13. I ordered the Tracker shorts in soundwave. That’s it. I like some of the new colors, but they don’t come in styles that appeal to me.

    And I love all of the Defines, but I can’t bring myself to buy a jacket when it’s ridiculously hot outside.

  14. If Lululemon was going to do anything for the big Canada Day 150 coming up, I thought this would be the week that it dropped. Does anyone have any intel if there will be anything coming?

    1. I was thimking that too. Next tuesday is too late unless they do express delivery….very expensive. Hoping they have a neat crb.

  15. I got the ebb to street tank in submarine in store (very nice color), and I’m not so patiently waiting for Canada to get the energy bra in faded zap. I would also love to see 7/8 WU in royal and dark adobe.

  16. Jaded looks very similar to nocturnal teal. I haven’t bought anything from the upload in months. Everything I’ve bought has been from WMTM. I just moved to the UK in March and their WMTM section is almost always over 200+ items.

  17. I went to the store and broke the bank today. I bought Intended tank , 2 Long Distance tanks in Nail and Boisenberry and Pushing limits bra in Chrome and black. Also had them order me Free to be Serene bra in Velvet Dust. All the colors look amazing to me right now. I’m planning to wear these tanks for workouts and outside the gym.

  18. I actually love the seaming details on the pushing limits crop. I love the seaming that goes on the hamstrings. Its sexy, but still sofisticated. It reminds me of the seaming on the wunder unders made with mesh, but it looks more elegant on the pushing limits crop. Too bad they are nulu, which I dont like, but I might buy them on WMTM. Overall I like the colors, especially jaded, too bad they have only realesed that color in luxtreme when it comes to wunder under. I would buy them in luon and I would definetly buy a define jacket in that color as well, since I missed out on nocturnal teal.

  19. Im also missing forest green in luon wunder unders and in full length, beeing tall, 7/8 doesn’t look very flattering.
    I just dont like how 7/8 lengths cuts my legs or calves in half. Crops must go just under the knee for me. So much luxtreme these days, and its not very practical for summer. Too hot.

    1. It’s opposite, Luxtreme is perfect for summer and sweaty workouts and Luon is more for casual wear or low intensity

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