Fit Review|Fast And Free Crop, Mind Over Miles Short Sleeve, Wunder Under Hi-Rise Arrow Jacquard, Freshly Pant, Loop Back Hoodie

I may have made a few purchases at Lululemon today. 

Fast And Free Crop *Nulux TTS 10

In love with these!! What was I thinking? I had been complaining for years now that the item I most need from Lululemon are luxtreme run tights without any mesh, and here they where right under my nose. This is what I most like to wear for Crossfit and especially for lifting so I had to snatch these up. They are very soft and opaque but with slight compression in the waist. I found these flattering and comfortable and a great length for me.

Mind Over Miles Short Sleeve with Fast And Free Crop *Nulux TTS 10

I would have really loved this top a lot if it wasn’t for the top to bottom mesh in the back. This tee has really great design details on it with a nicely edged neck, cuffed hem and flattering yet loose fit. I really liked that this didn’t look boxy or short on me. I’ve learned to really appreciate doing olympic lifting in these technical material tee shirts because the higher neckline means I’m not completely exposing my boobs in the chest over bar position. I’m definitely going to consider this one for markdown but to be honest, that mesh back really makes me cranky because this tee is otherwise perfection. The amount of ventilation you get with a fully meshed back is minuscule on an already light weight top like this – it’s so unnecessary. 

I even liked the cut of this tee with my jeans for casual wear.

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Arrow Jacquard TTS 10

Oh my!! I fell in love hard with this print. I really didn’t think much of it with the online web photos but I’ve seen a few try-on photos on Facebook and the print is so much more flattering and dimensional than it’s portrayed online. This morning I saw an especially great photo of them so I decided to give them a chance today and I’m so glad I did. The jacquard luon is a knit but it’s a really soft stretchy knit, not one of those really stiff itchy jacquards that lululemon has put out over winter. I was surprised to see so much blue in the print in person – online the print looks really faded and washed out. I might have passed on these if they only came in the longer length but because they come in hi-rise cropped I had to get them.

Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise Arrow Jacquard TTS 10

These are the ones I ended up with. I liked both the 7/8 and this one but the cropped length is more versatile for me for working out in.

Freshly Pant Black Grape TTS 10

These are a nice light track pant for spring, and I love the black grape. Unfortunately they are too long on me and I would probably hem them to 7/8 length. They look fine with folded hems but I think in this style of tapered leg I prefer a cleaner edge and a shorter length. I also really liked the smooth wide waistband on these. I don’t need track pants for casual wear so these are not on my want list, but they aren’t bad at all.

Loop Back Hoodie size down – 8

I tried this hoodie on the other day in my TTS and it was definitely too big. This jacket looks way better sized down, and it’s still roomy, it’s just much less boxy. Because I purchased Fast And Free Crops and the Arrow Jacquard WUC’s, this is off my ‘maybe’ list.

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Cristina founded The Sweat Edit in 2010. She lives with her husband, two daughters and two boston terrier fur daughters in Vancouver, BC. Cristina dabbles in many creative hobbies such as drawing, painting, and jewelry design which sometimes makes it's way here on the blog. Cristina enjoys various sweaty pursuits such as Peloton spin, olympic weightlifting and running.

    1. The Loop Back Joggers? I tried them on on Monday for Monday's fit review – they where snug at my regular size but I didn't like them enough to want to try on a size up in them. They are looking cute on others though, they just aren't for me.

  1. The sized down Loop Back Hoodie looks so much better on you than your TTS! I just love the Fast and Free Crops too. I wish they would offer it in some brighter colors.

  2. Has anyone seen any go lightly shoulder bags ($78) in the magnum colour in their local stores in canada? So sad I missed out and sold out online.

  3. I LOVE THE FAST AND FREE CROP ALSO! They look great on you Lulumum. I bought all 3 pairs of the crops. I really love Nulux and the the cool feel of this fabric.

  4. The fast and free tights are my go to workout pants. The material is lightweight and opaque and the waist doesn't budge. They have been amazing to wear for spinning and barre classes.

  5. Is it just me, or is the dark prism pink on the hong kong website a repromote of vintage pink with a new name?

  6. I absolutely love the nulux fast and free tights. They are perfect. Of all the lll fabrics and tights these are perfect. I get hot so these are perfect and great sweat wicking….and they stay up. They dont have compression but i will give that up for the other features of this tight. I have several nulux wup and they slip down…badly..unless im sweaty…then they cling a bit. I have nulux in featherlight tight and they are pretty good. I have nulux in speed wunders..and those stay in place pretty good….but fast free do not slip. Just wish they were at the 98 price point… I also bought the arrow wuc…love the print…not that i have worn them I think they may be a bit warm for gym so i opted for the crop. So now i am waiting on more fast free colours…but i am wondering if sweat will show on light colours.

    1. I have the jet stream tights and the do show sweat. They are comparable to luxtreme on showing sweat but I think this is to be expected with any lighter or brighter colors.

  7. I realize the f and f are 7/8 but i find them a bit shorter than normal. I am only 5'4" and normally they are full length on me and these seem shorter…they are above my ankle bone. Its ok ..they work but kinda like the full length look and hiding the unfinished hem. Just an observation. I guess stores in ontario have a campaign going on and thats why they wont md the old prints…i find price a bit much.

    1. I saw the sweater print fast and free tights on MD in the Briar hill store in toronto. Size 2 and 4 only for $74

    2. Wow i had to ask a store to honour a 79 price on multi ugly sweater print and they went on about how theres a campaign gojng on and this is unheard of as no one would mark them down. Lol i did get for 79 so i was happy. Wore them to gym today and they performed wonderfully. I think i will buy fandf going forward…rather than other styles.

  8. Thanks for the fit reviews LLM. I think both crops look really good on you and so do the Freshly Pants. I agree with you about the MOM s/s that an entirely mesh back is so not necessary. I would think there are more buyers who say no to a mesh back vs. not buying it because it isn't mesh. I know they had a top just like this one last year and I saw it go to WMTM. For tops I like having the option of casual wear so the mesh back ruins that for me.

  9. Hi LLM!

    Seriously, you are the number one reason I get interested in LLL items at this point. The arrow print looks great on you. Is the blue in the print more on the navy side or grey-blue side? (I loved Astro so have a few tops in that color). Glad to see they also have these in the regular WUC. I have a short torso, so the high-rise come up to my bra line! In regards to the "regular WUC", is it just the model, or do they look more low rise than in previous years versions?

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much!!!
      The blue within the print is more like an Astro blue, maybe slightly bluer. It's not a deep, dark blue like any of the Navy blues.
      The rise does look lower a touch lower to me on the regular rise WUC photo but that may just be the models proportions.

  10. Because of your rave reviews, I dug out my FAF 7/8 tights today and wore them to crossfit. I didn't like them the first time I tried them, but today they were awesome. It was a tough WOD and they were really comfy, wicked sweat, and didn't even move during double unders. I was wrong and you are right! 🙂 now I'm buying the crop version. ��

    1. ?Of all the things that have come out in nulux, the FAF 7/8 have been the best. Crops are even better than the 7/8 though.

  11. I'd like to get the f and f crops just can't swallow the price. I do have the tights ( 2 or) altho the first one didn't have a phone pocket. Only way I can fault them is I don't find them too compressive. I just ordered the comparative athleta ones on the 20% off which makes them $53. I can deal with no pocket for that price.

    I like the grey print just those light grey prints make me look fat for some reason. Lol

    1. Yah the tights slip down on me and yes no pockets. But i think fand f are worth the investment to get at least one pair. Maybe wait for md. They will eventually go on md as all styles eventually do.

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