Some Lululemon UK Sneak Peeks are up!

I’m liking the Chase Me Onesie, and as you know from my post yesterday, I’ve been shopping for summer jumpsuits. Lululemon onesies are usually too short in the inseam for me but I definitely would like to give this one a try and see. I’ll probably size up in it so it’s loose fitting and not strangling my long torso.

Chase Me OnesieChase Me Onesie Chase Me Onesie

Intended TankIntended Tank Intended Tank

Chase Me Short Sleeve Chase Me Short Sleeve

Pace Perfect Bra
Pace Perfect Bra
Pace Perfect Bra

Wunder Under Hi Rise TightWunder Under Hi Rise Tight Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight

I HATE this Entwined Print WU. I know they are popular and they’ve been hyped up in some of the groups but this print to me is so extremely unflattering. I don’t mean to roast a design that I know a lot of you may be excited for but I really, really hate the way the pattern curves around the butt and around the outer legs. Lululemon was known for their butt flattering pants. They would lift, shape and enhance your natural shape. The Lululemon omega seam used to be so flattering but lately their rear seam detailing and pattern placements  have been so incredibly unflattering on even some of the perkiest butts. Flattening, elongating and proportionally distorting. Please, tell me I’m not alone in this. The Pushing Limits Crop is another one of those designs that I just shake my head at. Is this the style now? are we having another cultural shift in what is preferred in butt shape? Perky bubble butts are out, long butts are in?

Wunder Under Tight Entwined Ice GreyEntwined Wunder Under Pant Ice Grey Entwined Wunder Under Pant Ice Grey

  1. The onesie is pretty cute! I don’t like that entwined print either! Others previously mentioned matador pants which I looked up and agree! Either way, it’s an unflattering busy print to me. It even shortens the model’s long legs, let alone mine! But of course if you like this print, that’s great! 🙂

  2. I actually think the Entwined Print is really beautiful but would need to see how it looks on-I’m really curvy.
    I always think their runsies -onesies are cute. Maybe not super practical but cute. Did you see the Runners World spoof review last year? Very funny.

  3. LOL! i feel you on the butts! The pushing limits crop was so exciting to me until i viewed the rear. Now i’m not even gonna try them on.

    If long butts are in then I don’t wanna be cool….

  4. Interesting point about the butt seaming. They’ve been releasing a ton of “naked” leggings lately which I don’t wear (I’m a “hugged” gal, myself) so I didn’t even look much at the pushing limits crops. But now that I have…SMH! Compare the butt on those to the butt on the pace rival crops (which I love but have been largely disappointed with the boring and repetitive color/pattern selection). So much curvier and more flattering on the PRCs!

  5. Omg I miss the omega seams too and my favourites have always been the pace rivals and inspire tights both of which have very limited designs lately particularly the inspires. They are the most bum flattering pants ever! On a nice note though the UK randomly are stocking the WUC in heathered Alberta lake space dye, so pretty!

  6. The onesie is really cute. I have one onesie that surprisingly was very flattering. I have hope for this one too. Sometimes the onesies are too short in the torso to work but this one looks like it will work.

    I also don’t like the entwined print. It’s too busy. And the pattern placement is not flattering, even on a thin and fit model. The pattern forms a box at the front of the tight, which makes it look awkward. I think the print would look better in a short.

    I’m undecided on the pushing limits crop. I tried them on today in boysenberry and I didn’t think it made my butt look long. But then again, it was hard to tell trying look by turning around. I ordered it in the jaded color and am waiting to receive them. I’ll probably take a picture from behind so I can see the full effect. I did kinda like the seam down the middle of the tight in the back. Only problem is you’d have to keep checking to make sure they are straight.

  7. I agree with you, Lulumum. The way they’ve placed the print on the pants makes it look like the model has saddlebags on her hips. And I thought the seam placement on the pushing limits crops was laughable. I saw a thin, fit girl wearing those in the store and I thought that looping seam placement created an optical illusion of big hips. I don’t know what Lulu is thinking?? Just what women want– butt flattening pants that make your hips look padded.

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