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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

Mesh On Mesh Jacket

The Lululemon Upload is up!!

I’m so annoyed that Canada didn’t get the Shell Pink Energy Bra.That would have been a must have purchase for me. I’m loving the mix of mid and light tone pinks like Velvet Dust, Shell Pink, Figue, Cherry Blossom and Powedered Rose – It’s just too bad that we are only seeing tiny little hints of those colors instead of a full color story. I would love an Essential Tank and Swiftly Tech LS’s  in Figue, Velvet or Shell Pink. Oh well. I ordered the Mesh On Mesh Jacket to try on. I’m liking the look of it a lot, I’m just not sure on what occasion I would work a fully mesh jacket into my outfit. It’s really cute though and maybe with a brightly colored tank underneath it, like faded zap, or shell pink, it would make for a really cute outfit.


Did you order anything? Anything catch your eye in this Lululemon Upload?

Mesh On Mesh Jacket

Mesh On Mesh Jacket

Swiftly Tech SS Crew Lipgloss

Swiftly Tech SS Crew

All Tied Up TankAll Tied Up TankAll Tied Up Tank

Pushing Limits CropPushing Limits Crop

Pushing Limits 7/8 TightPushing Limits 7/8 Tight

Pushing Limits BraPushing Limits Bra

Free To Be Serene BraFree To Be Serene Bra

Energy Bra

Energy Bra Energy Bra

Intended BraIntended Bra Intended Bra

In Depth JoggerIn Depth JoggerIn Depth Jogger

Pushing Limits Muscle Tank
Pushing Limits Muscle tank Pushing Limits Muscle Tank

Pushing Limits LSPushing Limits LS Pushing Limits LS


Sculpt Tank IISculpt Tank II

Final Lap CropFinal Lap Crop

Run Times ShortRun Times Short

Cool Racerback IICool Racerback IICool Racerback II

Hotty Hot Short II

Hotty Hot Short

Vinyasa ScarfVinyasa

City Adventurer BackpackCity Adventurer Backpack

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  • I love my all tied up tank, but just a heads up for anyone else who likes theirs – the Gap active line has pretty much the same shirt and the same soft fabric for $28. I just got two of them and live them just as much as my Lulu one (if not more because of the price).

    • The gap ones are great!! The material feels nice and the cut is good. I do fine though that as a heavy sweater and someone who likes working out hard they do get very wet and hold onto the sweat. Not sure what the fabric’s like of the lulu ones. May be the same.

    • I have a few of the last version of the all tied up tank from lulu and ones from gap. They are very similar and I honestly wish I would have found the gap version sooner. Way too similar especially if you catch the gap ones on sale. I like breezy tops like this though so I may consider another lulu one if it’s a color I really want.

    • I haven’t worn it yet, so can’t comment on quality but I was in a Gap Factory store last week and they had those gap breathe tops identical to the All Tied Up tank for $10!

    • I actually sold my Lulu ones and kept the Gap ones! They are identical in stitching and sizing. I just like the lower neckline of the Gap ones much, much better. I don’t feel like i’m being strangled.

  • Love the new pink hotty hots! And I love that they took the tie off the front. Id like to try the new print in the final lap crops to test sheerness before purchasing altho its 100 degrees here and the thought of buying anything othet than shorts….might not happen. The new pink CRB, wowza! Thats blinding.

    • I did a workout in the final lap crops last night in hot and muggy NC, and they were great! I was definitely sweaty, but I would’ve been in shorts too. My might night navy pair aren’t sheer, but you never know with lighter colors! Really like them.

      • Good to know!!! Thanks! Ive actually been eyeing the final lap crops for awhile now and was leaning towards just ordering the navy but was holding out for new color/prints

  • Omg! Huge splurge on my part. I purchased the all tied up tank in seascape, the sweat date singlet in figue, sculpt tank in galaxy grey, mesh on mesh jacket in black and the jaded WUC !!! Super excited about the all tied up tank being back, it’s the BOMB!

  • Too bad the Pushing Limits tight is nulu. Am I correct in seeing two seams on the inner thighs, in addition to the rear seam? I would consider purchasing these in luxtreme, but nulu just wears incredibly poorly and the additional seams in places prone to the most wear and tear aren’t going to help. The inner thigh seams are baffling in any material, though – why put more seams there than absolutely necessary? Hate that more and more of their clothes seem to be becoming casual wear-only by design – material and design choices seem increasingly illogical for actual physical activity.

    • I totally agree with you aligns are great for lounging but that is about it. I’m not a fan of the naked feeling fabrics anyway as I like more compression when working out. I wish the new carbon color would have come out in a luxtreme style.

  • If they had a CRBII in Pink Shell, I’d be all over it (I know I’m in the minority, but I like the way they fit me better than the originals). I hope they’ll have one in the next upload – I love the color – but I’m not loving any of the other tanks right now.

  • Yay! The mesh in a jacket. LLM, what color did you order?

    I’ve never tried the all tied up tank. I might have to go try it on since several of you are commenting you love them. I’m liking all the pinks.

    Is anyone having issues with the LLL website. Every time I put things in the cart and go back to shopping, either items disappear from my cart or the quantity changes?

    • I ordered black. I’m doing a pretty great job convincing myself I should keep it when I haven’t even tried it on yet. lol!
      Yes I was having that same issue. I also cannot view any of the products on safari so I had to switch over to chrome in order to view the upload. It’s still not working on safari for me.

      • The more I look at the mesh items, the more I think I need it. LOL! The pullover was cut well and I think the jacket will be better. My only worry about getting the jacket is that it won’t stand the test of time re style. But it’d be fun to have for the summer.

        I was using firefox. I switched to chrome as well and it working. It’s still not working on firefox for me too.

      • I bought the mesh jacket today in the black … it does have a light lining in the front and most of the back …the sleeves and sides are total mesh though …. I couldn’t see bra in front on view due to the lining so may be more versatile than you think!

  • Just got my fig tank today…for 38$ it really isnt pima cottom..more shiny…almost polyestry …and colour is not as vibrant as online…has a taupy cast to it….i dont like earth tones for me and i think this is going back…and i usually size down but this is narrow…not a size down item. I felt same about seascape ..not as vibrant as online…so i probably wont get define…maybe see how well crb goes with other items. I am waoting for blue nile f and f to arrive…curious if they are more blue than greeny alberta lake. Not sure what to order though summer haze crops may be ok. Love the pink energy bra but not on canafian site.

  • When I click on the product links in your post it takes me to the product but shows it as sold out! So bizarre. Still showing only 4 items in the upload.

  • Love the colors! Hotty Hot Shorts regular and long in Velvent Dust. This shade of pink hopefully will look good against my yellow toned skin. Also bought Perforated Baller Hat in white, which is either restocked or a return.

  • I’m ordering new bra pushing limits bra in black and Chrome . I love Crome , hopefully we will get more items in it. I’m also liking Galaxy Gray , but I prefer singlets for summer. Hopefully there’ll be some. I’m also considering Long Distance tank in heathered hail . Nice color for summer and I also have LD tank from few months ago and loving it. Dusty Velvet is adorable, hoping for either Pace Rivals in it without dark panels or WUC .

  • I am loving all the pinks. Well its my fave color after all. But the colors i want did not come in the styles i like. I hope there will be more tanks in pink and purple shades. And im hoping as well for a scuba hoodie.

  • I got 2 pushing limits bras in black and chrome, and a white tied up tank.
    The pinks and blues are all so gorgeous!!! So exciting! I want the velvet dust free to be serene but my bank account needs a breather before that purchase.
    The back of pushing limits pant/crop look like a decepticon transformer face with the way the seams are- extremely unflattering on the rear imo. Haha.

  • For me. that mesh jacket would be perfect. After workouts, especially long runs, I tend to get chilled as my body cools down. Or we run with a group and go out to breakfast after. When it’s 90 degrees outside and you are chilled, a regular jacket is just too warm. This mesh jacket would be perfect. Looks like just enough to cover me to help my body cool down or keep me from being chilled inside a restaurant/coffee shop for post run breakfast. Hmmm…may need to go to the store to try on.

  • I like a lot of new items, but they just seem so random to me. It’s probably because I usually like to order outfits or at least items that I know are within the same color story. For example, if I were to order the summer haze multi in seasons past, they would’ve likely had ONE pink that coordinated with the pink in the pants that was released at the same time so that you could pick up on the colors – right now there’s at least 3 similar pinks released (pink Shell, cherry blossom, figue) and it looks like a muddled mess. I think lulu just pulled every color scheduled to be released throughout the year and threw it at these uploads there is absolutely no story here.
    That aside, I definitely like the new joggers and will be buying them and the lipgloss swiftly.

  • I was just browsing through the bags section of the website and it is soo depressing almost all bags are available in black only…i surely miss the bright colored bags especially the colorful and cute lining inside where did those go?

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