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Guest Fit Review: Mesh On Mesh Pop Over, Pace Perfect Crop, Twist & Train Crop, Power Pose Tank

by Cristina

Lululemon guest fit review today care of Mrs. O! I definitely want to try on the Mesh On Mesh Pop Over.

Mesh On Mesh Pop Over, On The Fly Short

I wanted to try on the shape short but the store hadn’t gotten them in yet.  I tried the on the fly short because I’ve never tried them on before.  I liked that they were a non-sporty, casual short.  The fabric and cut was nice.  But as always, pockets pull across my thighs weird.  I didn’t have the energy to try them on in a size up.  So, while the shorts were TTS, I think I would have preferred a size up.  I liked the shape from the back and found it to be flattering.  The length was also nice.  I may consider trying them on in the size up; that is, if I don’t like the shaped short better.

The Mesh on Mesh Pop Over was a size up for me.  My TTS fit but it was harder to get on and off because the mesh wasn’t as giving.  The mesh was soft and not scratchy.  I like the idea of a mesh pullover but I think I would prefer it in a bomber jacket style.  The opaque part of the pull over was high enough to make me feel comfortable and not feel like I was exposing too much abs.  Although I don’t think I would wear this pullover with only a bra; most likely I would wear it with a full tank.  I’m undecided on this pullover.  I’d like to try it in white.  I may reconsider it if it goes on WMTM.
Too bad hubby wasn’t with me so that you could see the full effect of the pullover.  I took so many photos trying to show more of a front view without my hand and phone covering most of it.  I wasn’t successful.

Twist & Train Crop, Power Pose TankTwist & Train CropTwist & Train CropThe power pose tank was TTS.  I actually liked the power pose tank better than the power y tank.  I was told that the main difference was the power pose tank was cut slightly higher.  I also like that it was light luon rather than luon.  The fabric felt softer and more forgiving.  I find that the power y tank is a bit low cut; especially when I bend over.  Because it is a lighter coverage, the band of the built in bra was looser and didn’t cut in as much.  The straps also seemed a bit longer too so it didn’t pull down on my traps as much as the power y tank.  I ended up buying the tank because I really loved the softness of the pink.

The twist and train crop was TTS and a 9.5/10 in sheerness.  If you did a really deep knee bend you can slightly see through the fabric.  The bend test was opaque enough for me.  (As you know, I’m really sensitive about sheerness.  I don’t want people looking at me and wonder why I didn’t buy a larger size).  I love the jaded color.  Unfortunately, my photos don’t do the color justice.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like the lace-like mesh but it was a nice feminine touch.  The lace felt sturdy and smooth.  Not itchy at all.  As you can see, the mesh is not too sheer; it had more coverage than I expected.  The band on these crops was really comfortable.  It was easy to get over my hips, stayed flat without digging in and not too tight.  I generally dress sporty when I workout so I wasn’t sure if I’d like them.  But surprisingly, I really liked the crops and ended up purchasing them!  I’m liking the newer, more feminine items.
I realized when I got home that I should have taken photos from the back mirror so you could get a better full length picture.  Next time!

Pace Perfect CropPace Perfect Crop

Pace Perfect CropI ordered these online and am waiting for them to arrive.  Since I was in the store, I decided to try them on.  These crops were TTS and not sheer where it was double paneled.  Between the band and double panel, there is a small patch of fabric that is a bit sheer.  It didn’t bother we because the “important” parts were opaque.  The band is bonded but fit flatter and smoother than the mind over miles crop bonded band.  I think it is because the bonded portion of the band was wider.  I thought I would have a harder time getting them over my hips but it wasn’t as difficult as other tights.  Once on, it fit nicely.  I’m uncertain whether I will keep them because of the price and I felt that the print made my thighs look wider.  Who wants that?  It’s a nice compromise to an all white tight for me.


Summer Haze Multi Wunder Under Pant Hi RiseSummer Multi Haze WUP

These tights were TTS and a 9/10 on the sheerness scale.  The print is printed on a white background and I didn’t think the pattern dissipated much on the knee and bend test.  The ed didn’t think it was sheer at all — just a bit of white coming through.  I would have to try it on in brighter lighting to determine if it is actually sheer or not.  I was surprised that I liked the print on a full length tight.  The picture is a bit more muted than the actual color in person.  You could definitely see the pinks but I think my bright pink tank took away from the pink in the tights.  I was too lazy to find a matching tank so I just tried it on with the tank and jacket I wore to the store.  I didn’t end up buying them because I’m going to wait and see if the print comes out in a crop or short.


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Sourkraut June 13, 2017 - 6:22 am

Thank you for the in-depth reviews and all the great photos, Mrs. O! Now you’ve got me wanting to try the Power Pose Tank, although it’ll have to come out in more colors since I am not a pink person. Looks great on you! I returned my Twist and Train Crops because the mesh bunched up and annoyed me, but I read several reviews that it actually runs a little large so I’m thinking of ordering it in a size down. If that’s what caused the bunching problem I’d love to keep them since Jaded is a gorgeous color. I just hate how long the return process takes when you mail items back so it hurts to have so many large charges sitting on my credit card when I have to reorder an item.

Mrs. O June 13, 2017 - 8:32 am

I saw a sneak peak Australia load on LuluAddict’s blog and there’s another crop coming out in jaded. I’m interested in trying them on because of the stitching. So, I’m going to hold off on taking the tag off my twist and train bra. There’s something about the power pose tanks that’s just feels more comfortable to me than the power y. I haven’t put them side by side yet to really see the subtle difference.

I hear ya about the large purchases remaining on your card. I have 4 stores near me that make it easy for me to return online purchases so that the charges aren’t hanging around too long. It’s too bad LLL’s return processing isn’t as fast as Amazon or Zappos.

Anonymous June 13, 2017 - 6:42 am

I always look forward to your fit reviews Mrs. O so thank you for doing so many here.

I think the Mesh on Mesh top looks good on you and I too would only wear it with a tank underneath. Because I don’t find anything special about this style of half mesh, half not, I don’t think I would get a lot of wear out of it and so it’s not worth the money for me. I saw this top in white and the white band at the bottom looked a bit yellow compared to the white of the top.

I like the Twist and Train crops on you and Jade looks good paired with Cherry Blossom. I am not a Power Y tank girl for the reasons you stated but the straps on the Power Pose tank look too long for me which means it would be too low in front and under the arms but I love that colour!!! I have to say I don’t like Summer Haze Multi WU 7/8. They look see through at the knees or it could just be that there is more pink hitting that spot. This print is just a big no for me. I like the Pace Perfect Crops on you much better but ouch the price tag is too steep for crops.

Mrs. O June 13, 2017 - 8:40 am

I know what you mean about the summer haze multi WU. It definitely is the pattern where the pink lands. I noticed that too. I have problems with some of these uneven prints that LLL has been making. If the pattern placement isn’t just right, it looks awkward. That’s why I think the print in a pair of shorts would work better for me.

I think it’s the slightly longer straps of the power pose tank that works for me. The power y tank just pulls down on me too much. I’m sure the color will come out in other items.

I don’t understand the price point on the pace perfect crop. It’s not like it’s nulux or a new fabric. I’m only willing to pay that price for crops made from nulux (because I love the fabric so much).

danika June 13, 2017 - 10:41 am

Those Summer Haze Multi Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise are just hideous. and Mrs O, I have to say you look amazing in almost everything you have tried on!! but those WU are a big NO. I cannot see how that print would be flattering on anyone.

Mrs. O June 13, 2017 - 3:12 pm

Thanks, Danika! A smaller version of the print would work better. We’ll see how fast they go on WMTM (or not). There’s always someone out there that would love them. I do like the color scheme of the print, though.


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