Guys! Father’s Day is this weekend! For some reason I thought it was next week, but it’s June 18th! I like to keep a year round gift guide idea for my husband because he is so hard to shop for and come birthdays or Christmas I’m stumped, so this gift guide I’m sharing with you is sort of specific to him and his likes and tastes. This is not the typical ‘themed’ gift guides like ‘the sporty dad’ or ‘the fashion dad’ or ‘BBQ essentials’. I hope it helps inspire you in case you are like me and have left this till the very last minute because you thought you had an entire extra week to prepare. Most of these ideas translate well to my dad, my brother, and brother in law as well, so feel free to use this for any special guy in your life that you want to honour on Father’s Day.

Also you may note that a lot of the gift ideas are on the rather pricey side for Father’s Day (I do have several under $100, and under $50 though). This is because my husband NEVER ever goes shopping for himself, and I never buy him stuff unless it’s an occasion. Basically, he has 3 pairs of holy sport socks, the same pair of shorts he’s worn the past three years, the same sun glasses he’s had for over 6 years….you get the idea.  For this reason I like to splurge a little bit more on his gifts than I would normally. Aren’t all guys like this? I know my brother hasn’t purchased anything for himself in years, and my brother in law is like that. My dad is a little different though. He’s got a closet full of Tommy Bahama shirts NWT hanging in his closet.

What are you guys getting your men folk for Father’s Day? Can we share in the comments section?


Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. More ideas: a new fit bit, or Iwatch, tickets to a baseball game. Dinner at favorite restaurant. LULU mens shorts, polo and metal tech t-shirt. accessories for the grill. New baseball hat. Last year was new sunglasses. Starbucks gift card. Intelligenca coffee or Seattle coffee works coffee. Chocolate treats.

  2. To force–I mean, MOTIVATE him to make use of his newly acquired SNFW membership more often, I got him T.H.E. Short (WMTM $39) & Metal Vent Tech LS Henley (WMTM $59). Someone from the online chat was kind enough to let me purchase both S & M to try, w/ the intention of keeping 1 & returning the other for a full refund.

    I got him the same pair of shorts (diff colour/print) & the El Court LS last Father’s Day…both also from WMTM! =D

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