Wonderful Mrs. O who we are all super grateful for has delivered another fit review for us! This time it’s the Shape Shorts. I’ve been so interested to try these lululemon shorts on because I love my spacer fabric sweat pants Embrace The Space Pant (currently marked down), but none of the stores near me have gotten these in yet. Check out her review below!

Mrs. O’s Lululemon Fit Review

Shaped Short

shaped short

I went to 3 local stores looking for the Shaped Short.  None of them had it.  I was thinking it might be an online item only.  I even called stores out of state.  But as I was checking out at LLL, the ed told me he thought someone made a return and the store might have them.  Well, they did!  And in my size.  These shorts are made of spacer fabric and feel nice on the skin.  The back of the short lays flat in a flattering way.  Like always, because of the pockets, the fabric pulled across the front a bit.  But no matter the size, it always happens to me.  These were TTS.  The ed thought they fit the way they should and thought a size up would look too big, especially from the back.  My only gripe is the waist.  It is a bit tight but I suspect they will stretch over time.  They created a very tiny muffin top but not unlike the speed shorts on me.  I think the spacer fabric will stay smooth throughout the day and will not wrinkle like other shorts.  These were a tad less relaxed than the On the Fly Short made of full-on luxtreme.  But not by much.  I ended up buying them because they are a nice pair of casual shorts that aren’t sporty.  I’m going to order a size up online just for a comparison.

  1. I purchased these too and love them! Found the same… true to size. I’m an 8 is lulu pants and a 10 in shorts. I purchased online an 8 and 10 and the 10 fit me best. Very comfortable, feel great but I do worry they will make s swish sound when I walk. But I am keeping them. Too nice to pass up.

  2. I got the shaped short in absize up from my normal- there is no stretch but once they’re on- they form to your booty and are beautiful! Love love love them! Wore with a CRB tucked in and the new pack bomber jacket- nice looking – not overly sporty!

  3. I sized up in their shorts as well and did in these too …. I really liked … just as you said a “nice pair of casual shorts”

  4. My shape shorts just arrived and they are really nice. Soft, structured etc. I wish I could size up though because they don’t float away from my legs due to big quads, and these only go to size 10. They would look dressier on me if they had a wider leg opening. Waist is higher rise so narrower, but very comfortable.

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