Guys! I’m so excited the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us and the catalogue has been circulated. I first got to look at it this morning and I’ve made my first round of picks, which will be narrowed down and edited in the coming weeks. Isn’t that always the case? I’m actually excited that this years Rag & Bones are not making my list because they are the same pair I got last year (love them! will provide real life photos and sizing suggestions later on). This frees up my budget for other items that caught my eye. Also, in this years sale are the jeans that I wear all the time and you guys always ask me about. If you’ve been hunting for flattering boyfriend style jeans that are distressed, you must get these. Sizing is funny on them so I will provide my fit review on them later in another post.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has ‘early access’ for card holders, and that starts on July 13th and public access which starts on July 21. The sale runs until August 6th.

Two years ago I decided to apply for the Nordstrom store credit card so I could access the US early access sale (before Vancouver got it’s own Nordstrom) and it was such an easy process. I really recommend that ONLY IF you are willing to pay off your purchases immediately, and not if it could potentially create a problem for you. It’s so tempting to just order, order order, but trust me, set a budget for this sale. As a Canadian I was easily able to set up billing payment on my online banking and I just transfer the Canadian equivalent amount to my Nordstrom card to pay it off. I don’t even wait for the bill to come in the mail, as soon as my order arrives and I decide I’m keeping it, I check my balance and I pay it off. This keeps shopping guilt and stress free and keeps it in the fun ‘shopping as therapy’ category. Shop smart and only buy items that you’ve been needing in your wardrobe. I use this opportunity to get great quality staple items that I save up for, and I don’t bother with overly trendy pieces.  Truthfully, I’ve been shopping this epic sale every year for the past 4-5 years and every item I’ve purchased has been in my closet and well loved and used. Denim, jackets, shoes, bras etc. etc. All great quality!

My 1st look Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalogue Picks

Leather Jackets. This is a staple piece in my closet and because I live in mild weathered Vancouver this gets year round use. It dresses up a very casual outfit, or gives an overly dressy outfit a bit of edge. I love Mackage and would love to get the moto jacket, but I’m tempted by the lower priced Treasure & Bond. If you’d prefer a vegan option, Nordstrom always includes BlankNYC faux leather and suede motto jackets in the sale. I didn’t see one in the catalogue but the catalogue is not exaustive and I’d be shocked if there wasn’t one or two color options included in the sale. Those BlankNYC jackets are hot sellers!

Leather Jackets

Mackage Belted Leather Moto Jacket
Mackage Belted Leather Moto Jacket Treasure & Bond Leather Moto Jacket

Cashmere and merino wool knit sweaters

I love Cashmere and am really loving the dramatic sleeve look. I’m tempted to get the Nordstrom Signature Sweater, but I also like the cotton version of the bell sleeve sweater. I don’t love the rugby stripe options of the sweater in the middle but if I get a chance I’d  like to try it on.

Nordstrom Signature Boiled Cashmere Pullover

Halogen Flare Sleeve Sweater Equipment Jenny Stripe Cashmere Pullover

My shoe picks

I love all of these shoes but I think the ones I’m going to get are these top Treasure & Bond Easton Chelsea Bootie. They look so close to the Acne Jensen bootie and if these are in fact leather, they are a steal at this price. I’ve gotten Rag & Bone booties the past two years in a row and they are amazing quality and so comfortable. If you’ve ever thought of getting Rag & Bone booties, this is the time to get them, or if you are in Vancouver, hold out for the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale which I hop will be a yearly event. I may also splurge on the Louise Et Cie Caynlee which is a total dupe for the Chloe ballet flats, and although not the same quality, Louise Et Cie is amazing quality for it’s price point and also made of leather.


Treasure & Bond Easton Chelsea BootieLouise Et Cie Caynlee Ballet FlatStuart Weitzman Notazzie Bootie

Rag & Bone Margot Fringe Cap Toe BootieRag & Bone Wesley Bootie



I buy jeans once a year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or in this years case I got my AG Boyfriend Jeans at the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale in Vancouver. I was really surprised to see them here at the Anniversary Sale because from what I saw at the warehouse sale I was lucky to find the pair I got.  I have to say that these are by far my most successful jeans purchases. All of the denim I’ve ever purchased at the Nordstrom Sales have been amazing quality and have been worn year after year. So many of you always ask me what my jeans are, but these AG Ex-Boyfriend jeans have gotten the most reader questions of any jeans I’ve shown on this blog. They are the only style of boyfriends that have been figure flattering on my curvier pear shape and it’s all because of the narrower straight leg. The denim is incredibly soft and wears in really nicely but it doesn’t have a ton of stretch to it in the form of lycra, which I like. Buy these in a size down! Since I have these already I don’t think I’ll be prioritizing getting them, but if I have some money in my budget because I’ve eliminated other wants I’d definitely loved to get another pair of these. If not these then I think I’ll try the AG Farrah. I’m just not sure the currant color would get as much use as a traditional denim color.

AG Ex-Boyfriend Crop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Rag & Bone Jean Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Paige Transcend Hoxton Undone High Waist Skinny Jeans AG Farrah High Waist Skinny Jeans



Chantelle is by far my favourite bra brand. Close second is this exact model of the Wacoal Tee Shirt Bra which was in last years Anniversary Sale as well. Another popular bra brand is the Natori Feathers Bra. I have that bra as well (it’s my racerback bra) but it’s not my go-to. I’ll probably be getting the Wacoal Tee Shirt Bra in black.

Chantelle Intimates Aeria Underwire SPacer Bra
Wacoal Finesse Molded Underwire T Shirt Bra Chantelle Intimates Underwire Sports Bra

Frivolous Wish List Items

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Nude Lipstick Set Nest Fragrances Drybar Tressed To Impress Collection

Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? What’s on your wish list from the catalogue?

  1. How do you pay your card online? I’ve always had to go into a US store with USD which is annoying. Would love to know how you do it!

    1. I bank with TD and I asked them before I got the card. You just set up online banking which I believe they also have a ‘Pay US Bill’ option – you have to enter in the Nordstrom address you would send a cheque to. At the time I also opened up a USD account with TD thinking I had to transfer my CAD to that account to pay my bill but the last several times I used the card I just used ‘pay US bill’ directly from my CAD account and it worked.

    2. Because I travel to the U.S. 2 or 3 times a year I set up an US bank account with TD and got a US credit card which is set up to get paid from my US bank account. When I travel I carry a small amount of cash but mainly use my US credit card for purchasing. I buy US currency when the Cdn dollar is doing half decent then keep it in my US account for travel or US purchases online. The only downfall is TD charges $4.90 a month service fee for this account which is a rip off as there was no fee when I first set it up but about a year later they instituted the fee.

  2. I like your picks! Now, you have to do the hard part and narrow down your picks. I have about 25-30 leather jackets in my closet. Like Vancouver, WLA has mild weather and I use them year around. I like Andrew Marc leather jackets as well as Tahari and Theory. I really love the belted leather jacket on your list (better than the other one IMHO). It’s a great price.

    Have you considered shopping Bloomingdales sales? They don’t have semi annual sales like Nordies but they have sales frequently, like their big brown bag sale. That’s when I get lots of stuff. I have gotten 100% cashmere sweaters for $35-$50. I also know lots of sales associates so they let me know when things go on sale (I’ll send you a separate email with more info). Their shoe sales are incredible too! It’s almost as if they are giving it away for free. Handbags too.

    I love Chantelle and Natori bras!

    LOL, when and where do you wear all your clothes, shoes, handbags and workout gear??? Now that I’ve become more of a workout gear kinda gal, it’s hard for me to find places to wear my really nice street wear!

  3. Where do you get to see all the items? And are the ones listed for sale in the US normally the same as what goes on sale in Canada?

    1. Here is the link to the catalogue page –
      Last year I made all my purchases online from the US side, and then when the public access started Canadian stores got the sale too. I didn’t know until last minute wether or not Canada would even get the sale so I wanted to order from the US. I was really happy because I was able to take my receipts from all my US purchases, and price adjust them in store for the CAD price point which was lower (not sure they would still do that this year, but they did it last year without a fuss).
      Unfortunately you won’t know exactly all the items that go on sale until midnight on the first day, but you at least get a good sampling on the catalogue. Canada gets almost all of the same items – but some of the more popular items don’t make it to Canadian stores. The denim goes super quick.

      1. The last two years I’ve been able to view all the sale items online before the in store sale started (Calgary). We haven’t had ‘early access’ before in Canada, not sure what they are doing this year. So anyway…I had a good week to peruse the US site and make my list!

  4. Is the sale the same in the US vs Canada? (Clearly the $ amounts will be different but are the items the same? I saw your comment above…would you suggest ordering online during US access dates as the dates are so different I wonder if items will be sold out before we gain access. I was speaking to a Nordstrom Vancouver employee and I gather the items are already in their store. So could they still be scooped by US buyers? Thanks in advance Cristina!

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