I tried on some Adidas by Stella McCartney the other day and was surprised I really loved some of the designs and I’m really looking forward to hunting down more Adidas by Stella McCartney to try on. Some of items are way too out there for me (avant garde sweat pants, very long hoodies etc.) but the more athletic items are very elegant, and the colors and floral prints are really beautiful. The material Stella McCartney uses, climalite,  is my favourite and I believe it’s also used by Varley or at least made in the same Italian factory but called ‘microfibre compression fabric’.  It’s a really light weight, smooth and compressive luxtreme like material with a really tight knit weave.

The thing I really loved about this tank was how the front neckline really shows off shoulders and enhances your bust shape in a sexy way without exposing tons of cleavage. The armholes are really carved in which I usually hate, but in this case it created a really flattering look around the bust. I really loved the combination of Cherry Wood and Bold Blue. The fit of this tank was on the snugger side. I take a size 10, so I tried on the L and this was a snug fitting L. I think it’s because it’s meant to be a compression tank because I tried a few other SM pieces and they fit well. It wasn’t by any means an uncomfortable snug, it felt really nice on, it’s just clingier around my middle than I usually like.

I didn’t buy this tank because I wanted to see what other tanks I could find around town to try on, but I regret not purchasing it. I’ve posted below a pink tank called the Run Tank in White/Shock Pink and I’d love to be able to get that one to try on but it’s currently sold out in my size. I’ve also become obsessed with these Adidas Ultraboost X + Stella McCartney + Parley but they are out of my price range for sneakers. I’ve had my Parley Ultraboosts X a month now and I have to say they are the best sneakers I’ve ever had. They are so comfortable for walking – the ultraboost soles feel like you are walking on extremely plush carpet with wooly socks on! I definitely can’t wear these for Olympic weightlifting (unless we are working on light drills or warm-ups) but they are great for crossfit workouts and for travel when you are doing tons of walking.

Have you tried on Adidas by Stella McCartney?

Adidas By Stella McCartney Train Miracle Tank Top

Oh my! Please excuse my chipped nail polish.


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  1. That tank looks great on you! I love the color combination. I love the pink one you posted the link to also. You should get the cherry + blue one. The colors suit you!

  2. Tank looks great. I like stella stuff…its quirky. I got a pair of tights from the bay.com that are pink in front and orange on back and some big cartooney white flowers down one leg…i love them. Now they are pricey and can be sheer so i stayed with a medium which is generous for my tts 6.

  3. Have ok guys seem the new Chase Me Tank on Lulu Hong Kong site in blue ombre? It’s gorgeous! Reminds me of this Adisas one.

  4. Cristina, what a coincidence. I just bought 2 run tanks from Adidas and shorts. Beautiful bright colors and less than $14 each because of the sale. I was thinking about doing a fit review. The tanks are so comfortable too. I also got my GAP mesh jackets and can do a fit review of those items as well, if there’s any interest.

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