Fit Review Dark Forest Define Jacket, Train Time Crops

I do not need a new Define Jacket and was all set to pass on this dark forest one since I purchased quicksand last week, and thought I favoured that color. When I tried it on though, the color was too gorgeous to pass up on. I love both colors but I think dark forest is slightly more contrasted on me and makes my features stand out more, where as quicksand was a bit more subdued. What do you guys think?

Dark Forest Define Jacket

Dark Forest Define Jacket

Dark Forest Define Jacket


Train Time Crops Dark Forest

I tried on these Train Time Crops in my TTS 10 and they where slightly snug coming on. I think the material is just more compressive but there may also be a double layer of fabric in the rear – sorry, I should have looked more closely at that. I have featherlight tights which I got on markdown and those have the double layer of fabric in the rear. I don’t mind it on those since I got them on markdown but I find it a bit too hot and I don’t want to have that double layer in my crops.  I passed on these for now but I do really like crops in dark forest so I may consider getting a different pair of crops in this color.

Train Time Crop Dark ForestTrain Time Crops Dark Forest

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  1. I like the dark forest much better. Quicksand looked good on you,matched your lips ?But I’m prejudiced I don’t care much for fleshy colors. This is a beautiful color! I have wren or a close version but I’m alittle tempted.

  2. What I think is you have a hard decision to make! Both colours look good on you so whatever decision you make you can’t lose.

  3. I ditto CT and I’m going to have the same hard decision! I have bought way too many Defines this past month.

    1. I also have the same decision to make. It’s been a long dry spell but thoroughly enjoying the new color palette that is finally showing up on drop day.

  4. Curious if anyone has any piling problems with newer Defines. The reviews are just horrible about this and I am afraid to buy any as I don’t want to invest $ and time into an item of clothing only to have to bring it back and be disappointed I can’t even wear it more than a few times. Any feedback?

    1. I own an embarrassing number of defines of all different colors and textures. I have recent ones and others from many years ago all are still in pristine condition. The defines are one item I can say without censure that I’ve never had any quality issues with. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I think as long as you take care of them properly you won’t have any issues. Bear in mind mine have never been dried in a dryer and are always washed with like fabrics in cold. Hope this helps.

    2. I have not had any issues at all with Defines. Of the recent ones I have Mauve and lakeside and both of those have held up very nicely. I don’t wear them daily, but often enough that I’d notice any early signs of wear.

    3. I have many Defines, old and new, and they are pristine. I wash inside out and hang dry. Never had any issues. It’s the reason why I like defines because of the quality.

    4. I have many Defines and Formes, always wash them them with my other lulu stuff and always put in dryer on low cycle. I don’t have time and patience to baby my workout gear. They all look great. However I’m not wearing them every day .

      1. My recent define jacket in marvel purchased came to me pilling already ??? there was white powdery stuff all over and its my first time to buy one

  5. I have always wondered if the piling has to do with the arms rubbing along the side pocket zippers or front when the jacket is open. I have a non lulu jacket made of similar fabric and it did get ruined from wearing it open and rubbed against the plastic zipper teeth along the side of the arm. I will maybe go for it and follow everyone’s advice and see how it wears. Thanks for all the feedback!

    1. I wear my Defines open and have never noticed problems with pilling on the arms from rubbing the zippers. But I also don’t wear it everyday. Definitely go for it!

  6. My 2 cents. I really like the quicksand on you – forest is nice too but something about how the quicksand brought a glow to your skin.

  7. So on the UK and Hong Kong upload I noticed a new version fast and free tight and crop II. I wonder what the difference is other than the reflective dot design. And Hong Kong has a new print… transition multi midnight navy.

  8. Hmmm tough call. I think dark forest is a color that’s a little more common than quicksand. I think quicksand is the more rare color and actually the combination of quicksand and forest green look great together. pink and green is always a good combo in my book. Keep the quicksand define and pick up a pair of dark forest crops and wear it together.

  9. Went back and looked at your review of quicksand define. I think you need them both!!!

    This green color is LOVELY and I want all of it! <3

  10. Hi Lulumum:

    The dark forest define compliments your eye & hair color.
    The quicksand define compliments your skin tone & hair color.
    Hard decision but both look good on you! 🙂

    I have a lot of define jackets so whatever new color LLL uploads, must pop in color otherwise it is a no go for me. If I were you, I would get both defines since they are not even close in color. The only thing is if in the future, LLL comes out with a floral or multi color and uses both colors in it then you may have to consider.

  11. I like quicksand better on you! They are both pretty but quicksand gives your skin a beautiful glow!! Good luck deciding!

  12. Lulumum, there’s a color out this week in the scuba called heathered speckled earth. I received my order yesterday and I immediately thought it was a color you might like (I know a lot of people don’t like the new scubas but if they put out a define in this color it might be worth a look). It’s not grey – it has a muted greenish cast to it that IMO makes it pretty unique. However I think it’s best suited for someone who is cool-toned with fairer skin. I’m very warm toned and I don’t think it’s “my color” so I’m on the fence about it for myself. But it might be in your wheelhouse!

    1. Just to add…heathered speckled earth appears to me to be a muted gray-green with flecks of blueish-gray throughout. It’s interesting – not a universally flattering shade, but interesting!

  13. Totally off topic, but the Going Places Hooded Jacket everyone was waiting for to go on sale has finally dropped on WMTM!!! $99

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