Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise Aerial Drift, Sculpt Tank II Pop Orange

I would have never considered pop orange as a color that would pair well with Aerial drift, but actually it looks really great. I love this combo. Have any of you tried on the Aerial Drift WU’s yet? I meant to yesterday but the Enlite Bra portion of the try-ons took a lot of time.

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Aerial Drift Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise Aerial DriftWunder Under Pant Hi Rise Aerial DriftWunder Under Pant Hi Rise Aerial Drift

Enlite Bra

My enlite bra order from yesterday is due to arrive today. If you read the review post from yesterday you know that I was sized into a 32E (different from my usual 36D) and unfortunately the store didn’t have that size, only it’s sister size 36D. I decided to order it online so that I could try on the size they suggested for me for accuracy, and to practice hooking the bra closed. I was interested to read yesterday that the material used for this bra is spacer fabric. Man, they are using spacer fabric like crazy this past year!

Enlite BraEnlite BraEnlite BraEnlite BraEnlite BraEnlite BraEnlite Bra

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  1. The only positive reviews I’ve seen of the bra so far have been in the form of paid reviews or native advertising. I didn’t like that people were saying they basically had to stuff their boobs in it from underneath once it’s on, and it sounds like the lack of adjustable straps will be even more limiting in terms of who can wear this, since low shoulder mobility people are already out. There are some people that are taking it SO personally that people aren’t all over this bra, but for $98, and with the litany of existing and likely future design flaws (pilling/wear of raw edges, hooks pulling out, bonded construction), why are people obligated to love it just because it’s LLL?

    1. Yes! Thank you! As a paying customer, if I struggle with this bra in the fitting room, why would that part of the review be negated by an excellent workout review. Thats like having a really high performance awesome race car, except you have to be careful that the wheels don’t fly off.

    2. For anyone considering this – I haven’t ready any reviews, so am not sure of specific complaints, but I didn’t find it at all difficult to put on. You just pull it over your head and because it’s not clasped it’s loose when you do. Then do up the clasps just like a regular bra. So if you are ok with a regular one, should be easy with this one. (And no, I’m not paid or advertising – I’m actually just excited because this is the first and only lulu bra that’s worked for me). I have a standard work out bra I’m happy with (not LLL) so didn’t “need” to like this, but I do find it very comfortable. Will have to wait and see on durability, but they are the same price essentially, so price is not a concern. So it may be worth a try if you have a chance. Especially if you have difficulty finding workout bras that work. (34E for reference)

  2. I would entertain the idea of this bra and its cons/pluses for $60.00. No more, no less. Thanks for the reviews LLM

  3. I agree; for $98 it should be easy to put on and great for high impact exercise. I’m going to go to the store to get fitted and try it on like the eds (closing the clasps and putting it on overhead). If I can do it and its fits well, I may be tempted to buy it and try it for a few workouts.

    I’ve always loved the color orange. It coordinates well with a lot of colors. I purchased the pop orange Hotty Hot Shorts (my first pair) and it looked great. It gives you a tan without going out in the sun. Surprisingly, I liked the fit of the Hotty Hot Shorts (especially because it was redesigned to be a bit sportier).

    LLM, none of my stores had the Aerial Drift so I ordered it. It will arrive on Friday and I’ll do a fit review from home, along with a few other items I purchased.

  4. I found the aerial drift WUP sheer because they were backed in white, just like the fern fast and frees.

    1. Ugh, I thought it would be different because it’s Full-on Luxtreme. Those usually work for me even with a white background. The fern (black) in WU works even though it’s a light gray background on the underside because it’s Full-on Luxtreme. The eds told me what you see is the gray background not skin. Mine are coming tomorrow, I guess I’ll be returning them.

  5. I have implants , I’m 32DD or 34D size and size 4 in everything lulu except bras. I usually wear Energy size 6 or 8 sometimes, Rise and run size 8, Free to be Tranquil 6 and Free to be Serene in 6. I feel like I get great support and coverage with those and no spillage whatsoever. I personally don’t need a special heavy duty bra , but my boobs are not that big. I guess it’s a different story for those ppl who are 34F or so

  6. Does anyone know if there are still WMTM uploads on Thursdays? Or is this a thing of the past? I can’t tell because I don’t check too often and when I do everything looks the same (ie. same color) so it’s hard to tell if anything new’s been put on? Thanks!

  7. Does anyone know if the free to be zen ever came out in North America in jewelled magenta. Looking for one to purchase (ebay, posh, merc, etc) and all the pics show that color, then when you look at the pictures of the actual item its a different pinkish color. Now that I think about it, I only remember seeing them in Australia. If anyone bought one it would encourage me to keep searching. TIA!

    1. I don’t think it made it here to North America. There is a similar color, deep fuchsia, but that’s the probably the closest you’ll get.

  8. It kinda looks like thete is both a greeny colour marbled in with blue and grey… Or am i seeing things. Kinda tempted…

    1. There isn’t green in the WU but the speeds seemed to have some green in it. The WU was blue/gray. Speeds were teal-ish blue/gray.

  9. So just putting this out there for anyone researching the new bra. I bought it this weekend, wore it for a weightlifting workout and found it super comfy and supportive. Wore it again tonight to crossfit, included a 1 mile run. Thought it was again super comfy and supportive, no uncomfortable bouncing or anything.

    I actually have not read any other reviews, but personally did not find it at all difficult to put on. You have to pull it over your head, but because you also then do up the clasps it’s not tight at all while maneuvering it on. Sure, if you have difficulty reaching behind your back to do them up it may be tricky, but it’s exactly the same as my “regular” (non-workout) bras.

    For reference, I am a (natural) 34 E. That is my regular bra size, was true to size with the lulu one. This is the first lulu bra I’ve ever been able to wear. Even the tata tamer never fit me right and nothing else from Lulu is nearly supportive enough.

    Yes, it’s pricey, but I always have to pay at least $100 for a sports bra that works for me, so no different. The Panache sports bras are my go to fyi. I’m sure the bra isn’t perfect for everyone, but none of the others are even remotely useable for me, so for anyone similar to myself it’s at least worth a try.

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