This is part two to yesterday’s fit review post. I actually need to go back to the store to exchange some items so I may get a chance to try on more items.  I’ll have a few more tops, and run tights in a part three post.

Nike Dry Knit Tank

I really love this Nike Dry Knit Tank. It’s kind of a merge between a racerback tank and a looser fitting singlet, and a polyester knit fabric – but the material is really soft and silky and cool, but not delicate. I can’t see this snagging easily. This tank totally replaces the ‘racerback tanks’ in my collection and  in my top 5 list for workout tops.  I love the colors it comes in and that the heathering is contrasted with wisps of other colors. I’m not an orange person but I love that the Sunset Glow orange has purple heathering in it, so I think this one was actually my favourite. I love that it’s loose but not oversized or saggy in the armholes. The photos below are of the tank in a size L (I’m a 10 in other brand tops) and I actually ended up purchasing the XL without trying it on. The L fit really well and I am considering going back to exchange the XL for the L, but I also like that the XL is much looser in the middle. The negative about this tank is that it’s quite a lot pricier than my racerback tanks, but, it is on sale in the US for the same price as a similar brand and style.

Nike Dry Knit TankNike Dry Knit Tank

This color is so pretty! It’s not as flattering on my skin tone but I gravitated to it because it’s so similar to Barkberry.

Nike Dry Knit TankNike Dry Knit Tank

I forgot to get a picture of the back design but I like that it’s strappy, without being low cut in the back.

Nike Dry Knit Tank

Nike Breath Cool Tee

This tee has such an interesting material. It is incredibly thin and almost looks like tissue crepe, but it’s not delicate at all. I loved how this tee flowed and moved and how light and airy it was. Because I got the tanks above, I didn’t pick this one up, but actually I think I want to return one of the ones above and get this one instead since it’s a much lower price. This is an L on me and it was plenty loose and flowy. It is slightly sheer within the texture of the material, but not enough that I feel like I need to wear a tank underneath or that I feel exposed. I think the lighter colors are sheerer vs. this bright color, or the black.

Nike Breath Cool TeeNike Breath Cool Tee

Nike Breathe Tank

I actually didn’t care for this tank very much but that was because I don’t love the style of the high neck and carved in armholes, and then halter style straps in the back. The material is nice and light and this would be a great top for a sweaty workout, it just wasn’t for me. It’s also slightly sheer as you can see.

Nike Breathe

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  1. LLM, I love the Nike Cool Breath Tee on you. I think it looks much more flattering on you than the Nike model. If I saw it online, I’d probably just skip over it. Because it looks so great on you, I would definitely go try it on. You definitely should get it. Perhaps you could return the barkberry like tank for it instead.

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