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Coming Soon! Athleta Striped Relay Capri, Mantra Capri

Coming Soon! Athleta Striped Relay Capri, Mantra Capri

I succumbed to the hype that is growing within the community over the new Athleta Striped Relay Capri before they sell out, but I also really wanted to try the Powervita fabric so I ordered the Mantra Capri as well. Hopefully I’ll have reviews up for you early next week!
*Looks like I’ll be receiving them on Friday May 26, so the review will hopefully be up over that weekend.

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  • Tried them both. The relay capri in my usual size was way small, ordered the next size up and just couldn’t do it. The cuffs are too small at the bottom and while they were cute, I knew I would spend every workout messing with them. The mantra capris, however, were fantastic! I found my usual size too big in these, so I sent them back for a smaller size. Hope they fit just right. The material is absolutely divine. After my last few Athleta capri purchases I put ALL of my inspire crops and tights up for sale. While inspecting them for selling purposes I noticed issues with every single pair’s seams except 2. I have so much activewear that I do not wear them that often and wash per lulu’s instructions. To be honest, Athleta’s bottoms are less expensive, I find I don’t have to mess with them because they don’t budge, and I have never have a problem with seams. Then you throw in their return policy, I may never buy tights from lulu again. I think I will stick to sports bras and shorts only until lulu gets their act together.

    • Lulu addict convinced me I needed to try the powervita for the same reason. She said the material is awesome. You are so right about the return period, I was much more willing to order after I found out it was so long, and that I could easily return at the gap.

      • I saw those Mantras in store yesterday when I went searching for the tie dye Salutation crops. The green with the mesh details is gorgeous!! I was so tempted to get them! The only reason I didn’t is that my little one started melting down and my local store is in an inconvenient location to get back to for returns.

        I think you will love the Powervita material. It’s like a more substantial and smoother Nulu.

    • I’ve been meaning to call them and find that out specifically. At worst, I have a Gap US close by in Blaine Washington so at least I am able to return there, but that doesn’t make it easier for my Canadian readers. I’ll be reviewing Canadian brands as well, I have Lole and brand new RYU on my list to try.

  • I have never ever liked Athleta… until yesterday. Went in to kill time and came out with two Mantra capris, the Striped Relay and Mosaic Chatauranga. I did try on a lot that didn’t work but I was so impressed with the fit and feel of these!!

  • Powervita rocks! Bought in black & tie dye. No fussing or adjusting these. TTS and have held up just fine. Passed by LLL store on my way to Nordstrom. Didn’t go in because everything was black & white in the window. I got depressed and kept walking on by.

  • Interested to hear how these work out for you! I tried the Chaturanga capris that are made from their recycled poly material and I want to love them bc the stipped print makes my butt look fantastic but the material has zero stretch. I am a solid size medium, size 8 in lulu so I originally ordered a M in athleta and they were so tight I was afraid to move so I “exchanged” them for a L via mail since the nearwst store is 3 hours away. What this really meant was I purchased another pair and then had to wait 15days to be refunded for first pair. The L came and was still super tight around my calves (I do have muscular legs) creating a muffin top look mid calf. Not attractive but the waist was much too big and baggy. I cant wear them. I want to try another Athleta fabric but will definitely wait until I can try them on in store. The black and white stripe relays are sooooo cute!

  • I don’t have any of the cuff issues with the striped relay capri that people complain about. Yes, at first they were tight but once I worked them up (I’m tall so all crops tend to hit higher and thus the thicker part of my leg to begin with) and wore them around the house for awhile and they did loosen up just the right amount. I love them! Even while walking around the house I didn’t have to even touch them, pull them up or anything. They literally disappeared and I forgot I was wearing them. They are comfortable and don’t even move. I can’t wait to put them through their paces soon. They are beautiful!

    If they perform like I expect them to, I will be buying more and will completely switch over from my lulu bottoms to Athleta.

    • I found the same with the Powervita Salutations. They were a little tight at first, but loosed slightly within a few wears. Now they fit like they were tailor-made for me. I ended buying a second pair and I’ve been searching everywhere for the navy tie dye ones!!!

  • I’ve just come back from a trip to the USA from NZ and I put aside heaps of money to buy Lululemon while I was there, all I brought was 2 low key tanks and I spent the rest of my money at Athleta. I brought the striped capris and also got them in camo both fit really well and the stripes even look flattering on my Lulu 10/12 legs. I brought the size Large.

  • Also, I like that Athleta offers some type of rewards program even if it is via a credit card. I got their card and made a measly purchase for gas (obviously outside of Athleta, GAP, etc), which gets you a $10 reward. So, between the new card reward of $25, the $10 reward for using the card, and the 20% off coupon I got for referring a friend who made a purchase I scored these beautiful relay capris for $30. That would never happen with lululemon.

    I feel like my glowing review sounds fake, but to be honest I am so disappointed in myself for being such a spoiled lulu brat for so long that I never gave Athleta a chance. Their bottoms rock!

    • I find a small to typically fit. Depending on style of course and how tight you like things to fit. In chat tights I can wear and XS, but running/training tights usually a small.

  • I wear size 6/8 in Lulu and small/medium in Athleta. Recently I discovered that they have the same crops (i.e. the stripe chaturanga) available at Athleta Girl for half the price. I ordered both girl’s XL and L just to try out and found out I can fit in both. I happened to have the same stripe chaturange in adult medium that I ordered not long ago so I compared them all. The fabric from Athleta and Athleta Girl is identical. The waist/inseam and everything else seem to be identical. The only difference I can tell (barely) is that the backside of the girl’s pair is slightly lower than the woman’s over the butt (maybe by half an inch to one inch). But everything else fits the same to me (including the tummy area). The adult’s one is $64 (regular) and the girl’s one is $25 (on sale) so I’m going to keep the girl’s one lol

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