Amazing reader ‘Mrs. O’ has shared with us some fit reviews with the help of her awesome husband taking photos for us. Huge thank you to the both of them!!

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Mrs. O’s Fit Review:

Sun Setter Crop

I really like the fit and feel of the Sun Setter Crop.  It was TTS and opaque.  This is the new boysenberry color, which I like.  It’s not as deep a purple as black grape.  It has a bit more of a wine tone to it.  I’m wearing the anew singlet in black current so you can see the color difference.  I also think it would have been nice to pair the outfit with the quicksand define.  The only thing I didn’t like about the crop is how high the mesh goes up the leg. Even though I’m wearing nude undies, you can clearly see them.  (Thanks to the reader that suggested the VS cheeksters!  I really love wearing them under my tights.)  As much as I like these crops, I don’t think I feel comfortable with the fact my undies show.  Even though I have black grape and black current items, I was tempted to get these because of the subtle difference of boysenberry but the mesh kept my wallet in my purse.  (Thank goodness!)  I really like purple tones.

Sun Setter CropSun Setter CropSun Setter Crop

  1. Thanks for posting this. I had been wondering whether the Crops had sheer mesh all the way up or if it might be some kind of lining that just looked sheer. Anyway these are DEFINITELY not for me!! I agree having underwear show is a huge NO. Other than that they look cute.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I love the look of the mesh. I have a thigh tattoo that would show nicely through there. I just would have to go commando I would think, due to the undies! lol

  3. I like the scalloped edge along the mesh and the color , but that’s about it. I feel like we’ve seen SO many incarnations of these crops over the past year and a half.

  4. I love the whole outfit! I got the sun setter crops in dark forest and really like them. I was tempted by the boysenberry as well. I’m actually in the “go commando” crowd. I gave up on undies under my tights a year or two ago and am so much happier for it. No more bunching or shifting, no riding up my crotch after a deep squat, no lines, and much much more breathable which is always a good thing. Having said that, I don’t work out at a gym so if I were sitting at machines or on community mats I would wear undies for hygienic reasons, but if I’m just running or working out at home or just wearing my gear out and about to walk the dog or do errands, I ditch the drawers!

    As an aside – has anyone tried on the train times crop in the new wee space print? I just received mine and I feel like they’re kind of sheer. Also not very flattering from the rear view unless you’re lean and toned in the legs (which I’m not). Just curious to hear other opinions.

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