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Reviewing lululemon Slides: lululemon Restfeel Slides

by Mary Minutella

A fit review of the new lululemon slides from our new contributing writer, Mary. If you are on the hunt for the perfect post run recovery slide, this review is for you!

Picture of Mary Minutella

Mary Minutella

Avid runner and die-hard lululemon fan from Windsor, Ontario


lululemon Restfeel Slides

Size 6 - TTS

Hello The Sweat Edit blog fans. Coming to you from Windsor, Ontario where it’s the start of another hot, humid, and windy summer run season.  I reached out to offer to do a review/comparison of the new Lululemon Restfeel Women’s slides Lululemon Restfeel Women’s slides. I am comparing them to two other “recovery” sandals that I already have by Hoka One One and Oofos. 

As an avid runner, I was already looking for new run recovery slides.

As an avid runner and a diehard Lululemon fan I was pretty excited about Lulu’s foray into the footwear game. I may or may not have even been excited enough about it that I set an alarm for the release of the running shoe. Sadly, other than the gorgeous colour (I got Flare and was all heart eyes emoji about them) they were a fail for me. Who needs stability and support in a running shoe? This girl, that’s who.  Onwards and upwards though, I appreciated the 30 day trial period that allowed me to get my money back and thus not harbour any salty feelings. 

The lululemon white slides are perfect for summer outfits!

To be honest I kind of forgot about the slides that were slated to come out this “summer” and when I realized they had come out in the latest drop I was convinced they’d be sold out in my size (6). Not only were they still available but they were available in all THREE colours! I easily chose the white since I’ve had white slides on my summer “to buy” list and thought even if they don’t work out as much of a recovery slide as promised the price point was palatable to use them as just an everyday cute summer slide (as opposed to the running shoes where at $198 I could not just keep them as a cute sneaker). 

How much are the lululemon slides?

The new lululemon slides are  $58 USD or $68 Canadian. They are available in white, black, pink and green. There are men’s sizes and women’s sizes available. 

The slides came to me in two business days which is super quick. My orders are generally at least five business days. As soon as I opened the box I knew I’d be keeping these. They are super cute – very minimal with the lululemon name unpretentiously stamped on the side. From the first wear they are definitely a pillowy feel. The toe box where the strap is was not overly narrow which can be an issue with my typical runner’s feet (read – bunions) and the material felt luxe.  

How did the lululemon Restfeel Slides compare to Hoka One One and Oofos?

The big test came Sunday after my long run. 2 hours on my feet in the heat, even with great running shoes, leads to very tired feet and calves for at least a day. I generally can only bear to wear one of my recovery sandals for the remainder of that day and that’s why they need to be somewhat cute. Who knows who you’ll run into at the grocery store! Ha.  Suffice it to say that these slides fit the bill. I wore them for two dog walks, and a trip to the grocery store. They look cute with denim cutoffs and a t-shirt and will also definitely look cute poolside this summer. In comparing them with my Hokas and my Oofos I’d say that the cushioning is less, but not so much as to make a difference and so I’ll be going with whichever looks best with my outfit. 😊 

End result is that these are a keeper. Whether you are a runner looking for a recovery sandal or just looking for a cute pair of well made and super comfortable slides for the summer I’d definitely recommend these. Hopefully you can get your hands on a pair and love them just as much as I do! 

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Mary June 9, 2022 - 2:15 pm

Thanks for posting – this was super fun to write and be part of a blog I’ve been following for years!


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