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Lululemon launching a resale program! Like New

by Cristina

lululemon is finally launching a resale program, and its called Like New! lululemon has always been a robust seller in the resale market across multiple different platforms such as eBay, and Poshmark. It’s one of the few brands that has maintained a very high resale value over the past 13 years. At one time, certain lululemon items could resale for hundreds of dollars more than the original retail price (seawheeze limited edition items, and older designs like Gratitude Wraps and many patterned run jackets). In the 13 years I’ve been blogging about lululemon, there have been hundreds of resale groups dedicated to just lululemon on Facebook.

Although items aren’t selling for quite that high anymore, you are still able to sell your lululemon items for near retail value on gently worn pieces. Older pieces will still fetch you at least 50% of the original retail price, which is an amazing return.

It is a testament to the quality of lululemon pieces that they last so well that they can withstand multiple owners, being worn as activewear. I’m really excited that lululemon is testing out this new program where they will give you a gift card for your gently worn items, and they then resell those pieces after being assessed and laundered on their own platform. I fully intend to participate in the lululemon like new platform once it’s available in my area. New Business Plan Sample

Here is the lululemon news release on their ‘Like New’ resale platform.


 Like New 

 Like New is a recommerce model for guests to rethink, revive, and rediscover lululemon

 product through a trade-in and resale program that directly reinvests profits to support additional sustainability initiatives, including circular product design, renew and recycle programs, and store environmental programs.

The trade-in program launches as a pilot in California and Texasin May, then expands into a resale program in the same markets in June.

Starting in May, lululemon guests in California and Texas can begin to trade in gently used lululemon clothing in one of the brand’s 80+ participating stores or by mail in exchange for a lululemon e-gift card. The online resale program will begin in June, with 100 percent of profitsbeing reinvested into additional sustainability initiatives, further extending and amplifying the positive impact of lululemon Like New.Eligible products need to be in “like new” condition. 

lululemon has partnered with TROVE, recognized industry experts in branded recommerce, to support with resale technology and operations. All trade-in products will be cleaned using state-of-the-art technology. Gear that does not meet quality standards will be recycled through lululemon’s longstanding partnership with DEBRAND.

lululemon’s product quality lies at the heart of the program, extending the life of gear that has already been designed to last. Purchasing lululemon

 Like Newproduct, from guest favorites like Wunder Unders to ABC Pants, can save up to 50% of the product’s carbon footprint and 310 grams of waste2. Guest feedback will be collected throughout this year’s pilot to inform future scaling.

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bacall mcelroy April 26, 2021 - 10:58 am

I can see how this would benefit lululemon as they will now get a piece of the lucrative resale market but I don’t think I would use it. When you sell something on poshmark or eBay you get liquid money that you can spend on anything you want, with this program you have to give the money right back to them as you only get a lululemon gift card. There isn’t any difference in eco-benefits having your old lulu reused going through them vs any other platform. The one benefit I can see is instead of having an item sit on sale for ages you can turn it in to them and it sounds like they’ll give you a gift card and recycle it even if it is not in good condition which is nice.


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