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Giddy-Up! It’s upload! Let’s shop lululemon

Giddy-Up! It’s upload! Let’s shop lululemon

Giddy-Up! It's upload! Let's shop lululemon

Upload is up! Time to shop lululemon.

Lots of shorts this upload, thank goodness! It’s been getting so hot in Vancouver and I think I’m just about ready to fully convert to summer wear. Flip Flops have been embraced since March.

My top pick today are the Track That Shorts in Fluoro Multi. I wish it also came in Larkspur like the Hotty Hot Shorts. I’m also interested in the Zoned in High Rise Short but the back outer short looks a bit too short in the back for me. Looking at the All Yours High Rise Shorts – they can either be totally awesome or totally awesome fails. I envision the black pair with a crisp white tee shirt tucked in, and some cute sandals. I may just have to order them. 

The Pocket Wide Leg Jumpsuit drew my attention but it reminded me of the awesome Shift In Time Jumpsuit (reviewed) I got last year. I’m going to pull that into my rotation this week!

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What did you order this week? Anything catch your eye? 

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  • The high neck tanks are super trendy and cute, but I kinda feel like I can’t breathe when I wear one. I tried on the everlux and mesh tank at my local store this weekend, and I felt a little suffocated in it. My chest is a high sweat area too that needs max breathability. I have two high neck swiftlies from years past and I barely wear them due to the breathability issues. They’re all super cute and flattering though!

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