The 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale… Here Are The Best Looks So Far

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 is here! The sale is now open for preview for most of us, and it’s early-early access for top tier card holders. 

This year Nordstrom sale is different. There are several tiered ‘early access’ dates, and different start dates for Canadian shoppers. We also get a full preview of the sale for the first time ever. Find all the details for sale access dates at the bottom of this post.

You can access the full catalog right here, or you can see my picks for the sale below. This is my 11th year covering the NSALE and it’s really bittersweet. The possibility of an NSALE even happening was uncertain for many months and then sometime in April Nordstrom confirmed dates. It seemed a little optimistic, but really exciting. Every year I make my way to Seattle to experience the sale at the grand opening. This year though, the border between Canada and the US is closed, so I will be experiencing this sale virtually until the Nordstrom Canada sale begins. 

I’m unsure about what my in-store participation will be for fitting room try-ons. The NSALE gathers a huge crowd of shoppers and this week, although our numbers had been really great in British Columbia for Covid, we had a huge spike in cases due to Canada Day travellers. We currently have 1000 people in isolation, awaiting test results due to a few resort parties that happened in our interior. Since early June I’ve been pretty confident about our safety with stage 3 openings but I must say, I’m feeling a little unnerved. Yesterday our kids outdoor day camp was cancelled suddenly due to a child having a relative who tested positive. There was no direct contact with anyone in the camp, but out of abundance of caution they shut it all down immediately. All that being said, I’m not deciding anything about in store try-ons until I know where our numbers in BC stand. A week from now we should know wether or not the numbers where just a small spike, or case loads have becoming unruly. Some increases are to be expected, but what I think matters more is how burdened our local healthcare becomes. It’s a very fine balance.

A great source for try-on info for the Anniversary Sale is my Facebook group,  NSALE Insiders| The Sweat Edit. So many seasoned NSALE shoppers there who are a great resource of information, many of them first tier shoppers. Many shoppers will be open to offering their try-on info from online orders. This year I think crowdsourcing the info will be the way to go. My role will be more of a curator of lookbooks, and helpful virtual girlfriend/sidekick shopper. Some of you may be early shoppers willing to share first impressions/reviews in that group too, so please feel free to join and take part in the community. 

Stay tuned for more lookbooks and NSALE contest this weekend! I need a hot minute to figure out what my top wish list items are this year. My list so far is shaping up to be very different from every other year. 


My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist So Far

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Details

Dates To Know

Aug 4
Early Access Select Card Members

Early Access For Select Card Members *US Shoppers

Aug 14
Early Access All Card Members

Early Access All Card Members *US Shoppers

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Aug 19
Sale Open

Sale Open To All Shoppers *US Shoppers

Aug 16
Early Access *Canada

Nordy Club Ambassadors and Nordstrom Visa cardholders can shop

Aug 19
Sale Open *Canadian

The Sale is Open In Store For All Shoppers *Canadian Shoppers

Aug 20
Sale Open Online *Canada

Sale Is Open To All Shoppers Online *Canadian Shoppers.

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  • I ❤️ Nordstrom and the anniversary sale but I don’t like the fact that I cannot order from any longer and have to order from Nordstrom Canada which is “Nordstrom Lite” very limited selection – very limited brands… not the shopping experience that it used to be at all. ☹️

  • Do we no longer have the option at all the shop the .com side with duties/shipping? That is really unfortunate. I was toying with ordering off the US side and paying the duties/shipping for the sake of try-ons.

  • No longer an option :(. Very unfortunate as I was a large volume shopper and with restricted travel to the US due to Covid it’s even more sad. Target also quietly stopped shipping to Canada from their .com site in February 2020. Love your pics from the sale!!

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