The Upload

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The regularly scheduled Tuesday Lululemon Upload is here! 

I wrote a post yesterday in case you missed it. Sharing my Summer 2020 fitness plans, and a couple of product reviews. Check it out if you’ve missed it!

Today I ordered the Set Challenger Bra (love the back!) and another color in the Free to Be Elevated Bra. I also ordered the new All Yours Tank Maxi Dress to try out. 

Did you order anything good? 

Signing off now to pick my kids up from camp, and take them swimming. 

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    1. Hi, it should bump you back to the .ca site.The exception is when it’s not quite uploaded to the .ca side or it’s something Canada doesn’t have this week.
      Sorry, I’m not able to use multiple links in the same places and the upload always shows up first on the US side so I start from there. It usually helps give readers and advantage when items are in stock but not showing up yet.

  1. Ladies I have a general question. Did I miss something or Lulu stopped making basic cotton tanks ? I think they were called Love tanks. Now they only have Pleated . Just curious . Really like basis ones

  2. I think they stopped doing the non-pleated ones a year or two ago. 🙁 I liked them too. I don’t like that the pleat is so large. It makes the material not lay as smooth at the bottom in the back.

  3. Great! I’d love to hear how the new All Yours Maxi dress compares to the Ease of it All Maxi dress which is $40 more…

    1. I ended up returning it (because I wanted a second pair of the shorts) and regretted not hanging on to it. It’s been sold out this whole time but today it’s back in stock. I debated between the two dresses. I prefer the carnation color in the Ease Of It All, but the black in the All yours. I’ll let you know what I think when it arrives.

  4. I’m mildly interested in only the shorter dress but not sure I can get past the side stitching. Why ruin a good thing?

    1. the material seems like it would be a great swim coverup. If it’s that thin stretchy UPF I’m thinking it is.

  5. Nothing of interest for me this week, but last week I ordered the pink taupe camo aligns. I have not a single pink thing in my closet but decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did because I absolutely love them combined with a black bra, tank, and shoes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a nice print in the Fast and Frees. I haven’t liked any of their print options for quite some time.

    1. I really regret not getting the pink taupe Camo crewneck pullover. It looks so nice on in real life photos! You are right about it paired with black.

  6. Cristina – I know you love the Free to be Elevated bra and I want to try it for hiking and yoga (not running). What size do you think I should get? My under-bust is 30” but my cup size is H. I’m thinking maybe 6?

    I just don’t feel like dealing with line-ups at the store so I want to order online.

  7. Do you have an Energy Bra size? for me the sizing is consistent with Energy Bras, the only difference is that the sides come up higher, the front comes up slightly higher with a little more seaming/side support and I believe a few of the straps are thicker so slightly more support there too.
    I hate the lineups too. I’ve given up going in. They don’t use the reservation system most of the time so it’s always an hour and a half to two hour lineup either way.

    1. I did! sorry I meant to do a fit review. Hopefully I can do one this week but the kids have been keeping me super busy. Here is the quick version:

      I like the Ease Of It All Jumpsuit but not 100% sure I’m keeping it just yet. I likely am, but I think the Shift in Time Jumpsuit looks more stylish on me. The Ease of it All is super cozy and cute, but it reminds me more of those Smash & Tess Rompers (very casual, almost pyjama like). I went with my size up and although it’s bigger in the bust area I am happy it’s more flowy on the bottom. The Shift in Time Jumpsuit is something you can throw on with wedge heels and nice earrings and feel put together and a bit dressed up, Ease Of It all you can throw on over a bathing suite and head to the pool.

  8. Thanks Cristina! Looking forward to your try on review. Was wondering if the straps fall down? I’m into the ‘comfy’ look right now – lol

  9. OMG! I’m so envious of those Coquitlam crunch stairs! What a beautiful view and right in your own backyard! I’ve never been to Vancouver but it’s on my post pandemic place to see! Love all your reviews and thanks for keeping me sane! You’re doing great!

  10. Agree, those stairs look awesome! and social distance-able! So great on making those part of your families’ fitness routine. Did anyone have a chance to try on the Day to Night dress? Any thoughts on fit or the fabric if so?

  11. Oh I see! I used to be a loyal lulu fan since the beginning and have closet full, but was able to resist buying every week in the last year or so ! Thank you , will have to order pleated one now since there’s no other ones

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