Coordinating lululemon’s Saddle Brown

What To Wear With Saddle Brown?

Saddle Brown uploaded earlier today and already it’s such a polarizing color in the Lulu community across social media. Mostly, people seem confused on what colors will go well with it. It’s definitely a tough color to wear for certain complexions, but there are tricks to make it work if you really love this color. 

It’s such an elegant color and I’m not at all surprised that it’s sold out in all of the lower sizes already. 

This color isn’t the greatest for my skin tone all on it’s own, but I’ve learned a some styling tricks that make it look great. Camel colors that are too light and on the yellowed side are the hardest for me. Deeper more burnt orange/brown camels work better. I think these align pants fall into the later category. The trick to wearing this type of color is to carry the tricky color with a color that works well for you and that also coordinates with camel. Think of it as a bridge color. I can wear reds and blues and those also look great with camel. Dune looks great with camel but it’s also not a great color for me. The more darker, saturated colors help ground and frame a color that can get lost and lack definition next to similar skin tones. Leggings can be paired with a long oversized tunic sweater like the Well Being Crew Sweater in black and with tall black boots, or statement black sandals. Pairing it with so much black helps give it definition and contrast. 

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In a jacket, Saddle Brown would be the perfect layering piece. I mentioned earlier today that I’d love a run jacket in this color with thick contrasted black zippers.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that. Until that happens I might just give Saddle Aligns a try. 

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  • I really like it with the red/burgundy colors. I could definitely see it going well with high black boots and a top in that color. I like it with the deep blues too. It is a versatile color, but it is hard to picture with different colors. Thanks for the post. This helps!

    Also, I’m loving the extra touches to the blog! Very cute!!

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