Mail Day! Lululemon Fit Pics: Hot Hotty Short in Blue Glow and Dark Prism Pink + Lots More

It’s mail day! I have some Lululemon Fit Pics to share of the new Hot Hotty Shorts in Blue Glow and Dark Prism Pink, Swiftly Tech SS in Dark Prism Pink, Hood Lite Packable Jacket and Inner Glow Shorts in Carnation. That’s a lotta Lululemon Fit Pics today! 

Just for your FYI, none of these Lululemon Fit Pics have been edited or have filters. I think the colors are all pretty accurate except I think the pink swiftly is a bit brighter in real life. 

Lululemon Fit Pics

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve + Hot Hotty Short Long *High Rise

Dark Prism Pink

The Swiftly Tech SS in Dark Prism Pink White is the best hot pink swiftly we’ve seen in a really long time. The flecks of white in the swiftly are what makes it for me.

I really love the Dark Prism Pink Hot Hotty Shorts Long *High Rise and am so glad they finally made a long/highrise in a fun color. I wouldn’t pair it with the pink swiftly but I definitely plan to wear them with a fun contrast like a royal blue, teal, or maybe even a minty green. They of course would look great with black and white, but If you are going to go bright, you may as well lean all the way in. 

I stay TTS in Hot Hotty Shorts Long/High Rise, but you will see from my review below this one that I size up when it’s not high rise. 

Hot Hotty Shorts Long + Hood Light Jacket Packable

Blue Glow + Dune

I love Blue Glow and so glad I managed to snag a pair of these Hot Hotty Shorts Long when they uploaded. I think they are sold out now but you should check for pop-backs as they happen frequently. I love how Blue Glow pairs with Dune. 

These Hotty Hot Shorts are actually two sizes up. I normally size up one in regular rise HHS’s but I wanted to try them out a bit bigger for a really relaxed fit. I really like this fit a lot! I don’t run in these shorts so the looser fit in the waist is not a problem, but if I did I would not size up so much. 

The Hood Lite Jacket Packable is really soft. I felt it in store a few weeks ago and was surprised at how light and soft it is but I didn’t get a chance to try it on. When I was on the hunt for Dune items to pair with Blue Glow I was happy to see this jacket online. This is a very light weight summer shell and honestly it doesn’t do much for wind or I suspect rain, but it’s nice to have a light weight cover up that won’t trap heat. It’s TTS, and in Dune it’s slightly sheer but only with dark or bright colors. 

Inner Glow Short + Hot Hotty Short Long + Hood Lite Jacket Packable + Swiftly Tech SS

Dark Prism Pink + Carnation Red + Blue Glow + Dune

I’m so torn on the Inner Glow Shorts. I love the look of them and really love them in Carnation Red, but that flare out at the back really makes me feel exposed. It’s very open in the leg under the butt. The leg opening is really wide, which normally I love, but that flare out is extreme if you have a curvy butt.  You can’t really see anything unless someones eye level is right there in which case it would be obscenely ‘open’.  You wouldn’t think that would happen frequently but I think going up stairs might be problematic. I’m going to need a second set of eyes to vet that for me. If they where just an inch longer I wouldn’t feel so ‘drafty’ there. Otherwise I do love these. The fabric is great and they are an awesome beach short. Maybe in that scenario the wide open leg is fine. Hmmm.  These are TTS for me. 



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