Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Lululemon provides digital fitness during COVID-19 Crisis

by Cristina

Lululemon provides digital fitness during COVID -19 Crisis! See the earlier statement from Lululemon about stores.

Lululemon has come up with a great way to keep connected with digital classes for fitness, meditation, and mindfulness online with #thesweatlife kicking off tomorrow. First up is the amazing Gabby Bernstein leading meditation. So excited about this! Are you tuning in?

I shared in The Sweat Edit Facebook group yesterday that my gym is doing this as a response to possible forced quarantines. They posted an amazing video sharing what they will do during certain scenarios. The first option, if the gym remains open but someone is quarantined because of exposure, or they are caring for someone exposed – the gym is offering a borrowing library of equipment to take home (and they will sanitize on return). If the gym must close (which is looking inevitable) they are taking workouts online with daily videos with a workout briefing. They also have a very active Facebook group for camaraderie and I am sure members will be posting inspiration videos of their at-home workouts.

Lululemon provides free digital fitness, meditation and mindfulness classes during COVID-19 Social Isolation Quarantine.

“In the face of cancellations, closed doors and uncertainty, community carries on.

The bonds we have built don’t dissolve just because we can’t be in the same place. We are and have always been social by nature.

Over the coming weeks we’ll take #thesweatlife online. Providing digital workout classes, meditations and mindfulness practices to keep you connected—wherever you are.

TUNE IN tomorrow Sunday March 15 at 8AM PST on our Instagram for a live meditation with global ambassador, Gabby Bernstein.

PS: We’ll save the meditation to our Instagram Stories so you can participate no matter what time zone you’re in.”

Lululemon on COVID-19

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