On This Episode of Fit Reviews during Social Isolation – Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant. See here for the latest Lululemon update on COVID-10.

How are all of you? Please tell me in the comments about how the start of your Social Isolation is going. I care about that much more than I do this fit review of course, but it’s definitely important to also maintain some semblance of ‘normal’. So, let’s continue to discuss the lesser things in life like Lululemon, or fashion, or disappointing race cancelations, but let’s also check in on each other and discuss the big thing that’s happening if we want to, and how we are all feeling. I want to know all of it! I will post my check-in at the bottom of this post in case you want to just focus on the fit review.

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Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant

I ordered the Urban Stride Super High Rise Pant when they came out two weeks ago but didn’t really get a chance to properly try them on other than the quick pull-on, pull off. I knew that I liked them but I wasn’t sure I’d keep them.

I’m 5’4 and I think they need to be hemmed slightly to have that cropped look from the online photos. They are fine this length but with certain shoes, they will look better more cropped.

I really like the ribbed luxtreme material and the piping detailing up the leg. The pockets sit well with very minimal flare out.

These pants will look best with a slim, tucked-in tee (this tank would be perfect!) or a dressy silk tank top tucked in. I don’t love the look of this with my shirt untucked, but you can certainly still wear it that way. They look great with a variety of shoes from flats, sneakers and short booties to high heels. If you need comfortable slacks for business casual, these are terrific!

Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant
Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant, Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant
Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant
Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant
Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant
Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant
Lululemon-Urban Strides Super High-Rise Pant

COVID-19 Social Isolation Check-Ins

We are doing very well all things considering. I will be taking advantage of this Scholastics Learn At Home website to keep the kids entertained, if the video games get boring. We had prepared for all of this just in case earlier in the week. Once social isolation was recommended, we began it in earnest because of the immunocompromised people in both of our families. Seeing how our neighbors in Washington are doing, we began taking this very seriously on Monday. I feel hopeful that in North America we have done the right things to mitigate what we are seeing elsewhere.

My entire extended family is in Spain, specifically Barcelona, so that is a huge concern for me. Spain is currently in full-on mandated lockdown and they are all very very scared and anxious. My cousin is a police officer in Barcelona and he’s tasked with enforcement. Yesterday he showed us the safety items he has to wear to protect himself from contamination. We do a family Whatsapp where we wish happy birthdays and share funny memes and there are hundreds of messages weekly. Since Tuesday though it had gone very quiet, and yesterday we started getting somber updates. Nobody is sick in my family, but one of my aunts is oxygen dependant. That is concerning but I am told her O2 is a self generating tank so she doesn’t require tank exchanges.

I am hopeful that in Canada and the US we have prepared and taken the proper steps to self-isolate, and that citizens have taken self-isolation very seriously here so that we are doing it voluntarily instead of having military enforcement.

In Spain today, all across the country people stepped out onto balconies at 10 pm to applaud healthcare workers. #AplausoSanitario

  1. We’re in NZ and they have a mandatory 14 day isolation period for anyone arriving from overseas, we have 8 reported cases so far. Apart from getting in some extra food supplies and dog food just in case things are mostly normal at the moment. I taught a yoga class this morning and had 43 students. Jobs and businesses are still operating as normal.

  2. I bought these in black and didnt love them so I went to the store to return them. The girls talked me into trying on the garnet colored ones (burgandy) and wow what a difference. I took those and also since I’m short (5’0) they did need to be hemmed. I purchased the light pink love tee to wear with them and its a great outfit to wear to work!

  3. These pants look really good on you!
    I am not going to buy anything, even online until the coast clears a bit, and I know where things are heading financially. My gym is closed, there’s nowhere to flaunt any new exercise wear anyway. Plus I have enough to last me two lifetimes, since I’m to lazy to sell anything. I’m still going to check on Lululemon and your website – self-isolation at home would be too boring otherwise. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, stay healthy and find toilet paper!

    1. Thank you!
      I agree with you and am doing the same. Very uncertain times financially for probably all of us. I’m just trying to maintain some ‘normal’ during this so I will keep working regardless. In fact, I’ll probably be posting more than ever and I hope you all tune in and talk with each other more than ever too. We need this.

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