Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lululemon Offers Coronavirus Economic Relief Fund To Ambassador Studio Owners

by Cristina

Lululemon has just done an absolutely amazing thing! I’ve not seen any other company do this to date during the Global Coronavirus Pandemic. Lululemon Offers Coronavirus Economic Relief to their brand ambassadors who own fitness studios. Many retailers heavily leverage influencers for marketing and creating affinity for customers, so it’s great to see Lululemon respond this way for their ambassadors. I’m floored by this gesture. No customer would have ever questioned ‘what is lululemon doing for their ambassadors during Coronavirus?’. Lululemon didn’t risk bad PR for not considering this, but they’ve set a precedent for other brands to step up.

What Has Lululemon Done So Far About Coronavirus

This move is in addition to the relief fund Lululemon has offered employees who are unable to work. Lululemon acted quickly and was amongst the first retailers to take action by closing their head office. The call was made to close HQ when a worker tested positive with coronavirus on March 12. Soon after, Lululemon issued a work from home plan for all of their employees worldwide, closing all of their stores.

Lululemon has also been providing digital fitness for customers during the pandemic. They created an accompanying social media fitness group to create a virtual community and engage with customers daily. The group offers its ambassadors a platform to share their content if they choose, marketing themselves to lululemon customers while providing a service. During this very scary global health and economic crisis, this is inspiring!

Educators are being kept ‘on shift’ and working from home by offering customers an online concierge service. When shopping online you can now book a live video chat with one of their educators, should you require shopping assistance. This would have been very useful to me last week when I placed an order last week for an item that looked like it might fit big.

Lululemon Offers Coronavirus Economic Relief

“lululemon ambassadors are the heartbeat of our communities. That’s why we’ve created the lululemon Ambassador Relief Fund—a $2 million global grant program to support our ambassador studio owners.”

Taking care of people is our top priority.

During this unprecedented time, we’ve seen many businesses, including lululemon, close their physical doors for the safety of us all. The relief fund intends to assist Ambassador studio owners impacted financially, by helping with their basic operating costs and supporting them in getting back on their feet as we recover, together.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you are a current lululemon ambassador studio owner, you will receive an email by Noon PST on Wednesday, March 25, containing everything you need to know. If you do not receive your email, please reach out to your store manager.

Lululemon’s statement to ambassadors

How Lululemon Store Educators Are Working From Home

Lululemon Offers Coronavirus Economic
Lululemon Offers Coronavirus Economic

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shadowy_lady March 25, 2020 - 1:34 pm

I’m very happy to read, great job Lulu! My local yoga studio that I’ve been attending for years has been forced to close for now and the owner is a Lulu ambassador. I’m glad she will get some more financial relief …I really miss the studio 🙁


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