Poshmark Canada Is Here!

Finally! After I first announced that Poshmark is coming to Canada back in October, it’s finally here! Poshmark Canada is here!

Poshmark is the most amazing social shopping platform with a community of very engaged fashion conscious shoppers. This is the Instagram of shopping platforms.

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I have been selling on Poshmark for over a year now and have been really loving it. I have had a chance to get my Poshmark Canada closet started so now I have a better sense of what the differences are between the two, and what you need to know as Canadians on how to sell on Poshmark Canada. If you’ve been interested in selling on Poshmark, you can also join my facebook group Poshmark Canada to get tips and tricks from other seasoned sellers.

Poshmark Canada

Can Canadians Buy and Sell From The US Platform?

No. As a Canadian you can view US sales items but you cannot purchase using your Canadian address. If you have a US address you can have items shipped to you can now ship items to your US address as a Canadian. Previously the site was geoblocked to Canadians.

You can’t sell your merchandise to US buyers on the Canadian app. All your items are in CAD and your items ship using Canada Post flat rate with pre printed shipping labels.

How Does Shipping Work?

Selling to Canadians is super easy! You need to have a printer so that you can print your Canada Post/Poshmark shipping label. Shipping is $12.99cad for packages up to 5lbs. You can certainly go over this weight if you are selling a bundle to someone, but then you need to select an ‘upgrade’ shipping label from Poshmark and pay the difference. You can also offer your shoppers free shipping and just cover the shipping yourself, but otherwise the buyer pays the shipping. Shipping takes one to seven business days.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once you’ve made a sale, the buyer has to ‘accept’ their purchase within 3 days of recieving it. There are no returns on poshmark but the buyer has 3 days to accept their purchase once it’s been delivered. The buyer cannot reject a sale based on not liking an item. They can only reject an item if it’s not as described, incorrect or missing, undesclosed damage or not authentic. Once they accept their purchase, your funds are available to you for direct deposit, or a mailed cheque.

Can I have One Closet For Both US and Canada?

Nope! Through trial and error I’ve found that you need to have a separate account for your Canadian closet and your US closet. You can view US and Canada items on either closet by toggling the Canada/US flag at the bottom of the page (or top left on the app), but for buying and selling purposes you need to have a separate account for each country. As I mentioned above, the US platform used to be geoblocked to Canadians so you couldn’t even open an account unless you where in the US. Now you can.

What Are The Fees?

Poshmark takes 20% off your sale right off the top as their commission. This seems a bit high but if you think about it, eBay is around 15% already and Poshmark has negotiated a better shipping rate through Canada Post and provides you with a really streamlined shipping process.There are also other advantages to selling on Poshmark over eBay which makes that extra five percent fee worth it. For one, you are able to easily promote your listings to targeted audiences.

Why Shop On Poshmark?

  • Because it’s good for the environment. That’s the most important reason. Textile waste is by far the biggest most damaging poluter.
  • It’s smarter to invest in your wardrobe with quality items at a fraction of the retail price instead of cluttering up landfills with low quality trend pieces. Jeans are especially good to purchase resale.
  • You can find items from brands you love from seasons past that you missed out on.
  • You can access lower prices from warehouse sales that are not within travel distance to you. Missed out on that Mackage sample sale in Quebec? Give it a few weeks and check that brand out on Poshmark. Guaranteed that items from that sample sale will soon be listed. Especially as the Canada site gets populated with new sellers.
  • And Finally, because you are voting with your wallet on a different retail landscape. One that supports small entrepeneurs and fashion lovers, and supports a more environmentally friendly way of appreciating fashion.
  • Payment versatility! you can pay by PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Credit Cards.

I sell on Poshmark because I really love fashion and I often find amazing pieces that are not my size but I know that item would makes someone really happy. As a blogger, I also buy a lot of clothing retail and I’m happy when I can sell a once loved item in order to fund a new purchase. I love curating a store and imagining I’m a buyer for a boutique like Aritzia.

What About Luxury Goods?

Poshmark has an authentication service for items over $700. Currently Poshmark has an offer for Canadians for free shipping on items over $700. How this works is the item gets first shipped to Poshmark HQ where they authenticate the item, and then once authenticated it gets shipped out to the customer. If the item is not authentic, it’s covered under PoshProtect and the customer gets a full refund.

Interested in Selling On Poshmark?

If you are interested in learning about selling on Poshmark, join my facebook group Poshmark Canada to see what tips, trips and suggestion other Poshmark Canada resellers share. The group is such a nice little community with tons of information sharing.

Poshmark Canada
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