Poshmark Is Coming To Canada Finally!

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Poshmark just announced yesterday that they are coming to Canada this year! Hooray!!! They are actually opening up a head office in Canada. I love Poshmark to much! What isn’t clear is whether or not it will be cross-border selling and buying or if it will be partitioned for Canada to Canada sales only. Poshmark has a deal with USPS and prints out pre-paid priority mail shipping labels for each sale which is why it’s the US only right now, so I imagine it will be a similar deal with Canada Post tracked packages. On Poshmark, the buyer always pays the same shipping (unless the seller decides to offer a discount) and If they make it a fully integrated platform, the buyer would have to clearly see that shipping would be a different price and coming from Canada Post, which takes substantially. longer. USPS is fast, cheap and efficient!

What Is Poshmark? 

For those of you unfamiliar, Poshmark is a social media selling platform where you accumulate followers and shares to promote your inventory, and it has it’s very own culture. Essentially it is mostly female buyers and sellers, and just clothing, shoes and accessories. There are men and men’s items too and children’s clothing but it is a predominately female audience. Sneaker sales are really hot there right now. Another great feature of this selling platform is that shipping fees are an expectation from the buyer, and the buyer or seller can make offers. Sales are brisk for Lululemon on there as well as a lot of other activewear brands that may not perform as well on eBay! Poshmark takes 20% fees from each sale which at first sounds scary, but when you factor in that tracked shipping is included in all of your sales, it’s worth it. eBay is around 15% if you consider the PayPal fee that gets charged, but because Poshmark pays you directly into your account you don’t have the PayPal fees.

Do I recommend Poshmark To Canadians? 

Absolutely!! Once Poshmark is in Canada, Canadian sellers have a very unique opportunity to sell Canadian brands such as Roots Canada, Mackage, Line, Sentaler, Lole etc to a US shopper that is eager to find these items which they’ve heard about, but never seen in person. 

Reseller Economy Culture

The reseller culture has transformed over the past 5 years. People are becoming more and more frustrated with fast fashion, and the resale economy is just booming. It’s fun and addicting to sell your own closet, and then use those funds to purchase new to you exciting brands for affordable prices. This introduces consignment items to a shopper that doesn’t like to sift through consignment stores hunting for random treasures, but that is in search for a very specific item. This keeps perfectly good, quality made clothing out of landfills. 

I’m not new to consignment shopping and selling as I’ve been selling my own Lululemon closet (and purchasing vintage Lululemon) for years on eBay. I’ve also purchased many luxury items consignment on sites such as Thredup and Vestiaire Collective and local consignment boutiques but I am new to this culture of selling and buying from a consignment community and am really enjoying it so far. 

Poshmark Canada
  1. Thanks for the 411 Cristina. I am excited to check this out when it comes to Canada. I hate fast fashion and it’s disgusting what it’s doing to the world’s environment. It’s one of the reasons I like Lululemon because of the resale aspect and/or the likelihood of finding a new owner through donating . There is just too much cheaply made fast fashion that ends up in landfills all over the world.

    1. I 100% agree. Thrifting takes a ton of time and effort because you are sorting through all that cheaply made fast fashion and hunting for the quality gems, and you can always tell the difference between well-made items vs. fast fashion. It’s so worth it though when you can find the good stuff. Canada, in particular, has a lot of very cheaply made fast fashion brands. Lots of brands that have gone bankrupt over the years.

  2. I buy things off of both Poshmark and Ebay. It’s nice to have a couple of different sites when you are searching for a particular item.

    1. I love eBay too! I have found so many great vintage lulu pieces in amazing condition. What I like about Poshmark is that it’s a really targeted market for specific things

  3. This is great news! I love thrifting and I find the resale market on Facebook buy and sell boards pretty dismal for a seller. I am really excited about this.

  4. I love Poshmark! I love how you can bundle items and make offers! It’s the best to find amazing deals! Excited to not have to pay a reship box for it anymore!

  5. I am obsessed with Poshmark! I live in Canada but I always look on the site just to see what people are selling! Do you have an idea when it will be online in Canada!???

    1. Not sure on a timeline but I heard today that they actually already opened a head office in Vancouver so hopefully it’s really soon. I am really loving it and can’t wait. Get your sell stash ready!

  6. Does anyone have an update on this? It’s now Dec 22nd and I still can sign up. Every time I try it says ”available in US only”.

  7. Hello, where did you read that Poshmark is coming to Canada this year? I just want to know if it’s 100% cetain. thank you:)

    1. because I asked them on Facebook if I can purchase clothes from Canada and their response was that one day they are hoping to bring it around the globe. It was really vague.

    2. It was announced by their CEO at the last Poshfest and they have opened up an office in Vancouver. There are poshfest videos available that show the announcement.

  8. I just found poshmark, found some things I want as well and then realised they were not in Canada. My slightly materialistic heart is broken. I need good news. Someone give me something, please.

  9. Update for anyone interested, here in Canada you can now sign up for what they call their beta program. That tells me they are very close. Yay!! Go to poshmark and then hit canada and near the top the information will tell you what to do.

    1. Yay! But boo! I don’t get the beta option to sign up. Do you mind giving me some intel on the shipping details? I’d love to see screen shots of the shipping info.

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