The Lululemon Upload!

The Lululemon Upload is live! Nothing for me today so far but I did order the Principal Dancer Corsetry Tight the other day on early access and they arrived yesterday. I had ordered them ‘just to see’ and expected the seam details and the corsetry waist would be unflattering on my body type, but I really love them and am debating keeping them. The Soot color is just perfect and I love the detailing on it and the gold reflective logo. It comes with really beautiful hangtags (which doesn’t matter to the design, but it’s a cute touch anyways). If I can I will do a fit review for you tomorrow. I’d love to also order the Principal Dancer Hoodie but I have to show restraint. If I hadn’t just received an invoice for the next three months of server hosting I probably would have ordered. 

What did you guys order from the Principal Dancer capsule? I know a ton of you have been waiting for the camo fast & free tights

Fast & Free Tight

Fast & Free Tight Camo

Principal Dancer Hoodie

Principal Dancer Hoodie

Cloudscape Wrap

Cloudscape Wrap Jacket

Lululemon x Royal Ballet Collection 

Principal Dancer Corsetry Bra
Principal Dancer Long Sleeve
Principal Dancer Skirt
Principal Dancer Jumpsuit
Principal Dancer Leotard

Reverse Me Wrap

Reveal Tight Lattice Paisley

Speed Up Tight Cyber Blue

Align Jogger

Align Jogger Crop

Down For It All Vest

Stopover Jacket

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight 

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

Define Jacket

Align Crop

In Movement 7/8 Tight

Align Pant II 

Shop The Upload Here

Royal Ballet Long Sleeve
Corsetry Bra
Leg Warmers
PrincipalDancer Corsetry Jacket
PRincipal Dancer Sweater
Principal Dancer Hoodie
Principal Dancer Corsetry Tight
Principal Dancer Skirt
Principal Dancer Jumpsuit
Royal Ballet Long Sleeve
Corsetry Bra
Leg Warmers
PrincipalDancer Corsetry Jacket
PRincipal Dancer Sweater
Principal Dancer Hoodie
Principal Dancer Corsetry Tight
Principal Dancer Skirt
Principal Dancer Jumpsuit

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  1. What’s with the silly dance clothes? So far pretty drab. Would pull the trigger on the fast free camos but I prefer black or grey Camo. Wallet safe do far!!

  2. Well, I am liking some of the dance wear (even though I’ve never taken a dance class/lesson in my life). I’m interested in the corsetry tights but want to feel the fabric in person. Lately Lulu’s Luxtreme has felt more like a Luon mix to me and I have not been a fan (Speed Up line for example). I’m definitely interested in the funnel neck sweater and the principal dancer pant but will wait until reviews because both are fabrics that seem to need more care and concern than I can afford my clothing. I with purchase the Aligns in lunar rock before my size sells out and I’m definitely liking the Black Granite, Soot colors in the photos. I wish the Lean In Bra had an adjustable back with closures because I’d try it. My bust to rib cage ratio makes most Lulu bras and cute bras in general a no go for me unless I can alter them (take in the band/strap after I order a larger cup size, and if it opens in the back….. stretching past my shoulders and bust just stretches out the band). Sorry, that’s probably more info than anyone needed! ? I just know there are other women dealing with this too!

    1. I’d also be interested in the onesie if it didn’t have those horrendous cutouts! Christina, please post a fit review on the Corsetry Tights! ??

  3. I do ballet, but this stuff does not interest me… I’d rather buy from a dedicated dance company. All I’ve been waiting for is the stripped tuck and flow!

  4. I actually really like the align joggers but have no idea what size I’d be! I’m a size 2 in regular aligns but would like a looser fit in the joggers.

  5. Does anyone know whether the Principle Dancer Funnel Neck Sweater has a lining? The Lunar Rock picture of the model rolling up the sleeve has a contrasting color. But it’s not clear whether the entire sleeve is lined, or the body of the sweater.

    I doubt the whole thing is lined, just checking to see what the fabric is like?

    1. I just bought it. It’s not lined. It’s one layer and black all over underneath. It’s really nice. Only complaint is that if you try to fold the funnelneck out, it the fabric edge can stick out. I find that folding it inward looks better though.

      FYI I’m usually a 6 or 8 in looser fitting Lulu sweaters and hoodies. I bought this in a size 4 and I’m still swimming in it. I’m thinking of going down to a size 2. For reference I’m 5’2″, 155lbs, petite and have an athletic build

      1. Correction, it’s lined with black but it’s double knit, so the two layers (black and moonwalk) are tightly knit so it feels like one layer.

  6. I’m tempted by the Corsetry Tights but wonder if the lighter color, different texture, and seaming at the waist will emphasize belly flab. I’d love to see them on someone who has a “little extra” in the middle. I’m also tempted by the luminosity foil energy bra. I just wonder if the shiny fabric is scratchy to the touch. Haven’t ordered anything yet…

  7. The 28” fast and free camo tights are amazing! I bought them in store a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love them. I have received numerous compliments on them at the gym. One thing to keep in mind is that they are 28” long. I’m 5’9”, so they are actually full length on me… which doesn’t happen very often.

  8. A solid upload! I ordered the DS Joggers and Align Joggers in my size up. I am 5’1″ so hopefully they are not too long on me. Also ordered the Melodic LS in two sizes up based on the reviews.

    I am still hopeful for the striped TF since it showed up again with the Align Joggers.

  9. Ordered the cloudscape wrap in size 4 and 6. I loved the shorter version of the jacket but it was just an awkward short length on me. Hoping it does not look too huge and puffy. I previously ordered the brave the cold jacket but was not impressed by the quality this year. They have taken all the nice metal features on the pulls and replaced them with cheap plastic and no more metal lulu symbol. Maybe this cloudscape one will work out better.

  10. I was hoping Lulu would do more dance-inspired clothes, but this line is a bust for me. I could wear the skirt for ice dance, but there are so many actual dance companies making skirts like this that it’s not that compelling. Would have liked more sweaters and tops. The few they offered are a complete bore. Look! It’s a turtleneck! Uh… and, why is this any different from standard issue $19 turtlenecks from Gap? Not seeing what’s interesting or distinctive in any of this. Maybe it’s better in person …

    Full length Fast & Frees are very tempting, but I already own three of the 7/8 length ones and I just don’t run that much these days.

    Bali Breeze LS Swiftly will likely be mine. I have a hard time resisting Bali Breeze, even when it’s 100% out of season.

    Waiting for a more appealing color palate to buy more. The washed out pinks and grays are depressing. It’s October. Where are the earth tones? Bring these dreary colors back in January.

  11. those align joggers would be great if I was 5’0. The crops – really? I know not everyone can be happy all the time but can we please offer a variety of lengths? I don’t love Althleta but at least they get that we are not all the same height. Sorry for the rant – guess I should be happy NOT to spend $$

      1. I tried and nothing. Then I tried again this morning and it’s all there now 🙂 Am tempted by the Bali Breeze ls swiftly.

  12. For those who want a fit review of the funnel neck merino pullover I got mine today and it’s going back. I ordered my tts 4 and it’s huge. It’s a very loose boxy fit and is too short for my liking. The sleeves are extremely long and you would have to roll them up which would show the black layer underneath. It is totally lined in black, it’s called a double knit and the knit is very tight and almost doesn’t look like merino wool. I like the fabric but the style is all wrong for me.

    Nothing for me this week. I would like to check out the Restless Pullover in Arctic Plum that the US got but just might check out the Restless 1/2 zip in the same colour but I don’t care for the hood.

    The Down For It All Vest looks really nice but I just don’t need a vest but I would love to see a sister jacket in this style!

      1. I went to my local store to try and see how soot compared to the new align color black granite but they didn’t have the corsetry tigh In soot for me to see. The black granite is a nice dark grey and I was able to get the last pair. I did try in the principle dance hoodie. It’s has a cozy minky lining but It was not my style at all. It hung shapeless and sack like in a size down and the sleeves would have bugged me. Pretty things though. I live the colors.

        1. As a curvier person I LOVE the hoodie. I don’t usually go for sleeves like that but I love the fuzzy lining and how warm it is. I wore it out of the store. I love it!!! Got it in darker gray because dirt. I can definitely see myself wearing it as a light fall coat. I also love that the gold zipper isn’t fully shiny gold – just a slight glimmer.

  13. What a let down. Nothing cute. Don’t get the whole dance line, I’d rather buy from a dedicated dance store. Also not into green Camo but if the FF come in another Camo I’ll get them.

  14. ordered 2 pairs of green camo fast and free 28″. i’m 5’6″ so will probably need to cut the hems. I ADORES THIS PRINT SO MUCH

      1. I tried on the Cloudscape coat and man it really is like a cloud. Crazy lightweight fabric, soft pillowy handfeel. I can get why they made it into a giant wrap. As someone from the north I think it’d be definitely something for function more than fashion … but not 100% function. As a curvy person I don’t see that style working for me with the puff on fluff factor, but I might try it and try to take a nap in a corner somewhere…

    1. It seems that quite a few high end outerwear designers are making long puffy coats like this – Burberry, Moncler and Rick Owens.

  15. I got the Principal Dancer shorts in the maroon color and moonwalk (greyish-blue color). The cupro fabric feels amazing, I own work clothing from other brands made of fabric of similar handfeel. I also got the Principal Dancer jacket in the soot/grey color. I’m petite framed and the sleeve length and hem hit me perfectly. I got the Principal Dancer funnelneck–be warned, it runs big so don’t be surprised if you have to go down 2 sizes for you not to be swimming in it.

    The Principal Dancer hoodie is HUGE. I tried on a size 4 and it was so giant on me. It did not look good. I’m passing on it. I can see this jacket looking good on taller women. It just looked oversized on me, and not in a stylish way.

    Lastly, I got the Principal Dancer corsetry bras in colors soot and moonwalk. I love this bra because it doubles as a really cute, functional crop top.

    I think Lulu hit the athleisure aesthetic on the mark with this collection. The muted greys, minnennial pinks, maroons, soft lilacs are easy to find in contemporary fashion, but hard to find in high quality athleisure. The gold logos and hardware are also one of the reasons I love this line. Overall, I think most of the athleisure items of the collection run really large and can therefore possibly look bad if you’re short or petite framed.

  16. Thanks for the feedback! What does the color”moonwalk” look like? And does it act like a neutral when pairing with other clothing?

      1. Moonwalk is a muted lavender-grey hue. I’d say all the colors in this collection, sans the maroon color, are neutral enough to pair with other colors.

  17. Does anyone know what the Black Granite (Aligns) look like in person? Are they brown or gray? Also has anyone seen the red bronzer color in person? Looks really pretty & rich in the crops but kind of drab in some of the other items. Thank you!

    1. I got the black granite align crop. It’s kinda dark Greyish with a hint of purple. It’s hard to describe but it’s veru nice. It’s a nice fall color

    1. They are on the United Kingdom site. They are listed as a special edition 25” full on Luxtreme Wunder Under hi -rise 7/8 tight. There are 3 different color combinations available. I hope we get them.

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