Sweater Weather! Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Is Back!

Brrrrr! It is officially sweater weather in Vancouver. This morning was garbage day so I had to get out there at 6am to put out the garbage bins and the ground was completely frosty, and the temp was 3*c! Today was the first day I officially reached into my closet and picked out my favorite coziest sweater, the Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic. You may remember I went on and on about this sweater last year and purchased it in black and pink. Unfortunately, I was late to the party and when you guys went to purchase it it was almost fully sold out. I was on pop-back duty for a long time with this sweater. 

It was such a funny coincidence that I wore this sweater for the first time this season today and my friend just messaged me on facebook to let me know they have been fully stocked online in 6 new colors! I love the royal blue, cream and sky. Last year I thought for sure the pink would be my favorite but actually, I love my black one a lot more. The pink is fun though and that’s the one I grabbed to wear today. 

These are big and oversized so I sized down one size and still have plenty of room and length. I don’t love how it looks sized down twice though as it really loses the swingy oversized fit. I’ve washed these a million times and they are still perfect. I love that it’s a hybrid between a nubby sweatshirt and a sweater. Wear with booties, tall boots or flats. Don’t love it with sneakers but that’s just because I’m short. 

Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic

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  1. It’s beautiful on you!

    Did you get it from the Nordstrom U.S. site? I’m in Toronto and wonder how much shipping and customs would cost.

    1. I got one from Nordstrom US and one from Macy’s US – I’m not sure about customs and duties… has the new NAFTA kicked in yet? that will make a big difference with cross-border shopping online. Check out The Bay because they usually have Free People items and it’s in CAD/shipping from within Canada. If they don’t have it, my second choice would be buying from Nordstrom over Macy’s if the prices are equal.

  2. I love this sweater on you! Perfection! I just ordered it in black and ivory in both s and xs. I am usually an xs in free people but I want the slouchy relaxed look and also length to wear with leggings. Finger crossed that one of them works out. They are on the Bay site for$150 on sale right now. Great and convenient if you are in Canada.

  3. I love this sweater too and I never like oversized stuff like ever, lol! I’m a fitted clothes girl forever. Will be making an exception for this. Should I get a small if i’m a medium in most brands or size 6-8?

    It was 0C this morning in Ottawa. I went for my usual morning run and had to wear my headband for the first time since last winter.

    1. I think definitely you should try the small.
      Tuesday it was actually 1*c in Vancouver and that was a record-breaking low for this time of year. Typically it would be around 17*. Maybe we need warmer gear this winter. I heard it was supposed to be a mild winter but I’m doubting that. Wonder what the retailers planned for.

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