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This week I found two windbreakers that I just had to bring home with me. It helped that I had earned a $20 gift card at Sportcheck where I did most of my kids back to school shopping. I spotted this windbreaker, really wanted it, and then I remembered that I had this gift card in my wallet which expired the following day. This first windbreaker in black I actually caught my eye at Nordstrom first, but they only had one size left and none online so I went to Sportcheck to see what they had. After having purchased two windbreakers, I got another email from Sportcheck letting me know that I have another $20 coupon that I could use starting tomorrow, so I have a track jacket in mind for that discount. I did a review here of my favorite Adidas SST Track Jacket

adidas Women’s Sport ID Woven Anorak

I love the embossed floral print on this windbreaker. It’s really simple with a small Adidas logo on it, and this pretty tone on tone floral print. The material is incredibly soft, silky and stretchy and very breathable and it’s matte. It feels like really nice swift material with the bottom half being a stretchy swift. I took a large in this and find it really comfortable and relaxed fitting and long while not looking oversized. The torso is nice and narrow and it has a really nice feminine cut. My friend who is a bit larger in the bust than I am found it too tight across the chest but for me I have plenty of room. I’m a 34DD but I don’t often have issues with fit over my bust.

I’ve been wearing this jacket non stop since I got it and I just love how comfortable it is. It doesn’t seem to trap heat at all and just feels like second skin. I’m pretty certain it’s not waterproof or even water resistant so consider this just a light layer for to/from or as a warm-up piece. The pocket in the front has been so convenient too for carrying my keys and my cell phone. They are deep pockets that you can zip closed so it’s secure, and they are the perfect angle for just keeping your hands in to keep warm.

adidas Women's Sport ID Woven Anorak
adidas Women's Sport ID Woven Anorak
adidas Women's Sport ID Woven Anorak

adidas Originals Women’s Court Windbreaker

This windbreaker I loved for it’s 70’s preppy sporty vibe. I love that it’s navy with the white preppy 3 stripes around the hem. It also has some trefoil embossing all over which is nice and subtle (although not as subtle as the one above). This windbreaker definitely has more of a street style vibe than the one above but I love it just as much. The fit on this one was trickier for me since it’s quite a bit more oversized and it doesn’t have that narrow torso/feminine tailoring to it. My TTS looked too large in store so I purchased my size down, which looked good (still roomy in the chest and arms), except that the three stripe hem was snug around my hips. At home, I decided I wanted it more oversized and loose around the hips so I exchanged it. You can really go either way with this one and it just depends on your preference but once I saw several photos online of this windbreaker styled oversized I realized that that was the look I preferred, especially when wearing over tights. This will very easily layer over a thick bulky sweater.

The material on this windbreaker is not as soft, thin or matte like the black one above, but it is still soft and really comfortable. This one feels more substantial so it may be at least water resistant. 

adidas Originals Women's Court Windbreaker
adidas Originals Women's Court Windbreaker
adidas Originals Women's Court Windbreaker

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  1. Cristina – was wondering if you noticed that Lulu has a size 14 model on their site! I like that! Under the Street To Studio pants in the black. She’s 5’9″ and a size 14.

    1. Do you mean the blue sneakers? Both shoes are linked at the bottom of the post but the sneakers are the ultraboosts and the ballet flats are repettos.

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