Lululemon Upload is up! 
I have been eagerly awaiting the merino wool items to hit and immediately fell in love with the City Trek Turtleneck. Unfortunately for some reason, it was uploaded and already partially sold out. I took a chance and ordered it in my size down in the hopes that it’s an oversized fit, but if it’s cropped it’s going back. The last two years the Lululemon merino items have been really nice quality and my favorite fall/winter purchases. 

The Like Nothing Bra and Not So There Bikini is Lululemon’s newest ‘intimates’ category. These don’t seem to be marketed as sports bras but as everyday comfort bras in technical fabrics.  Seamless, reduced hardware, made of ultralu and ‘powerfully supportive’. I’d love to try this one on. I’m a big traditionalist when it comes to bras so not sure it will be my cup of tea but for those of you that love sports bras but want something in between a bra and a sports bra, this may be the niche product you’ve been waiting for. 

Oh by the way, if you follow me on Instagram you will see I made a new jacket purchase. I’ve been all over Adidas and I had a great coupon to use thanks to our back to school shopping last month. Check the jacket out here. 
I also have a review of the APL Phantom Sneakers from earlier this week. Check that out if you’ve been wondering about them. 

City Trek Turtleneck

I was just about to order this but it’s sold out in sizes 8,10, and 12 for some reason. 

City Trek Turtleneck, Lululemon Upload

Like Nothing Bra

This is a new big product release for Lululemon. 

Lululemon Like Nothing Bra

Why we made this
Feel better than naked. By reducing seams, hardware, and layers, we created a bra that offers an elevated sensation, even support, and a natural shape.

Rest Less 1/2 Zip

Rest Less Pullover

Swiftly Wool Pullover

Huddle & Hustle Jacket

In Flux Jacket

Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise

Speed Up Short (long)

Rain Haven Jacket

Define Jacket

Lululemon Upload, Define Jacket, Incognito Camo

City Adventurer Backpack Mini

Ready To Rulu Tight

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 

Wunder Under Crop II

Find Focus 7/8 Tight

Find Focus Bra

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  1. Well, considering I just splurged on the TNA Super Puff from Aritzia which I chose over Lulu’s Cloudscape (I totally thank you Christina for turning me on to Aritzia!)….. I can say my credit card is thankful this week was a flop. I’d be interested in trying the Like Nothing Bra if it came in at least a DDD (a j-hook to convert it into a racer back would also be nice). The Huddle and Hustle Jacket reminds me of the Radiant Jacket but with a more fitted neck. I am still liking the Emerald Long Sleeves. That’s about it (shrug).

    I hope everyone who ran Seawheeze had a great time!

    1. Ooh I think you will love the TNA Super Puffer. Aritiza pretty consistently does amazing jackets. Their lightweight down jackets are a steal too. I think I got one last year for less than $80.

  2. I might be in the minority but I adore the flowerescent multi print. I bought five items in it. The colors go with almost anything.

    1. I usually don’t like their multi color prints, but I am seriously considering this one. I really like it, but think it might be too busy. I keep going back and forth on it.

        1. Saw this print in store today. I tried on a pair of Fast and Frees with this print. The orange, red, and yellow flowers really stood out. Too much business for me in leggings, but the bra looked nice.

  3. I have been wishing for a camo define, but now it’s here, I’m thinking it’s just meh. I can live without it. Maybe a camo vinyasa would be nice. Nothing for me this week, but I’m still hoping for a moonphase swiftly…and maybe a comeback of Rosewood!

    1. I will definitely order this if it becomes available in the Contour Jacket. Defines run a little short for me. I was surprised to see that the model wearing it is only 5’1”. I like that they are listing the heights and sizes.

          1. Yes it’s another typo! I was all excited because I’m 5’2″… but yeah Chloe is 5’10”

            I’ve heard that standard height for “petite” models is about 5’6″

            I’ve also heard that standard size for fit models is size 6 but maybe that’s old-fashioned now… lots of tall size 4 women on the Lulu site!

            1. I also got excited when I saw that a few of their models were listed as 5’1, until I realized it was a typo.i get excited when I see one of the “short” models at 5’7, but then I remember that shes still. 5 inches. Taller than me, and doesn’t necessarily accurately show where items.will.fall on me.

  4. When did the speed up long shorts come out? Are they new? I wonder if they’re close in length to the tracker. The inseam is similar, but I know the speeds are practically a thong on me in the short size so I don’t have high hopes.

    Do you think the camo define will sell out quickly? I have the green one from 5ish years ago and would love the black but am not in a rush to spend $118.

    1. They came out at the same time as the Speed Ups that replaced the Speed shorts so sometime back in 2017. I like the Long version. I’d say they fit really similar to Run Times shorts in both the front and the back but they aren’t as “pouffy” as Tracker shorts and have the waistband like Speeds and Run Times (I personally can’t stand the elastic waistband on the Tracker shorts). I cannot stand the Speed Up (not long) version and miss my good old Speed Shorts!

    2. I have a couple pair of longs and actually dont mind them. The inseam is closer to 3 to 3.5 inch than 4 so i like that. I usually dislike 4″ shorts because fabric rides up between thighs but i dont mind these. I also just got into run times…the leg opening is narrower than the speed ups but they arent too bad for riding up.

  5. I was sure the 28” dark green camo Fast and Frees would be in this download. I tried a pair on this past weekend and loved them but they had already sold my size. ( They only got in one of each size). Fortunately I did a phone order from a store that had a pair in my size just in case they didn’t show up in this week’s download. It seems like LLL likes to play guessing games with certain items. I’m still waiting for the purple multi screen camo (that they have shown with tops) to become available. And I know many of you are waiting for tuck and flows to arrive. Lots of waiting with LLL… ?

    1. I’ve given up on the Tuck & Flows. I’m almost 100% certain they’re not showing up. They do this every year where they will release some items in AUS only or store only. It’s so aggravating. Back in 2015 I waited forever for the Pace Tights in Flashback static/raspberry glo and they never showed up.

      1. I was also sure that the camo fast and free 28 inch were going to show up yesterday. I called around and did a phone order at a Winnipeg store last week because you just never know with Lulu.

  6. I was on the site at 1:15 and the upload was live and the city trek turtleneck was already sold out in sizes 10 and 12. I ordered my TTS and hope like you that it is not too cropped. The wider sleeve is a nice change from the usual Lulu sweaters. I noticed that now all the sizes are available. So strange!

    1. The City Trek seems to be missing from Lululemon’s website this morning (unless it’s just a Canada release), as it was for me for a while last night. I guess it’s not meant to be lol! I hope you enjoy yours. 🙂

        1. It’s available online in the US now, but still just in the smoky blush. I don’t really care for the color, but ordered it because the website colors are so messed up, who knows what it might look like.

          Also ordered the City Trek Pant. Not so sure about them. Reviews say tiny waist and thigh area – not promising – and $128 seems steep for what they seem to be. Still, if they can help me get dressed for work on rainy days, they’d be worth it.

  7. I would love to buy another pair of lined DSP especially in the Cadet Blue Canada got this week but since they changed the fit I no longer buy them. I am hoping they will see the light and go back to the original fit in their DSP and Run Times.

    I like the look of the City Trek Turtleneck but I don’t need another pink one. I see they brought back the Swiftly Wool Pullover released last year. I tried it on last year and actually really liked it but it wasn’t a need so I didn’t buy it. I am curious to see this in the new colour Moonphase so I hope to see it in store this week. I am kind of surprised to see them bring back the In Flux Jacket which replaced the Dance Studio Jacket a few years ago when they just brought back the Dance Studio Jacket.

    1. I actually prefer the fit of the new version of the DSP’s. I like the not so big and pouffy bottom too. I guess not everyone will be happy with every version. I agree on the Run Times. They ruined those with the new iteration. Same with the speed shorts. The Speed Up version sucks and is way, way too short. I’m holding onto all my Speed shorts at this point now and i’ve saved a lot of money since they changed them!

      1. This is anon 5:22a.m. – I also like the straight leg cut versus the flared but it’s the tighter waistband and shorter crotch that prevents me from buying the new version. Even a size up doesn’t help with this issue. I am now going to look at buying used original versions in order to add more to my wardrobe as I wear these almost daily in the winter. Thank goodness I have enough pairs of Run Times shorts because the new fit is horrible and I believe the fabric is also thinner than the originals. They also changed the fit of the Street To Studios pants which again ruins a pant I wear daily in the summer. They did the same thing to the waist and crotch as they did to the DSP so again that’s another staple ruined for me. I am glad for you that the new fit is not an issue.

        1. Anon 4:25 here : I really like the new Dance Studio Crop now too! On the website and how they are styled they look horrible but in person and on they are super cute, modern, deeper rise and better waistband than the older version. They are casual without looking casual, if that makes sense. Very modern and up to date looking compared to the original shorter ones. Dumping all my studio crops now for these new ones.

        2. I agree with you 100% about the DSP. The straighter leg is okay — however, when combined with the tighter waist (which cuts into my hips and then poofs out oddly) and shorter crotch, they look like the DSP-version of “mom jeans”. Mind you — I am the mom of a teen, I am short and my hips and waist are relative trim compared to my thick legs. Therefore, you might think I would like the new version, but NO!

          I am glad some of you love the new version of the Dance Studio Pants and Crops, but I have not bought what was a staple for me in years.

          BTW, you look great Lulumum! 🙂

          1. All the good staples that I would buy constantly and were regular purchases have all been discontinued and I hardly buy anything now. What is left (basically swiftlies – tank, short sleeve and long sleeve) have been upped in price so much that I cannot justify continually buying them and it’s made me realize that I have a) plenty to get me through a lot of workouts and b) if I just wait a bit I can buy on MD or 2nd hand barely used for half the price. If I really want it by then, then I buy it. Most times though, those “buy now, think later” purchases that I’d end up keeping are a thing of the past. And one can really only have so many skirts and shorts without it being ridic (I passed the ridic stage awhile back on both those items. Lol!)

            The new version of the DSP/DSC work well for me (size 0, long legs, long torso) but I can see how they wouldn’t work well for everyone.

            1. I agree with both Kate and Anon 5:12 comments. In regard to the new version of the Dance Studio Crop they should not be called “Dance Studio” when these don’t have the elasticized seam down the butt and back of leg, a key design element of the Dance Studio bottoms. The seam on the new version I believe runs down the front which is a design feature of the Street To Studios so maybe they should have been called Street To Studio Crops. I believe the new version also lack the fabric trim on the pockets. As far as staples go I am down to Swiftlies which I too am more particular about when buying due to price increase and scaling back on the “want” versus “need” buying.

  8. I LOVE your blog – its the first place I head to on Tuesday @ 4pm. QQ: Trying to find the grey marble Wunder Under Hi Rise leggings, but unable to access with the link. Might you have the full name? Merci!

  9. Nothing for me. In the past few months I’ve been upgrading my actual work wardrobe. Got a nice wool suit from Theory and a few wool turtlenecks and pencil skirts.
    I mean I do go to the gym almost every day but I also go to work everyday. It was time to shift focus.

    1. I work from home so technically I can get a lot of double duty out of my Lululemon, but honestly, one person only needs to much, and everything is so plain it’s all looked the same for months at this point. Too bland for my style. I’ve definitely been buying more “real” clothes lately.

      1. I notice that in the last 10 years a larger and larger percentage of my wardrobe is Lulu… I am a teacher/coach/grad student/mom, and live in a pretty casual community. I find my Lulu items last much longer, and are more comfortable than anything else I own. The non-technical gear looks professional enough for my purposes… however I do feel like I’m in a rut and hate to be the cliche mom wearing Lulu… anyone have suggestions for alternatives? I tend to like high quality fabrics in “boring” colours/cuts.

        1. I have a few Kit & Ace pieces and they are overpriced and pill really bad and really fast. Not worth the $$ IMO.

          Athleta has great items that are super comfortable, look nice and more and more of my casual wardrobe is coming from their Commute/Work line. More and more of my technical gear is coming from them as well.

  10. Can you tell me what brand of sneakers are pictured with the wonder under high rises? With the cropped high rises, they are black sneakers and then with the full length WU they are white. I think it says Run Stretch on the side of the shoes. Thanks!

  11. I received the turtleneck today. It is a really nice sweater. I ordered my TTS 4 and I think I will reorder in a 6. It is more fitted on me than the model and I would prefer it to be more of a relaxed fit. I will definitely keep it on one of the sizes as it is very nice and I love the sleeves.

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