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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Part 2, Veronica Beard Button Hem Jeans, Yizelda Sweater, Nordstrom Signature Cable Cashmere Sweater

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Part 2, Veronica Beard Button Hem Jeans, Yizelda Sweater, Nordstrom Signature Cable Cashmere Sweater


So sorry for the late post today! I promised a fit review ‘later today’ this morning thinking we’d be home much earlier but after 6 hours driving, and 3 hours of trying on clothes, we needed some dinner and wine to recoup. I have a huge, huge amount of photos to put up for you guys but I think I’m going to have to split them up and do some today, and then the rest tomorrow and possibly a fourth post. I also tried on activewear and found some gems I had no idea about before going in. Check out my Instagram for the sneak peek on those. For this post, I have some jeans, sweaters, and a blazer in two colors and sizes. I’ll have more jeans tomorrow along with coats, jackets and other tops. Just to reassure you, although there were definitely products missing and sold out, there is still plenty of stock and lots of amazing goodies. These jeans were sold out this morning and now they’ve been restocked on the website in most sizes. Don’t feel like you’ve missed out if you didn’t get to early access. I managed to snag my AG Skinny Ankle Jeans on a pop-back yesterday. They sold out the second day of the sale but then sizes kept popping in and out.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies, Veronica Beard Button Hem Baby Boot Jeans Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies Veronica Beard Button Hem Jeans, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies

Veronica Beard Button Hem Baby Boot Jeans (Dark Sea)

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These jeans really caught my eye online but I didn’t order for a few reasons. The price is higher than the rest of the denim I like and it’s not a brand known for denim. The style is very different for me too! I stick to straight leg, or skinny jeans and haven’t worn a boot cut or flare since high school – now I remember how flattering that style is and how balancing it is for a pear shape. Despite the retro style, these felt really fresh thanks to the undone hem and the pretty button details. The store I went to today was sold out of my usual size but they did have one size down. I was surprised at how comfortable and stretchy they are! They are made of Japanese stretch denim, so the fabric is really nice quality. Beware though, for some reason these are dry clean only. This surprises me and I want to find out why. I am going to check with a dry cleaner and find out if they must really be dry cleaned. I suspect it’s because of potential color transfer on the ribbon, not that the material would get damaged.  The only problem with the fit of these in my size down is since the button fly is exposed, you can see that the button line is not straight. I typically wear my sweaters untucked and they cover the buttons but I would probably want to have the ability to tuck in my shirt and show the button features. I am going to see if the Nordstrom in Vancouver gets this in my size so I can try it on and see if the buttons do the same. Otherwise, I absolutely loved the look and style of these jeans, and they were really comfortable. If you want to splurge, I recommend!

Buy It Here!Button Hem Baby Boot Jeans VERONICA BEARD

Cable Cashmere Sweater NORDSTROM SIGNATURE, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Fitting Room Try Ons Cable Cashmere Sweater NORDSTROM SIGNATURE, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Fitting Room Try Ons

Nordstrom Signature Cable Cashmere (Sweater Purple Chalk Heather)

You might remember that this sweater was on my early wish list. I really love doing my wishlists before the sale because they evolve a ton and it’s funny to see what doesn’t make the cut and what does. I chose not to purchase this sweater because it’s on the pricey side, and there have been too many other items fighting for my attention. I talked myself out of it telling myself it looked too short. This sweater is beautiful and so perfect. The color is actually a marled purple with little flecks of darker purple and pink in the yarn and the cashmere is so soft. It’s TTS, long enough (although slightly short) and roomy in the arms. I adore it, and I adore the color! I’m not ready to fork over the funds for this one but I waaaaant it! Recommend if you are in the market for a cashmere sweater. It’s pricey, but special.

Buy It Here!Cable Cashmere Sweater NORDSTROM SIGNATURE

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies, Ted Baker Yizelda Sweater, Veronica Beard Jeans Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies

Ted Baker London Yizelda Lace Shoulder Sweater

Another sweater I really liked is this beautiful green Ted Baker Merino Wool blended sweater. The fit was TTS and really comfortable. Body-skimming but not snug anywhere, and not boxy either. The embroidered detail at the shoulder was so pretty and gave this a lot of visual interest. The price for this one was a lot more reasonable at $143.90. I came close to purchasing this as an alternative to the purple one above but in the end, I let it go. It’s really soft and I thought at first it was cashmere. It felt similar to the Nordstrom Signature cashmere but when I checked the fabric content it was actually Merino wool, viscous, polyamide, and 5% cashmere. The viscous and polyamide is probably the embroidered applique.

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Rag & Bone Reanna Asymmetrical Merino Wool Sweater

Am I a broken record yet? This sweater is stunning, I loved it, it was too expensive for today’s shopping trip. I liked it in the catalog but it didn’t make my wish list. You really don’t see the pretty details of the pearl buttons at the neck and arms in the catalog picture, or even online really. I love the contrast between the old school feminine details of the pearl buttons with the ultra-modern sporty shape.  I love that it’s tunic butt covering length and the ribbed pattern knit. It’s merino wool but it doesn’t feel like an itchy, thick or fluffy sweater, but a smooth silky knit. The neckline is high and almost like a shawl collar. I wish I’d thought to try and unbutton those neck buttons to see if it has a different styling option. The fit is TTS, long and extra long in the sleeves for those of you long limmed. It’s body skimming, but loose enough to hide my tummy.


ok, many more fit reviews tomorrow. Tomorrow I will start with the J Crew Dover Blazer, Frame Jeans, Mackage Coats and lots more.

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  • Cristina, how tall are you? The sleeves of all these sweaters are way too long for you, as are the sleeves on the jacket in your last post. The jeans fit you lengthwise nothing like they do on the model. Have you ever tried petite sizes? Even just to compare? Might be worth thinking about to help with the proportions.

    • OR they can start using real people models instead of using 5”11 models. There’s no way I will look like them if I’m 5”5. It is not bad idea to try petite sizes, but in my experience the sleeves and proportions are way shorter . We are like in the middle ?

    • I’m 5’4 but I definitely have petite proportions for my arms and leg length. Petite sizes are tricky when you are curvy because they almost always shorten the torso along with the arms, but my torso is really long, as is my belly button to hip area. I’m just a funny fit in things and have learned to roll up sleeves, or wear short sleeves mostly. Blazers are easy because you can alter the sleeve length but sweaters you have to live with it. Oh well, short arms and short legs gives me an advantage in oly lifting.

  • I love the lilac sweater and the Rag and Bone! I’m so glad to see it on you! Fun to see the Veronica Beard jeans too. I wonder how they’ll hold their shape. So far, I’m loving the Vince tennis shoes. I got them in black, but I’m loving the white. I wear everything so hard and I can’t imagine white shoes would look good for long, but they are so pretty. I got the Rails button down in the blue and pink plaid and it’s beautiful. I love the Paul Green black wedges and will have to decide if I get to keep them. I was looking for a charcoal/black cardigan and have the barefoot dreams hooded cardi and the chunky Topshop one. The TopShop one is very warm, but has loose sleeves and looks bulky head on. It looks amazing off of one shoulder, but who wears sweaters like that? The barefoot dreams is a much sleeker look, and soft like you want to hug it all the time. I need to let that one marinate. I placed a big order to pick up in store and quickly returned a few pairs of jeans. One of them was the pair of Frame trouser crops and I quickly decided that I liked the AG ex boyfriends better, but now I’m wishing I would have brought them home to think about a little longer. I was hoping to get to walk around the store yesterday, but only had time to shop for my kids. Can’t wait to see more of your try-ons…

  • I too tried on the Veronica bears jeans. My friend/salesgirl insisted. I felt silly…I thought the buttons on the fly and the hem were to much. One or the other would have sufficed, for me. I am 5’5 and they hit just slightly above the ankle and would have been better if they were a couple of inches shorter like on the model. The snaps sort of clicked together as I walked. I felt like prince. Haha. Just not my style but sometimes I’d think was cute ok someone else. The purple sweater is really pretty on you..,I splurged on an oversized plum Vince sweater that I love love love. Can’t eait to see the rest of your posts. Always fun to look at!!

    • haha! Definitely one or the other for the buttons. I think that’s why I preferred it with my shirt untucked and over the buttons. They’ve definitely got to hit in that sweet spot, either they are full length or they are cropped, but in between that they look odd. I didn’t hear the button clicking myself but maybe it was loud in the fitting room area, or I was distracted from it.

      I do really love the sweater. I’m going to have to think on it.

    • I’ve had practice with that with my levies wedgie fit. The trick is to undo the top button and then yank, and they all pop open at once. I shied away from button fly jeans before my Levis but I like them.

  • omg i love those jeans!! i feel like now i must order and try them. dry clean only is annoying, but really…. who washes jeans?! LOL.

    i received 4 giant boxes from UPS today. sooooo exciting. unfortunately i like pretty much everything (sh**). will report back when i choose a few winners.

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