Lululemon New Product Upload is live!
This past week’s posts: My New Mini Cross Body HandbagLululemon Upload, Athleta Fit Review Part 3, Wunder Under Hi Rise Luna Fit Review.

By the way, I wore my luna Wunder Unders Crops to a sweaty workout yesterday and I absolutely love them. I posted a bunch of photos on my Instagram with before and after workout photos, so if you are curious about sweat stains, check it out.

Nothing for me today but I am loving all of the colors and prints. The color pairings are really unusual together but somehow they really work well. Did you order anything today? See any of these items in store?

Fast & Free Tight Inversion MultiFast And Free Tight Inversion Multi

Running Shoes Featured

Scuba Pullover

Scuba Pullover Washed Blue Charcoal

Scuba Pullover Washed Quicksand

Moss Rose Ebb To Street Tank IIMoss Rose Ebb To Street Tank

Sculpt Tank II Vivid Amber

Sculpt Tank II Vivid Amber

Sun Runner Crops

Sun Runner Crop Inversion Multi:Black

Running Shoes Featured

Tight Stuff Tight Moody BluesTight Stuff Tight Moody Blues

Stillness Wrap

Sandals Featured

Wild Twist 7/8 TightWild Twist 78 Tight

Run Times Short II

Run Times Short II

Run Times Short II

Vivid Amber Wunder Under Crops

Vivid Amber Wunder Under

Hotty Hot Short II (Long)
Hotty Hot Short II (Long)

It’s A Wash Long Sleeve

It's A Wash Long Sleeve

Sandals Featured

Baller Hat 
This print is new on the UK upload today in some run tights.

Baller Hat Run *Ponytail - Shadowed Smoked Mullberry

  1. I was hoping we’d get the amber energy bra that UK got and the black/white infinity pattern energy pattern that we got in glossy/black. Maybe I’ll be luckier next week. I’m hoping to see the color in person but from the pics online it could be a nice pop of color with grays and blacks. If anyone has seen it I’d be interested in your thoughts – is it more orange or golden?

  2. Love the amber..i saw in store and was surprised that i liked it. Nice bright…no grey cast to it. I think they paired with teal blue and i thought an energy bra or speed shorts would be fun. Maybe speed shorts next week…otherwise nothing again for me.

  3. Wow! Lulu actually released quite a bit that I want! This has not happened in a long time. I ordered the All Tied Up Tank in Moody Blues and the Scuba Pullover in the Washed Blue Charcoal. I’m ordering based on which items will sell out in my size first, these two are the most likely.

    I really want the Its A Wash Long Sleeve but I am going to have to wait until payday. I LOVE the pants shown with it, anyone know if those have been released before or what they’re called? They look a little like some from before but lighter. I will probably purchase the Aligns in Sea Steel as well. I’m passing on the turquoise, bright red and fuchsia pink.

    I’m happy to see the Wild Twist Tights in black/grey. I returned the white/black because the white was sheer where it wasn’t double lined. I liked the fit of them but I’m not a fan of bright pants with patterns so the other colors were not tempting. Love the sandals pictured but won’t be spending $400+ on them!!

  4. I like the Vivid Amber colour and may get the WU in that colour. Loving many of the bright colours actually but that one stands out the most to me in being unique.

    1. I ended up going to the store today and got the Scuba Pullover in pink and the smoked mulberry Align’s from last week.

      Love the scuba, size down for me. Posted some pics on the FB site

  5. Anyone know what tank is featured with the amber WU 1/2 tight? I think I want the tights and want to pair it with that tank style /color but I didn’t see it in the tank top section….
    Lots I finally want, but debating if I want to spend at the price points…

    1. I think it might be the Hit The Stride Tank in Cherry Dust. It looks like they tied it in the back making it fitted for the front views and possibly tied it in the front for the rear views. They tie up a lot of tees/tanks. Or it might not be released yet.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s an It’s a Tie tank in cherry dust, right below it shown with the Hotty Hot Short II it looks like a vivid Amber It’s a Tie tank and I hope it gets released next week because I don’t care for the other items in that colour but would like that tank in that colour for sure.

        1. The It’s A Tie Tank doesn’t have a keyhole back though. Unless I’m not looking at the correct tank she’s looking for ??‍♀️ I do like the cherry dust color and hope it’s released in tops I wear!

  6. I went into store tonight and picked up the scuba hoodie pullover in quicksand. LOVE! The fabric feels like modal and the washed pattern on it is gorgeous?? Just a heads up this is a size down item!! I am a 6 in Scuba hoodies or a snug size 4 and I went down to a size 2 in this. I tried the size 4 first and it billed out at the sides ( especially with the kangaroo pockets but the size down slimed it right out) also picked up the every moment pant in vapour,I was surprised how flattering they were on and mega soft/comfy. And I ordered the it’s a wash long sleeve to try as my store didn’t have it. This is the largest LL purchase I have made in 4 months!

    1. Thank you so much for posting! I just ordered the quicksand scuba hoodie pullover in size 4 even though I’m normally a 6 in scubas and other lulu tops. I like my hoodies fitted so hopefully this works out. I do have a small waist/bigger hips so the one thing I’m worried about is it fitting too tight in the lower part, but we’ll find out in 3-5 days hah!

  7. Nothing for me this week. I am waiting for the Vintage Quartz Every Moment Crew in stretch french terry to come to Canada, it’s in the UK upload this week. I am also waiting for some Swiftlies in the smoked mulberry and other shades of purple I am seeing in some new prints. My opinion about vivid amber? If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all…

  8. Picked up the aligns in smoked mulberry this week. Love them. Hope more product comes out in this colour, it’s beautiful.

  9. yes! I also bought the scuba hoddie pullover in quicksand as well as that light bluish color. Very soft and cozy.

  10. got the ls swiftly in ruby red. it’s a much truer red than i expected (similar to my favorite love red). my store had the swiftly breeze and train times in ruby red and they are quite a different color – much more like bumbleberry. i showed the educator in the store and she told me that they weren’t the same color, but we checked the tags and they were all marked ruby red. i’m not sure why the long sleeve looks different, but am glad it does 🙂

    1. Different fabrics will take the dye different. Thats why the different item have a color variation even though it’s the same color.

      1. I don’t have a Swiftly (Breeze). Are they a different material than the regular Swiftly Short Sleeves?

  11. hey cristina & mrs.o *& everyone else), neiman marcus is having $50 off $200+ this weekend (code: SAVE50). it’s about 20% savings off of the p448 sneakers 🙂
    do they ship to canada i wonder??? anyways, just passing it along.

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