Hello from New York! So sorry for my late Lululemon New Product Upload post. We’ve been spending the day exploring and it didn’t make logistical sense to be back at the hotel in time for the upload post so I opted to just be a little late. By the way, the hotel I’m in has a Blue Mercury store right in the lobby and I’ve probably been in there 14 times already. I’ve only purchased cosmetic goodies so far.

I got to see about 3 Lululemon stores yesterday in my travels around Manhattan and the nicest one so far has been the 5th Avenue store.  None of the stores had these items when I was in yesterday so I think I’m going to stroll up to the 5th Ave store tonight or tomorrow to make my selection. This upload is really killing me because there are so, so many colors I love. The Forget The Sweat Crop in Mulberry, the In Movement 7/8 Tight in Moss Rose, the Shibori Wunder Under Crop (those are probably my #1 pick), the Festival Bag, the Heathered Washed Marsh Essential Tank. I love a LOT of items from this upload. I love that the Define now comes in those gorgeous prints and they are nulu. It’s been so long since Lululemon had this many pretty colors and prints and the past 3-5 uploads they’ve really been tempting me with a lot of items.

Did you 0rder anything today? Did you go crazy with all these amazing colors?

Quicksand Festival Bag

Quicksand Festival Bag

Define Jacket Nulux – Sun Dazed Multi Pink

(these Define Jackets are stunning. I’m so glad they brought prints back)

Define Jacket Nulux

Define Jacket Nulux Eternal Wave Starlight Black

Shadowed Smoked Mullberry Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight

Sheer Violet – Swiftly Tech LS

Forget The Sweat Crop – Smoked Mulberry

Forget The Sweat Crop

In Movement 7/8 Tight – Moss Rose

(love these)

In Movement 7:8 Tight - Moss Rose

All The Right Places Crop – Moss Rose

All The Right Places Crop II Moss Rose

Time To Sweat Crop – Smoked Mulberry

Time To Sweat Crop

Cool Racerback – Figue

Essential Tank – Heathered Washed Marsh

(love this color. Reminds me of Menthol)

Essential Tank - Heathered Washed Marsh

Speed Up Short Hi-Rise – Figue

(I really want this swiftly LS)

Speed Up Short Hi Rise - Figue

Scuba Hoodie – Vivid Amber

Scuba Hoodie - Vivid Amber

Love Knot Tank

Love Knot Tank

It’s A Tie Tee – Sheer Violet

It's A Tie Tee - Sheer Violet

7Mesh Quantum Jersey Short Sleeve

7Mesh Quantum Jersey Short Sleeve

  1. I looooove those Shibori Wunder Under Crops but I don’t like crops!!!! Should I wait until they’re released in pants?
    And yes, loving all of the muted pinks, purples and greens!

    1. Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of crops either but I love the Shibori white/gray print. I’ll wait and see if it’s released in full length because it’s just not worth it to get crops (they feel weird on my legs)

  2. AGH! Be careful what you wish for! I was hoping we would see purples and pinks, and pretty patterns… now I’m thinking it would be better avoided to save my wallet! I’m going to need to think about what I really want from this upload, hmm…

  3. Don’t forget the lululemon app can tell you if they’re in store before you make the trip!! (Not sure if it works the same in Canada but just a reminder ?) hope you’re having a beautiful anniversary trip ??

  4. The every moment short in black shows it paired with a white/black striped tuck and flow!! I am really hoping we get these in Canada again. Fingers crossed.

    1. Every Moment short reminds me of my beloved Knockout shorts. ? And while I’d be excited about the striped Tuck and Flow, you can see that the stripes don’t line up. Even cheaper brands can pull that off – this lack of attention to detail from Lulu drives me nuts.

  5. 7Mesh Quantum? Wtf?? This stuff is so ugly. I’m a collegiate cyclist and I’ve never bought comfortable quality cyclist things from Lululemon. Give it up already. Many other established Italian made cyclist brands out there that are far superior than this crap.

    1. Agreed with the cycling clothes… why are they even attempting to compete with rapha and others… those bibs, yikes!!!!

      1. I wouldn’t buy lululemon cyclist stuff even on mark down. Yup I love Rapha and a big fan of Betty design and Castilli

  6. Hmmm, I was just thinking that the upload was back to all ugly again. I can’t stand the placement of the mesh in the Forget The Sweat crop. Looks awful. None of these colors are really easily matchable and too light for bottoms for my liking. The define prints are way too busy and will look dated really fast. Not a thing bought this week.

  7. Washed marsh trackers! I love that color. There had better be a free to serene in it! Also, Miami pink is much brighter in person, the FTBS I ordered came yesterday. It’s very close to pink shell.

    1. I think over 40 wear more reserved colours like black navy grey and white…with maybe a tiny pop of colour. Lol i think the patterns and colours are more for 20 something yr olds… Just my opinion.

      1. Over 40 =classy colours. All these bright prints and cropped tops are tacky like what the 20 something year olds would wear

    2. What’s wrong with over 40? LOL Over 40 doesn’t mean boring colors, in fact, I looked around my workout class the other day, and I was the only one wearing color, unlike the 99% wearing black. 😛

    3. I’m genuinely curious why you say this. I’m in the over 40 demographic and am always trying to balance looking modern with looking trendy (too young). If I’m stumbling into “dowdy”, I want to know it!

    4. I’m over 40. I’m much more fabulous now (including being in better shape) than I was ten years ago. I also have more disposable income too. And I have a teenager who also sometimes wears lululemon. So, it’s worth it to appeal to my demographic. 😉
      I’m not sure what it means for something to scream “over 40” anyway.

    1. Agreed! I have the Athleta ones and love them…very compressive, too. So, I will pass on Lulu’s shibori crops. 🙂

  8. I wonder what that commenter who said this upload looks like for 40 demographic meat , colors or styles ? I see 20 year olds at my gyms ( I go to 3 different ones ) and the only difference I see of what they wear compare to 40 year olds is cropped tops or bra only. They wear muted colors just like older population . I’m not seeing lots of brights or prints now days, guessing they are out? Again, maybe there’s different fitness fashion at say CrossFit gym. I go to 2 LA fitness and Golds

  9. I think Lululemon has something for everyone. There are styles I won’t wear (crop tops in your fifties aren’t flattering for many of us in that age group.)
    As far as colors, people should wear what makes them feel confident and motivated. Cute gym clothes make me happy, and if I feel good, I don’t care about other people’s opinions. Buy what you love. ❤️

    1. This attitude is the best thing about getting older. Not that you can’t feel this way when you’re younger, but as I head toward 50, I’m feeling more relaxed, more confident, more comfortable in who I am, and I think my experience is fairly typical for this time of life.

      Nothing at all against those who are younger; just mean to encourage people that getting a little older has some wonderful – unexpected – benefits.

    2. This attitude is fantastic!
      There are some styles that I avoid because I have a teenaged son who’d be horrified if his mom wore. But the educators never try to steer me away from something due to my age. In fact, they never believe I’m as old as I say I am.
      The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin. And, I find that I care less and less what others think of me (except I wouldn’t want to embarrass my kids by dressing like I’m 20).

  10. Just received my shibori WU – they look nothing like the picture! Looks like the colors are reversed . Looks more like the background is gray, not white. Disappointed. It’s going back.

  11. Just received In movement Pants in moss rose, 1/2 crops in figue, and let it slip tank in silver fox. Silver fox looks more blue than gray imo. I thought it was more gray from years past. Figue looks like dusty mauve from couple of years ago and I already have that, Rose moss rose is just pink . I don’t understand why they can’t make crops in Quicksand?? That was very unique color and I can’t think of any colors similar from the past

  12. Got pacific teal align pant II 25”. The color is stunning in person. I didn’t like the color online but I went to the store and it’s so beautiful in person.

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