The Lululemon New Product is live!

Check out these posts from this past week, especially the fit review of the new Wunder Under Hi-Rise Crop in Washed Luna Memorial Day Sales Guide, Vacation Sandals Ugg Kamile  Athleta Fit Review Part 3Tweet Tweet On The Street, Lululemon New In,

I am loving that we are finally seeing colors in the uploads. I’m also really loving the edginess of some of the new models (Here)  and the product shot styling with interesting new shoes. I had a lot of fun gathering up all of the sandals they featured for you at the bottom of this post. That was inspired by Ms. K who sent me a picture last night from the website hoping I could identify the sandals. Actually, one of my favorite pairs of sandals I got about 4 years ago where inspired by a Lululemon product shot – here are the ones I have. They were definitely on the pricey side, but 4 years later I still wear them all the time so they were definitely a worthy investment.  They should definitely go back to doing interesting product styling like they used to with great accessories. I don’t always want to see the same pair of sneakers used and want to feel inspired on how to style my own Lulu pieces outside of the gym. It totally solves the problem of ‘what type of shoes should I style with my Lululemon summer dress’, and ‘will this work in my closet for day to day wear?’

By the way, I was real naughty with my Lululemon purchases this week. I got the Luna wunder under pants and crops as you know, and also got the Eton Blue Essential Tank. I love that tank style but only buy it when a color truly jumps out at me. I’m debating the Pack Light Pullover since it comes in such a pretty pink, but I think I’m going to hold off.

Did you buy anything today? What do you think of the shoes?

Rejuvenate Dress

Rejuvenate Dress

Ombre Fuchsia Pink Wunder Uners

Ombre Fuchsia Pink Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight (Ombre)

Washed Luna Wunder Under Crop

Reviewed these earlier this weekWunder Under Crop Washed Luna

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Washed Luna Full-On Luxtreme 28"

Swiftly Tech Racerback Miami Pink

Swiftly Tech Racerback - Miami Pink

Pack Light 1/2 Zip Pullover

This is reviewed on The Sweat Edit facebook group

Lululemon Pack Light 1/2 Zip Pullover

Essential Tank ‘eton blue’

Purchased this! Love the color and it’s a great tank.

Essential Tank Eton Blue

Tracker Short V ‘Ruby Red’

On Clouds Running Shoe

Fast & Free Crop II ‘Eternal Wave Starlight Black’

Fast & Free Crop II Eternal Wave Starlight Black

Run Off-Route Tank

Lululemon run off-route tank

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve (Breeze)
Relaxed Fit

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve (Breeze) Relaxed Fit

All Tied Up Tank

All Tied Up Tank

By the way, Lululemon now has their sandals out in full force on product shots. Check these out! I pretty much love all of them. I’ve read reviews that the toe sandal one in the bomber jacket photo is especially comfortable. Let me know if you’ve identified any other shoes. I’ll add more in at the end of this post.

Rosa Cut-out Leather SlidesAcne Jilly Sandal

ATP Astrid SandalTo The Point Tank, ATP Astrid Leather SandalsWunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Washed Luna Full-On Luxtreme 28"

On Clouds Running Shoe

New Sneakers Shown:

  1. Expensive day for me. The Lunas are beautiful and i LOVE those pink ombre pants.
    ALSO…In love with the model wearing the bomber jacket!

    1. which bomber color? I love all three of them actually. Love the models hair on the white/eternal wave jacket

      1. They’re all beautiful! I was referring to the black bomber model- love her look. Different from usual lululemon and i’m LOVING it

  2. Bought two pairs of the full length Lunas. Not much of interest these days. I’ve seen at least two new colors of ATRP pants in other countries that I’d love to have but they’re nowhere to be found on the US side. I don’t need any more Lululemon tank tops (or any other tops, frankly), though I’ve been happy to pick up new original CRBs. They’ve nerfed all the other styles I like at this point, and all the new stuff just looks the same because all the fun details are long gone.

  3. I’ll probably order the new color Brunswick Tank, but that’s about it. I’m still debating the full length Aligns and new Fast & Free 7/8 Tights released in the last two weeks.

    I think the new model is beautiful and like her edgy look (I recently chopped my very long hair off, but not quite that short), but she reminds me of that protestor.

    1. oh, is it a bad thing to look like a child that was almost killed by a school shooter? Must have missed that memo…

      1. Wow – don’t think she said anything negative about the protester you have in mind. Just said the model reminded her of the protester – there was no judgement in the comment, but loads in yours.
        Can we all just be happy that LULU has actual color once again?

        1. And I agree. My workout attire was beginning to look a little monochromatic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Don’t want to unintentionally offend anyone! Lol!

  4. Love the on cloudflows…they are my absolute favourite running shoe…lightweight and fits like a glove because i have really narrow feet. I got my eton shorts from last upload but was dissapointed that colour has a grey cast to it…not as bright as in pics. I also got the long length teal blue speed shorts but noticed the 2.5 inch are available now. Inseam is 3 inch not 4inch on longs and they do look longer on back… What to do…i dont like to look like i am wearing panties vs shorts. I dont find the liner to be so tight on bum cheeks on longer length…maybe my imagination. Thx for your blog. I love the pink ombre tights…unless of course the pink ends up being neon. The pink does remind me of boom juice …and other fushias i have many pieces in…so i will save a bit there.

    1. Thank you! I thought I was the only one who didn’t get the appeal of the Luna gray bottoms. They just look like plain, faded yoga pants that aren’t that special and can be found anywhere. Not sure why the hype over them but glad i’m not alone.

        1. I don’t do Aligns either. Never understood the hype on those either, but I don’t wear lulu as casual wear. Just for working out in so maybe that’s why.

    2. I’m love my Pace Rival Tall skirts. They are really great for golf and tennis. I’m very happy with them.

  5. I’m not understanding the appeal of Luna’s either. Might as well though since my size is sold out 😛

    I am interested in the ombré fuchsia WU and the Ruby Wine long sleeve Swiftly. Except I won’t wear the ls until fall but I just adore that colour.

    Cristina – how do you find the back of Essential tank flows for you? I tried it once last year or so and it seemed to me there was too much material and it looked off. Would sizing down help?

    1. It’s definitely flowey in the back but it doesn’t pouch out, it just drapes. You can definitely size down in this tank and I have a few sized down but I like the TTS as well, which is what I ordered, and the extra fabric in the back doesn’t bother me. TTS is really long and I like that almost tunic length of it, but sized down it definitely takes care of the fabric volume. I’ve even sized down to a 6 in it from a 10 (it was a color on sale) and that one looks good too.

    2. I size down in it or it just looks way too big. It depends on your build and how busty you are. I’m small (size 0/2) with no bust to speak of so I size down to a 4 from my normal 6 in Lulu tops. The 6 just looked way too huge and was way too big overall and like I didn’t know how to dress myself in the proper size. The 4 looks loose and airy but not big and like it’s my right size. I love the Essential tanks. One of my favorite tanks for working out in.

      I also am looking at the ruby wine ls swiftly. It looks gorgeous in the photos but will have to see it in person. I don’t get to wear ls tops where I live because it’s so mild but I still may buy it because its so pretty.

  6. I snagged 3 pairs of WU Crop (2 pairs) and 1 pair of Tight in Luna. I am obsessed with this print/color. I will wear them all the the time for casual and yoga.

  7. I’m loving all the color and cute shoes! I’m happy to see them styling the outfits in some new ways. I agree that it helps me visualize how I might wear it or if it would be a good piece to add to my wardrobe.

    I was excited to see that pretty red rejuvenate dress, until I clicked on it and saw the back had a funny looking kangaroo pouch happening. It looks kind of strange. The front is cute though, especially with those sandals. I will try it in store and see how it looks.

  8. Has anyone worked out in the Luna’s yet? I’m wondering if the sweat-showing situation is acceptable or not – I think they’re really cool, but if I can’t wear them to work out then I think I better pass.

  9. I wonder what the chances are that the gym bag in quicksand makes it to WMTM. I really like it, but cheap when it comes to bags (especially considering the zipper seems a bit wonky how it’s not inset).

    I’m hoping the align crops come out in Smoked Mulberry. I’ve been skipping the 3/4s lately cause my legs are so darn short, and crop is basically 3/4 on me (nice way to save $10).

    I’ve been hoping we would see some light coloured (pink or purple!) floral print leggings. Long shot, but I would be all over that!

  10. Went to my local store and tried on the Luna WU & WUC (last ones in my size for both!).
    I didn’t get either one. They were just meh for me. Too acid washed jegging for my taste.
    The feel and opacity weren ice though, reminded me of the shibori WUs that I have.

  11. Just got an email saying my Luna order was cancelled… I’m really disappointed. Is it worth giving a call to the Guest Education centre as the email recommends?

    1. I would. They may find one at a store. Or keep checking back. Sometimes they will do restocks of returned items.

      1. I ordered a pair also and they cancelled the order 🙁


        1. That sucks, thankfully mine shipped. I would keep checking back on the website in case they do a restock or for random returns. I’ve gotten lucky before with returns on items that were out of stock.

        2. They aren’t sold out. They haven’t got them in yet (in the U.S.). Check now….several stores now have and there was restocks on the page.

  12. Last I checked an hour ago all sizes but size 2 in Luna crops restocked online. Didn’t check pants tho. Mine thankfully shipped. Hope this helps someone. Definitely check

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