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Fit Review: Wunder Under Hi-Rise Crop *Washed Luna

Lululemon Wunder Under Hi Rise Crop *Luna

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Crop *Washed Luna

Last week I posted about the new much anticipated Wunder Under *Washed Luna hitting select stores on Friday. I was lucky to be able to order both the pant and the crop version in my size from a Canadian store, and the shipping was incredibly fast so they just arrived this afternoon. When I first opened the packaged I was surprised to see that the crop and pant are the same shade of light grey. Ms. K, who tipped me off that these had hit stores, had noticed that between the online photos, the crops seemed much darker than the pants. I think there will be a ton of variation between pants in these because they seem to be hand dyed, so you may get a really dark pair or a lighter pair. The photo above this write up is my untouched photo, all the ones below have been brightened and cooled slightly. Another thing that surprised me is that these are INCREDIBLY velvety soft. They are luxtreme, but they almost feel like a rulu version of luxtreme. I believe that is more to do with the dye treatment than anything. They still have the same compression that my regular luxtreme run tights have so you still get the same smoothing effect. They are light, and cool and will be perfect for hot workouts. I’ll test them out for sweat marks tomorrow night. Hopefully, I don’t get huge embarrassing crotch sweat stains. If I do, I’ll post it on my Instagram page

I was worried that the light blotchy grey of these would be unflattering on me and I hoped that they would be the darker version of this print, but once I put them on I was very happy with them. I’m going to keep a lookout to see if any dark pairs pop up in my size and if they do, I may need those as well. I think these are just such a great neutral that isn’t boring old black or grey and will be very easy to pair with any other colors. This is my favorite Lululemon purchase of the past year. The luxtreme is backed in the same grey shade as the outside, so there is no ‘grinning’ of the fabric, sheen or transparency.

Lululemon Wunder Under Hi Rise Crop *Luna Lululemon Wunder Under Hi Rise Crop *Luna Lululemon Wunder Under Hi Rise Crop *Luna Lululemon Wunder Under Hi Rise Crop *Luna

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  1. I also got both the pant and crop, and the print is the same lighter grey, but I still like. The crops are pretty long, and the pants even longer, so I think I’m going to return the pants 🙂 I really thought I wasn’t going to like them because I don’t usually like luxtreme, but they are really comfy!

    1. How tall are you if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t want to have to order two if possible but I also don’t want it at an awkward length.

    1. I just got the blue one, the colour is lovely it still fits tts but I would say just slightly smaller for than the original release

  2. I got the full length. They ar so soft and gorgeous. I’m 5’8”.
    I did a phone order from NY. Shop said they only got 2 sizes each so glad I was able to get a size 4.

  3. Anyone else have serious polling issues with the seams? Wore them one time to run errands, like 5 hours and they got so pilled :(. I have other Lulu pants that are 3 years old and I wear them weekly that are in better shape.

    1. I haven’t (yet) but I’m so bummed to hear you are. I’m going to watch mine for that very closely. I’ve always had better luck with my luxtreme not pilling vs luon so I felt good getting these ones. My Aligns are pretty much garbage at this point.

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