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Nothing for me today but that Sea Steel Shibori print is really calling to me. I think I would have gotten them if they were crops. I think I’m kicking myself for not ordering the Every Moment Short in black in a size up before that size sold out. Those flew under my radar but I think a few of you had been discussing them in the comments. I’m also really curious about the Everyday Skirt but I feel like it wouldn’t be flattering on my pear shape because of the way the hem is split with a narrower front than back, and a hi-low hem.

PS. I think I’m going to write about my New York Trip tomorrow if that interests you. I was a bad blogger and didn’t get ‘OOTD’ style shots and I really didn’t’ put together outfits or looks so it won’t be that kind of content,  but I had such a great time and thought I’d share my highlights.

Did you order anything today? Try anything on in store?

Play Off The Pleats Skirt

Play Off The Pleats Skirt, Lululemon New Product

Wunder Under Crop Blossom Spritz Multi, Lululemon New Product

Swiftly Tech LS Crew

Swiftly Tech LS Crew

Swiftly Tech SS Breeze Violetta
Swiftly Tech SS Breeze

The Everyday Skirt

The Everyday Skirt The Everyday Skirt

Scuba Hoodie – Sheer Violet

Scuba Hoodie Sheer Violet

It’s A Wash LS Shibori

It's A Wash LS Shibori

Shibori Wunder Under

Energy Bra – Shibori
Energy Bra

Run Off-Route Tank

Run Off-Route Tank

In Movement Crop

In Movement Crop

Speed Up Short Hi-Rise

Swiftly Tech SS Crew – Riptide
Swiftly Tech SS Crew - Riptide

Fast & Free Crop

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  1. Whew… Thank goodness i dont like anything this upload. I blew quite a bit on 10km purchase with 25% discount. But I do want the speed shorts in the vivid amber as well as eternal wave and pink multi haze. I did get the jackets last week in the print…just in case it didnt come out in other items. I do like fast and free but the price is getting to be a bit much. Love your blog.

      1. If Gymmie is referring to the same 25% discount that I got, it’s for showing your race bib from the Toronto Waterfront 10K race last weekend. The discount was valid at the Toronto stores through race day. I’m guessing they’ll offer the same discount to runners who are doing the Edmonton 10K in July.

  2. Riptide Swiftly ss for me and that’s it. I like a lot of the colours but not many must have styles besides the ss

  3. I returned the Eton Blue Love Crew and bought the Crest Love Crew instead as I like the colour much better. I also got the Swiftly Tech s/s Breeze in Violetta. Also bought the Swiftly s/s in Riptide. I have sold a few older ones so am replenishing with new colours. I am still hoping there will be a s/s in smoked mulberry. Lastly, I bought Street To Studios in Magnum in a size 6 in order for the waist to fit since they make the waistband smaller than it used to be.

  4. I am trying the skirt. I ordered both colors. Could be hit or miss…hard to tell from the photos. I was looking at shorts but they are all so boring and the fit reports are so inconsistent. I wish they wouldn’t mess with the good things. Can anyone suggest another brand for running shorts.

    Off topic. Anyone received their Nordstrom
    Anniversary catalog yet?

    1. I tried to order the skirt, but was having websites issues. It seems like I’ll either hate it or wear it every other day! But it definitely has promise! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  5. I wanna hear about your NYC trip!
    Also super interested in the everyday skirt. Seems like it could be a total hit.. or miss.
    Nothing for me this upload except maybe the shibori pants (love the white and the blue colorways). The first shibori pants used to be $98?? Now they’re $118. So maybe I’ll try the crops first.

  6. Hi Cristina!

    I’ve loved and counted on your blog since the lulumum days 🙂

    Just wondering your opinion on the best online place/site to sell vintage lulu. I have a bunch circa 2011 including some quiet-stripe crops I’m looking to sell.


    1. You are so lovely! Thank you for hanging out here all these years 🙂
      My gold standard for resale on anything is eBay. It’s the simplest format, puts your items in front of thousands of motivated buyers searching for specific items and most importantly has search engine optimization potential. Yes you pay a small fee on the sale but it really is worth the hassle free sales. I buy a lot more on eBay these days than I sell but if I was to sell a bundle of items I would go there. Those amazing vintage items like quiet stripe crops still sell for a lot of $$ on eBay. Just make sure to research listings and label things correctly. Also, take good, well-lit photos.

      1. Thanks for this, Cristina. Would you say ebay trumps the multiple lululemon facebook groups that are out there? I have sort of found the groups to have died down, but wanted to check with you since you are more on the ball with these sort of things!

        1. I frequently buy from Ebay. I’ve gotten some great deals on New with tag lululemon and sweaty Betty items. I’ve also gotten amazing deals on “EUC” lululemon items.

  7. I bought the everyday skirt. It should be here tomorrow. It could be either very good or super frumpy. I don’t like the way they styled the black on in the stock photos. To me, this kind of skirt would look better paired with a fitted top; like the Sage one in the stock photos. Anyways, we will see how it goes. If it looks good, I think it will be a great summer piece for work.

    1. I also ordered both color skirts. I know I will like it. It’s a cute skirt for summer. I plan on wearing a crop top or fitted top with these skirts.

  8. I got my skirts…the material is very thin speed short material and has a little sheen to it. They almost look a little dressy because of silk. I ordered a is what i wear in shorts. I was worried the waist band would be tight and it is. Its not uncomfortably tight but its snug and very high rise. It is very cute from the front and a little silly from the side. I am a stay home mom and would eat this casually only..It looks good with things tucked in and a tight tank. I even did a front tuck with a boxy tee shirt and that was cute… not sure it looks as casual as I am, so I’ll try it on a few more times. I am leaning towards the sage over the black. Its a pretty color. Does anyone else like theirs?

    1. I ordered size 4, my typical size for loose fitting bottoms, in sage. I love the design and how casual and chic it looks but I am trying to get used to the tight waist band like you. I am fine standing but it feels tight sitting down. I may order a size up to try. Leaning toward keeping it.

      1. I got my size up in black and I love this skirt! Was lucky enough to try my TTS and the waistband was ok, but I like the look of the size up better. I am also pear shaped with a long torso and found it flattering. Paired with a fitted top and chunky heels to dress it up and had lots of compliments 🙂

  9. Ladies I need some help with Everlux crops sizing ! I got my first pair today in my regular size 4 which I wear in all my Luxtreme bottoms. I thought I’ll give these a try. I didn’t like the fabric initially due to lack of compression compare to my beloved Luxtreme . But I liked the length and color and cave. But now reading reviews and some say you should size down. I don’t care about sweat stains , I’m obviously at the gym and sweating , not peeing myself . But if they stretch out and start sliding down it’ll be an issue . I do weight training mixed with hit cardio , very intense and get all soaked in sweat . Any advice ? Should I return them and size down ? Or will I be ok ? TIA!!

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