Last week I shared with you my athleisure staples wish list which included a few sneakers I was coveting for my birthday. I think I’ve narrowed my choice down to my ever favorite Adidas Ultraboosts although I’m still coveting those leopard print sneakers.  too. In that post, I showed you the Adidas x Parley which is very similar to these ones here. The Parley are a higher price point though and I think the colors are almost the same. The parley has a lot of contrasting white woven in the sock while these have pink contrasting the blue. Both are equally pretty and eye-catching. I love the Parley collaboration line from Adidas and I have this pair from last year but this year I opted for the regular Ultraboosts.


I take a size 9 in most of my shoes and it’s no different for Adidas Ultraboosts. I was a bit hesitant on these at first because my Ultraboost Parley’s from last year are a sock version which I find really flattering on the ankle and extremely comfortable. I was worried that these ones would come up higher on the ankle but actually, Adidas made this just as flattering and low profile as the sock version. I really love the scoop at the ankle. My Ultraboosts are the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn, and the reason is of that odd nubbly sole. The soles have a really cool thermoplastic technology that you can read about here, but basically, it’s extremely cushy and shock absorbing. I also find the structureless sock design very comfortable. You don’t want shock absorbing or cushy for something like weight lifting, but for running or studio workouts these are perfect.


Buy the Ultraboosts and Ultraboost Parley here:

For Canadian shoppers, buy them here which is where I got mine:

  1. I LOVE them! I think I like these better. Great purchase and fantastic birthday gift! Is it from you to you? Or from hubby to you?

  2. I have a pair of Adidas Pureboosts that I got at the beginning of fall and LOVE them. However, running in them consistently through Ottawa’s harsh fall and winter (all the salt they put on snow) has messed them up and. I’m now in the market for a new pair of running shoes for spring and summer.

    What are the main differences between the PureBoosts and UltraBoosts? They seem to have the same curved bottom which is the most important part (to me).

    1. The soles are the same with the same arch support. The Adidas women’s single foam soles have the raised arch whereas the men don’t. I have several pairs of UltraBoosts and PureBoosts. The difference is the structure of the shoe, i.e., sock v. traditional upper. I think the PureBoost has slightly better side-to-side motion control than the UltraBoost because the foot “cage” is different. Well, at least that’s what I notice. That and the price difference and colorways. Both are great for running. The PureBoosts tend to go on sale more often. The UltraBoosts usually at year end or if they have limited sizes or if new colorways are coming out. But the markdowns are not as high and you can’t stack other discounts on the UltraBoosts. That was probably more information than you wanted . . . lol.

      1. oh thank you Mrs. O. This helped a lot actually. It seems that I will stick to PureBoosts. I shall look at the current offerings and see which print I like best

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