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RapidLash and Rapid BrowReview

RapidLash and Rapid BrowReview

Rapid Lash, Rapid Brow

This post is in partnership with RapidLash who very kindly sent me both of these products to test out a few months ago in exchange for an honest review. I’m so glad I accepted their offer because had I seen this product in the store, I would have been very curious to try it out given my lash issues from PCOS, but I would have talked myself out of purchasing it expecting it to be a gimmick. I think I always put the lash enhancement category of beauty products in the same spot as cellulite creams and boob enhancing products. Things we all wish would work but aren’t worth the money or hype.  I’m really glad to share that this product worked really well for me. Turns out the ingredients are polypeptides which protect against breakage and vitamins and moisturizers which help strengthen. Breakage is the issue I was having with my lashes, so that is why this product worked so well for me. This product won’t give you the effect of lash extensions or cartoon eyelashes, but if you are like me and have had a declining lash volume or a change in lash texture due to hormones or illness, this is a safe and effective option worth considering.


Rapid LashRapid Lash and Rapid Brow

Rapid Lash, Rapid Brow
Check out the different brushes on each product. The brow has a spoolie brush and the lash brush has a detail brush.

You’ve probably seen me mention a few times that I have PCOS and rosacea. Becuase of PCOS, I’ve been steadily losing lash volume over the past few years. It seems that after having my kids, my lashes went really light and fluffy and stick straight after years of enjoying long dark lashes. I remember noticing my lashes a few months after having my youngest, and thinking they were such an odd light color. The weird lash texture lasted a few years and then they started falling out really easily whenever I wore mascara or rubbed makeup off with makeup remover, or just rubbed my eyes.  I first noticed hair falling out around my hairline, and then I noticed the outer edges of my eyebrows were also getting lighter and thinner. I have Rosacea which affects my eyes occasionally and when I had a particularly bad episode on my skin, I lost a section of lashes right in the center bottom, and they never grew back. My lashes didn’t look terrible, but to me, it was a huge difference from what they where pre-kids, pre PCOS and pre-rosacea. I was so self-conscious about it that I considered getting lash extensions. I have friends that do lash extensions regularly and they look amazing but there are some horror stories out there and because my lash line seems to be really sensitive, I was too scared to try it.

I started using the RapidLash for the prescribed 6 weeks with the expectation that it would be total rubbish, and that I’d get bored of using it after a few days of not seeing results and then give up. A few days in, my lashes were getting darker and thicker. This was enough to keep me going with my nightly bedtime routine. The brows took a bit longer to see any difference but because I was seeing subtle changes with my lashes and it’s all part of the same routine I kept at it. I didn’t see any new growth in my eyelash gap until about four weeks in, but even before that new growth came in my friend noticed my eyelashes looked longer and darker. At the end of six weeks, the gap is now fully grown in. My eyebrow didn’t grow a lot thicker but they grew a lot faster to the point that I’ve had to trim them a few times between eyebrow threading. One odd thing is that in certain areas where my eyelashes grew especially long, I had weird bends and crimps in some lashes. I also now have an unruly eyebrow hair that I have to tame with gel.

I am now running low on the eyelash serum and I definitely plan on purchasing. I will get it at either Costco or Shoppers Drug Mart. I think it’s slightly cheapest at Costco but if you collect shoppers optimum points you can get 5x the points if you purchase between May 20 – 26.

By the way, it is so hard to get a good eyelash selfie. The angle has to be just right so you can properly see the length of the lashes. This is zero makeup so please forgive the haggard look.

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Rapid Lash
My bottom lash right in the center on the right side of this picture is where I had a section of missing lashes about an inch long. You can sort of see the new lash there that is bent a bit, and then some shorter new lashes next to it.
Rapid Lash
You can see the bent lashes a bit better here on the right.

* For Canadian shoppers, RapidLash and RapidBrow is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. If you purchase between May 20 -May 26 you get will receive 5x the loyalty points

You can buy RapidLash and RapidBrow several locations in both US and Canada. In Canada, I’ve seen it at Shoppers Drug Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond and you can order it from Ulta. In the US you can find it at Ulta, Walgreens, CVS. Here is the store locator link.

Find RapidLash and RapidBrow online here:

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  • Thank you for posting this! While in grad school I’ve developed really bad anxiety and have had patchy eyelashes/eyebrows (in addition to other anxiety-related health issues). My solution is to wear false lashes when I want to look nice, but that doesn’t really fix the problem. I’ll have to give this a try!

  • I’ve always been interested in this product, but like you, I was skeptical and never purchased. I didn’t know any friends who had used it either, so it is interesting to hear your review. I have noticed since I had children that my lash line is thinner than it used to be, so I’m interested in giving this a try. I’ve been concerned that aging will make my lashes go thinner and thinner.

  • This stuff actually works. About 18 months ago I was desperate enough to try grand lash MD from amazon and it works nicely. I will try this brand next to compare, especially if they sell it at Costco! I have done my brows only my lashes and I like the brow brush you displayed up top! The stuff I use has grown my lashes but only to a certain point and it didn’t darken them. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

  • Cristina, even though you think your eyelashes aren’t what they’d used to be, I’d love to have them. Mine are stick straight and so short in length! I’m going to check this out; especially since I can get it at Costco. I’m always looking for something too. My girlfriend uses Rodan & Fields lash boost and swears by it. I commented to her that I was so envious of her thick, long eyelashes and she started laughing. She said, “you think I get these lashes on my own?” She says Rodan & Fields has done wonders for her. I still haven’t tried it because it’s a little more than I want to spend. You should check it out.

    • Awe you are really sweet. They go stick straight in certain sections so I’ve invested in an eyelash curler for when I do makeup. The Rapid Lash has helped the curl come back. I’ve heard great things about the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost and I think it’s a very similar product with peptides and vitamins that support lash strength and growth. I’d go for the product that is the right price, and that has a delivery system and brush you like.

      • I think I’ll try yours first since the price point is better. But my friend’s lashes are incredible from using Rodan & Fields. Eventually, I’ll shell out the bucks for it. Usually, I prioritize my lashes last because if I want to look nice, I can always use false eyelashes for a temporary fix.

  • Thanks I’ve had similar success with nuelash but might give this a try if its cheaper. Btw you are adorable and I just had to ask do you get botox, your skin looks nice and tight 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, thank you for the compliment. No botox (yet) but I’m seeing those laugh lines setting in now in the crows feet so maybe soon.

      I think the products that are in the peptide category should all work the same way – definitely, check it out and see.

    • I was thinking, “if that’s a haggard look, I’m in big trouble!” Cristina, you have beautiful skin. Your skin care routine is definitely working. Lol, I’m going to have to start considering botox for my “elevens” between my brows! 🙂

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