Mrs. O has done an amazing, (so amazing!) review and comparison of the Adidas Ultraboost vs.Nike Epic React, and the Adidas Deerupt Runner. I was really curious about the Adidas Deerupt runner. They caught my eye a few weeks ago when I purchased my Adidas Ultraboosts but they were a bit out there for me and I assumed they would look odd on. I am pleasantly surprised at how they look and definitely want to keep them on my ‘markdown watch list’. Mrs. O has a few other sneaker reviews to check out! Adidas NMD PrimeknitAdidas By Stella McCartney Ultraboost X Parley Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost vs. Nike Epic React

Nike Epic React Nike Women's Epic React Nike Women's Epic React Nike Women's Epic React Nike Women's Epic React

Nike Epic React

I finally got a chance to try on the Nike Epic React.  I also want to try on the Under Armour HOVR (but I suspect out of the three it will be number three).  I went to Finish Line so I could do a side by side comparison.  I purposely went to the store in my Brooks so I wouldn’t be influenced by wearing my UltraBoosts to the mall.  I took a picture of the shelf displaying the colorways offered in the Nike Epic React.  I was drawn to this color  —  Rust Pink/Hyper Crimson/Barely Rose/Rust Pink.  They also had a beautiful soft pink that was a cross between porcelain and pearl pink — Pearl Pink/Barely Rose/Arctic Pink/Pearl Pink.  These were my initial reactions:  the heel cup in the insole was too low (I felt that my heel was lower than the ball of my feet), the toe box was narrow (Nikes are narrower than Adidas) and the length was shorter than other Nikes I have.  I always wear one size up in sneakers because I like to have room in front of my toes.  I wear a 10 in Adidas Ultraboost and all the other Nikes I have are 10s as well.  The Epic React felt shorter.  The store didn’t have a 10.5 so I tried on the 11.  The 11 felt better to me than the 10s.  But I think a 10.5 would be the best bet for me.  I did not like the way they felt initially but the longer I had them on they felt better.  Also, once I put in my custom orthotics, it felt even better and the heel cup didn’t bother me as much.  There was less bounce and a little more side-to-side support.  The shoe overall had a smaller profile.  The tread on the sole did not have the type of sturdier tread you find on the UltraBoost.  There was a different type of tread on the heel and forefoot.  I think the soles of these shoes will wear out faster than UltraBoosts.  So, for long distance runners, you will probably have to switch out pairs more often than UltraBoosts.  These did not feel cushy like I was walking on clouds but they are comfortable.  It really depends on preference.  The Nikes are $30 less than Ultraboosts.  These were $150 v. $180.  But I tend to think the Nikes will go on sale faster and at a steeper discount.  While writing this review, I went on the Nike website and found that this color is sold out in my size and the pink ones had my size.  I may have to go back to the store to purchase this color.  I was hoping to wait until the went on sale.


Fit Review Adidas Ultraboost in Gray:Carbon:Ash Adidas Ultraboost in Gray:Carbon:Ash Adidas Ultraboost in Gray:Carbon:Ash

Adidas Ultraboost  Gray/Carbon/Ash Pearl

Instead of trying on the UltraBoost X, which I have many pairs of, I tried on the plain Ultraboost because the upper was the closest to the Nike Epic React.  This Ultraboost is not a “sock” upper.  I think all of you know I am partial to Ultraboost for everyday wear.  The only thing I cannot wear them for is heavy lifting and balance exercises because they are not stable enough.  But I love them for running and from going place to place or waiting around because they are so bouncy, have great cushion, light and the colorways are fantastic!  Instantly, when you put them on, you feel comfortable and don’t think you have to “break” them in.  I do not have a pair of non-UltraBoost X and I really like the profile of these shoes.  I’m partial to this color and they look better in person.  I also really like the color Cristina got because it would be so versatile.  I stayed my size up (10) from my TTS (9 in dress shoes).  Every time I think I should go half a size down, once I try them on, I like my size up better.  The toe box is definitely wider than the Nike Epic React.  I just noticed a Stella McCartney collaboration with a strap closure.  I’m going to have to try those on.  It looks like there might be more foot stability (side-to-side) because of the strap criss-crosses from side-to-side.


Fit Review: Side-by-Side Comparison of Nike Epic React and Adidas Ultraboost 3 Fit Review: Side-by-Side Comparison of Nike Epic React and Adidas Ultraboost 3 Fit Review: Side-by-Side Comparison of Nike Epic React and Adidas Ultraboost 3

Side-by-Side Comparison of Nike Epic React and Adidas Ultraboost 3

As you all know, I love Adidas and their Boost line of shoes.  I used to be an only Nike girl but over time, I ventured out to Brooks (for more stability) and finally UltraBoost (because of Cristina’s recommendation and all the hype around them).  Once I bought my first pair of UltraBoost, I was obsessed!  Now that Nike (and Under Armour) have come out with their version of a single foam sole, I wanted to give them a try.  Both Nike and Under Armour developed their version of the all foam sole.  Adidas’s technology has an exclusive license from Badische Anilin & Soda-Fabrik (BASF), a German chemical company that developed the type of foam.  It’s one of the reasons why the Boost line of shoes are pricier.  I thought Nike would lower the price point more than they did ($150 v. $180).  Under Armour HOVR comes in at $140.  I suppose both Nike and Under Armour realized people would pay for a great running shoe at a higher than $150 price point so they stayed on target with market value.   I have yet to try on the Under Armour version and plan on doing so.  Here’s my side-by-side comparison of the Nike Epic React v. Adidas UltraBoost.


I wore one shoe each so that I could get a true comparison.  Off the bat, I noticed that the Nikes felt tighter and the sole was harder.  The low heel cup was more noticeable when I wore them with the UltraBoost.  I felt like I was walking lopsided because of it.  I jumped up and down and felt less cushion on the landing in the Epic React than the UltraBoost.  But the lift-off was a little better with the Epic React than the UltraBoost.  Both shoes had less stability in side-to-side movements than a traditional running shoe like Brooks (I really like Brooks for those days when I need a lot of stability in my foot and ankle especially when my plantar fasciitis acts up).  The Adidas footprint was slightly wider and longer than the Nike.  When wearing the UltraBoost, I feel like they were made for my foot and fit comfortably right away.  My initial reaction when trying on the Epic React was, “it’s not as comfortable as the UltraBoost”.  It was even more noticeable when I wore them side-by-side.  But as I continued to walk in the Epic React, they started to feel better — still less cushioning but comfortable nevertheless.  Traction was something else I noticed.  I think the UltraBoost has better traction (and it’s sturdier) because it is lined with Continental Rubber, which is a rubber made and developed by a tire company.  Adidas and Continental claim that with the rubber technology, every year since 2011, a new marathon record is broken.  This is 140-year technology.  Nike does not have Continental Rubber along the entire base of the sole.  They have an additional level of rubber on the heel and forefoot for better traction.  But in the store, I had better start and stop traction in the UltraBoost and when jumping, the UltraBoost allowed my foot to stay put when lifting from the ball of my foot better than the Epic React.
The Epic Reacts were nice enough for me to want to buy a pair and test them out.  I may purchase them from a store that will allow me to test them out for 30 days to see if they’re something I’d want to keep.  I’m partial to UltraBoost but I can see the Epic Reacts becoming a part of my shoe wardrobe for different reasons.  I really loved the color I tried on and now I’m going to have to hunt them down from a store.  I don’t know how helpful this comparison will be for you.  All of you will have to decide what you like better based on preference.  I would be curious to know what all of you think.  I value your opinions so much!
Adidas Deerupt Runner Shoes in Core Black/Chalk Pink Adidas Deerupt Runner Shoes in Core Black/Chalk Pink Adidas Deerupt Runner Shoes in Core Black/Chalk Pink

Adidas Deerupt Runner Shoes in Core Black/Chalk Pink

While trying on the UltraBoost and Epic Reacts, I noticed a new line of Adidas shoes — Deerupt Runner Shoes.  It caught my eye because of the webbing around the entire shoe.  It looked new-agey, sci-fi and I liked the pink sole.  I went on the Adidas website to read more about them.  Apparently, it was designed to be minimalist and the webbing is to provide some compression around the OrthoLite cushioned sock liner and lock the foot into the foam pockets molded into the shoe liner.  These shoes seemed wider than the UltraBoost.  I tried on my usual size 10 but I think I need to size down half a size in these shoes.  (I stay TTS dress shoe 9 in the NMDs).  The sole wasn’t as comfortable as Boost soles but I thought they looked very fashion forward.  I think people will either love them or hate them.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  These are shoes I’d get on markdown to mix up my athletic shoe collection.  But they’re not something I’d wear every day for comfort.  I’m going to go back and try them on longer and in a size down to see what I think of them.  I saw them styled with street clothes and I thought they looked pretty cool!  For $100, they priced much better.
  1. I rarely comment on blog posts, but this was so helpful to read. I feel like the Ultra Boosts are the best running shoe in the world for me. But I run 30-40 miles a week and reluctantly do run some runs in other shoes to prevent injuries. I was looking at those new Nikes and wondering how they compared. Thanks for this thorough comparison! It was really appreciated.

    1. Hi Kathleen! Thanks for posting. And you’re welcome. I’m glad these reviews were helpful. I was trying to be as unbiased as I could be. The Nikes are a great shoe as well. I’d be curious to know how you feel about them. When I was at the store, another runner came in to try the Nikes because for some reason, the UltraBoosts didn’t absorb enough shock for wind sprints and stairs. I honestly told him that if he’s not just running, he’d probably be better off with more supportive and stable soles. It’s quite fascinating how different body types are affected.

      I think the UltraBoosts are the best ever too!

  2. I tried the ultra boosts and didnt like that i couldnt lock my heel in place because of the sock knit around ankle. I also find adidas a tad wide in toe area so my feet feel like they would slide to the side when running. I do have narrow feet so I tend to like the brooks launch and ON cloudflows for the snug feel in toe box. I also have been trying Nike…which I never considered for running but they fit a bit narrower than adidas and seem to feel comfortable. I dont like super cushiony squishy shoes as i like to feel pavement and dont like the extra weight often associated with a more cushiony shoe. But cushion will save my knees in long term. I find everyone will have their personal preference based on what they like in a shoe. After buying 10 pairs I think I found my preferred shoes. Launch and ON cloudflows.

    1. We must have twin-feet Gymmie 😉 I felt exactly the same about Ultraboosts and I’ve been wearing On’s for a few years now. Have you ever worn Newtons? I did years ago and forget now why I moved away from them…debating trying them again!

    2. I really like Launch too. I have several pairs of Launches. The Ravennas are nice too. But Ghost does not work for me. Interesting, I don’t find the Boosts or Epic Reacts heavier. In fact, I think they feel lighter than my Brooks. Shoes are a very personal item. The PureBoosts might work better for you than the UltraBoosts.

    3. another down vote for ultra boosts for running due to the slippery heel “sock” nature of them (although they are very cute).

      i only wear brooks purecadence for running.

  3. Thank you sooo much for your post about the Epic React and Ultra Boost. I have been a long time Lunarglide runner but the newer 8 and 9 versions do not work for me. My Lunarglide 6 and 7 stockpile is almost gone so I have been heavily researching for another shoe to start transitioning into for my runs. The Epic React and Ultra Boost have been at the top of my list. I purchased a pair of Ultra Boost and I really like them so far for my runs. I have not bought a pair of Epic React yet. Traction and shoe responsiveness are important to me so I appreciate your thoughts. You pretty much answered my questions from your review. I still plan to buy a pair of Epic React. I love the new colorway releases this week…All the pinks 🙂 Thanks for your comments about the Deerupt too, their campaign ad speaks to me so I have been thinking about adding those to my weekend brunch attire. 🙂

    1. I’m definitely going to get a pair of Epic Reacts too. The question is what color? And will Nike have my size? LOL. But I do want to try a 10.5 before I commit on a size. I’m really liking the Deerupt too. It just adds a pop to a casual outfit that you see everyone wearing with sneakers. My hubby didn’t like them so much. LOL . . . I told him it’s because I’m the more fashionable one in the family. 🙂 He agreed!

    2. i love that I’m not the only one who loves expensive performance athletic shoes for “weekend brunch attire” LOL 🙂

  4. Thank you for this review. Just to share, I just bought the nike react odyssey as I was looking for a shoe with stability and cushioning because I do HIIT and my physiotherapist said my nike metcons are not supportive enough for plyometrics. I am currently experiencing foot pain and my physio said my feet were mildly flat although its still within normal range. With that said, I find the nike react odyssey’s super comfortable and it feels like I am walking on air because I usually wear training shoes and more support probably made me feel that way. My feet are narrow so I found the toebox fine and it was great after a HIIT cardio session. Perhaps I will try adidas next.

    1. I have semi-flat feet and ankle issues, which is why I wear custom orthotics. Without my orthotics, the Epic React weren’t as comfortable as UltraBoost. When I need more support, my physical therapist recommended Brooks. For my heavy lifting days, I use my Adidas weightlifting shoes which give me great support.. But I’d never wear them for HIIT classes. I think both the Epic React and Ultraboost are good for HIIT. But not so much for balance and stability stuff. I’d say the Epic Reacts are better than UltraBoost in that regard. I don’t really have wide feet but I like a lot of room in my athletic shoes. I’ve always been that way.

  5. I’m a distance runner (6+ Miles a day 5 days a week) and I love the new Nike Epic. I bought 3 pairs because I couldn’t decide on the color. These have great support and stability. I have high arches. My legs and feet feel great after. I used to wear Lunarlon but I hate the new style.

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