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Nothing for me today, how bout you guys? I am tempted by the Cool Breeze Water Bound Hoodie but it’s not something I really need so I’m holding off for now. If it comes out in any version of pink though, practical or not I will be buying it. Canada didn’t get that pretty petal pink Love Tee V that the US got for the upload, though if you saw my post from earlier today from Ms. K they are in some Canadian stores. I want to try on the Low Key Long Sleeve. I really like the drape and length in the back, but I am really dubious about lululemon burnout material. That material snags like a MOFO in Lululemon items. The Round Trip Jacket is another item I’m liking. I’ve tried it on before here ( Round Trip Jacket ) but I’m liking it way better in this new Merlot color.

Round Trip JacketRound Trip Jacket Round Trip Jacket

Water Bound HoodieWater Bound Hoodie

Love Tee VLove Tee V

Here To Move JacketHere To Move Jacket

Define JacketDefine Jacket

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew Reflective
Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew Reflective
Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew Reflective

Long Breath 2 – in 1 TankLong Breath 2-In-1 Tank Black:White Long Breath 2-In-1 Tank Black:White

Wunder Under Hi-Rise TightWunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Shibori

All Tied Up TankAll Tied Up Tank

Crescent Tee SilverCrescent Tee Silver

Mix & Mesh Crop
Mix & Mesh Crop
Mix & Mesh Crop

Low Key Long SleeveLow Key Long Sleeve

Train Times Fast Pace PantTrain Times Fast Pace Pant

Cool Raceback II Lined Up
Cool Racerback II Lined Up
Cool Raceback II Lined Up Wee Are From Space

  1. I see what you mean about the Water Bound Hoodie. Nothing I need but it’s so feminine in the softer colors. I’m definitely going to have to try it on. I’m liking the Mix & Mesh Crops. Looks promising to me. I’m also liking the patterned CRBs. I’ll probably wait to see if it gets marked down and then get one.

    1. Hi Mrs. O, I took your advice and bought my first ever Swiftly L/S. Surprisingly I could barely get my arms through a size 2 and mind you I have very thin arms! Sized up to a 4 and love the fit. Not too tight and just a little bit loose around the waist. Thanks for your advice again.

      1. It’s the same reason why I size up. For some reason, they cut the arm holes so small. I’m glad the size up worked for you. I always start with TTS then size up or down as necessarily when trying new items. I hope you love the Swiftly LS as much as I do!

    2. Water Bound Hoodie in Cool Breeze for me. I have one in light pink from several years ago and wear it often. It’s like a lightweight rash guard. Great for the beach or pool and you can wear it with shorts as streetwear, assuming you’re in a beach town environment. I also swim in mine if the sun is strong.

      1. Received the Water Bound Hoodie, and I’m very happy with it. The color is a little more intense than it looks on the website, which is a good thing. It’s not too sheer, which is also a plus.

        On the downside, they removed the cuff with key holder it used to have. True, I only used that feature once or twice, but it was still nice to have in a pinch.

  2. I might order the All Tied Up Tank in So Merlot. I’m a fan of the tank and would really like a top in this color. The Aligns are always tempting, but I really don’t need another pair in a slightly different color. On another note, what the heck were they thinking with the Can You Feel the Pleat Sweatpants? They definitely have me scratching my head!

    1. Just my humble opinion but I do think those pants are very cute. They look like Lulu’s attempt at the paper bag pant that is so popular right now. I love that model that is showcasing them and I think with a fitted top and cute heels they would look very chic and something you could use for the office. The dark grey colour is lovely but one negative is tencel fabric…not my fave but very light weight for spring/summer. I think I may order a pair! Also, not sure why they called them sweatpants?? There is nothing sweat-pantsy about them.

      1. It’s nice to read another perspective. I just know it would be the most unflattering pant on me. But the way you describe it paired with cute heels might work for a lot of people. Let us know how they work out for you.

      2. I was thinking the same- of course it’s lulu so they styled them in a sporty way but I was thinking I could style them up and have a decent alternative for work or evening.

  3. My wallet is safe. The round trip jacket is so pretty in blue but i have several defines with tags in my closet…i really dont reach for jackets much…and i typically dont wear lulu for casual…i guess i should…too expensive to wear to from gym couple times annually. I liked the tank mrs k pictured but it didnt upload…i have 3 of the toomey awakening tank and some other strappy ones…not sure i need another tank lol. I am trying to buy just 4 things a month rather than a week so i need to decide what i really want in march…and now a days nothing seems to sell out fast.
    So i can wait it out.

  4. Nothing for me either tonight. I like the Tied-up tank in So-Merlot but don’t love it. It started snowing here in Ottawa again so I’m not really in spring mood yet. I bought the Fit Like a Glove in the green shade in store last week and looking forward to warmer temps so I can wear it.

    Also, unpopular opinion but I actually like the look of the pleated pants. I may try them in store. I have about 11″ difference between my waist and hips (i’m 40″-29″-40″) and a lot of pants meant for more straight figures don’t flatter me. This one may….

  5. I like the So-Merlot tied up tank but I’ve tried both the lulu version and Gap version. The lulu version has different, softer fabric but the Gap one is also soft and looks the same IMO and with sales costs me less than $20. So I couldn’t justify it. I like the new blues/mints and dusty/pale pinks coming out.
    The Long Breath 2 in 1 tank reminds me of the Core Kicker tank which I have and really like so I may try that on markdown. No must-haves.

    1. I’m with you. I like the tied up tank but I get mine from Gap as well. I can’t justify the price difference for the Lulu one. I’d rather get another Lulu item. The Gap version is so close to the Lulu version that it makes it worthwhile to skip the Lulu version no matter the color. Gap also tends to offer more color choices.

    2. Thank you so much for leaving this comment re the Gap version. I need a top like this but will happily get the Gap one instead.

      BTW, along the same vein, I recently purchased a pair of Nike Epic Lux running capris (21.5 inseam) made of “Nike Power fabric” which to me, feels as soft, smooth, and sweat-wicking as luxtreme. They have one side pocket (right side) that is almost invisible. I’m 5 ft 2 and these are the perfect 7/8 pants on me. Very similar to where the Pace Rivals hit – right above the ankle. When on mark down and if you catch an extra 25% off sale which Nike runs often, they are a little over $50. I liked them so much I bought a second pair.

      1. Thanks for the tip! Gap always has 40% off codes and their version of the tie back tank frequently goes on sale. I’ve sometimes purchased them for under $15. FYI, I wear a size 4 in Lululemon for those types of tanks which equates to Gap XS. Thought you’d like to know. I made the mistake of ordering the wrong size initially.

    1. I saw on the lululemon subreddit that they are doing 20% off in store, but have not been able to get to my local store yet to confirm! I will be going later after work.

    2. They just (as in 45 minutes ago or so) confirmed on their Instagram that they are giving women 20% off in stores today only.

    3. Get to the store or do a store phone in order because everything is 20% off including already marked down items. It was the first shopping spree for me in ages. I lucked out with the already marked down Sleek Essential Jacket in Boysenberry paying only $71.00. I bought another Stress Less pullover, Fast As Light Pullover in Boysenberry, a l/s and s/s swiftly and Scuba Hoodie in the new heathered pink. I also returned two items I bought a few weeks ago and repurchased with the discount

      1. Thanks for the heads up everyone! I ended up picking up the jacket that I was on the fence about to try and also stock up on a few staple pieces that I enjoy in colors I don’t have yet (round trip jacket in merlot and green to try and 2 defines, a scuba, 2 fast and free tights and 3 swiftly L/S). It’s a great deal as I know these are items I would be more likely to put in rotation rather than keep in the back of my closet!

  6. Does anyone have experience wearing iviva styles?? I am a size 4 in lulu, fairly narrow hips. Looking at a crop they have on WMTM but have never tried their bottoms. Would I be size 14 there? Thanks!!

      1. THanks! A 12 sounds like it would be too small but that’s the number I’m hearing for my body and type when I tried finding reviews on it!!

  7. Looks like those two tone green tights are selling on *[facebook group] at outlets already….that was fast

    *facebook group name edited by Cristina

  8. Some of this looks old-school Lulu to me, which hopefully means there’s more to come! The mix & mesh tights in the blue are interesting… going to go try them on over the weekend.

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