Round Trip Jacket

Round Trip Jacket

Round Trip Jacket

Round Trip JacketRound Trip JacketRound Trip Jacket

Round Trip Jacket

This is an updated version of the Dance Studio Jacket and other similar iterations of swift jackets, but this one is made of Swift Ultra Fabric which is softer and has a different drape and it’s not reversible. I love the length of this jacket and some of the pleated detailing in the back, but for me the fit of this jacket was snug, not slim. Keep in mind though that I’m (temporarily) up 4lbs from my usual so I may well be properly a size 12 in jackets now and not a 10, but to me this fit like a Define Jacket and I always size up in Defines to a 12. Unfortunately I only grabbed size 10’s to try on so I wasn’t able to compare fits between the two sizes but I’m comfortable telling you to size up if you have a larger bust, wider shoulders or are curvy. This jacket is fitted so it will still look great sized up and it will feel more comfortable. As I said, I really love the length of this and the feminine details. I probably would have picked pelt, but I think I want to wait and see if this comes in Pow Pink or some other vibrant color.

  1. that is a cute jacket! they haven’t made a jacket like this in awhile. i especially like that it doesn’t have a hood. thanks for the review and sizing notes!

  2. Did the peplum stick out very far in the back or did it lay flat? It is hard to see the back in your pics. Thank you for your pictures and comments.

  3. It’s too bad Christina that you couldn’t try on a size up because this jacket is definitely a size up jacket. I always wear a size 6. I have narrow shoulders and was worried about sizing up but the size 6 was just too snug. Hallelujah, the size 8 fits perfectly. I never wore the Dance Studio Jacket because it was too snug a fit but this jacket when sizing up is a really nice comfortable fit for me. I wore a Swiftly l/s under it no problem. Although this jacket is lined, overall the jacket is quite thin and can easily be worn under other jackets or just worn as a l/s zippered top. I love the ruching detail and the length but I wish it had thumbholes. I bought this in pelt and love the dark rich colour. I was also happy to see it priced at $128 and it’s probably the best $128. I have spent at LLL in a long time. I believe that is the US price so I was expecting it to be more here in Canada. Also, I got a sea wheeze bag with my purchase and it’s a gorgeous bag with a different scene on each side. As for the Press Pause Jacket, it’s just another short zip up hoodie, nothing special about this jacket at all for $118. I also saw a new bright blue Swiftly s/s which I didn’t like at all. All three stores I went to today did not have the 4″ inseam Speed Up short, I don’t know what the hold up is getting these in our stores.

    1. Thank you for verifying that it is in fact a size up design. I think I would have probably liked it a lot more had it been the size up. It is quite nice and I may end up getting one. Pelt is gorgeous!

      1. I think you will love this jacket once you size up and yes pelt in the swift fabric is gorgeous. This jacket in a size up is not as snug as the DSJ was on me. I really like that this will double as a fall/winter top or as a lightweight jacket, I love love love it. By the way Christina, did you buy the pow pink Swiftly? I never saw it in store and was wondering just how bright a pink it is?

  4. Thank you for the try-on review, Cristina! Cute jacket and the Pelt color looks great on you! Did you zip up the jacket all the way up the collar, by any chance? The collar looks like it’s looser and might “lie down” a little, if that makes sense.

  5. Very cute jacket on you. I think the size up will be perfect for you. The ruching detail on the back is what I’m drawn to.

    @CT, my stores did not have the 4″ Speed Up Short also. I’m hoping they might get it in sometime this week.

  6. Speaking of colours for the Round Trip Jacket it got me thinking about last Fall/Winter colours were mostly the typical black, white, with the only colours being olive and darkest magenta in the Rush Hour, First Mile Jackets and a lot of their l/s rulu 1/2 zip tops. These two new jackets come in both pelt and olive which seems to be mimicking last year colours. Would they really follow another Fall/Winter season with basically the same colours?

    1. I also hope there is more diversity in jacket colors. I actually think this is a promising jacket (at least it’s not boxy) so I especially appreciate the fit review and comments above.

      I was a size up from my Define and CRB in the original DSJ; I am guessing that will be the case for this piece as well.

      Speaking of which, I own the original DSJ in Plum from almost exactly 4 years ago. Pelt looks like a somewhat similar color to Plum, though admittedly more brown and less reddish purple. (Pelt probably looks a bit closer to Bordeaux Drama on my computer screen.)

      Would anyone mind doing a color comparison between Pelt, BD, Plum and other comparable dark neutrals in this family? I would be super-grateful. I adore olive colors, but I already own jackets in that color way, though nothing in this fabric. TIA. 🙂

  7. While I like the ruching detail on the back of the jacket, the front is way too plain. The little horizontal strip of ruching under the bust just isn’t enough. And to read one the comments that states this jacket doesn’t have thumbholes? The DSJ or the In Flux jacket look far superior – if i were looking for a style like this, I would hunt one down on eBay, posh, or FB.

  8. I know you say it’s snug but it looks fantastic on you! I’ve noticed your weight loss since crossfit but this jacket really enhances it and makes your waist look fantastic! If the 12 provides a similar effect you need it.

  9. I will hand it to LLL for finally making a jacket with some decent details that is not boxy. But I would never wear this over my Dance Studio Jacket (from 2012, in mint condition). The Round Trip Jacket is just not that special or as flattering. (And right, not even any thumb hole cuffs!) I’d maybe buy this on major markdown to $79, not even $99.

  10. This just makes me miss the DSJ. To me, there’s a disconnect between the front and back of this jacket. Like two design elements that were added but don’t flow continuously from front to back. And I agree with Samantha the front looks too plain and, to me, unbalanced somehow. It’s “ok” but a far cry from old Lulu IMHO.

  11. So… someone decided that we needed a new jacket like the DSJ, but not the DSJ. Who makes that call? I’m thinking it’s the head of merchandise, not the lead designer, right? I’m just curious because we always blame Lee Holman for depriving us of the classics so he can push his crappy designs, but I’m not sure he’s the one making that decision.

    And I would also rather wear my plum DSJ, though I guess I’m glad they’re adding some details back to jackets.

  12. I tried this jacket on at Lulu this wknd. I wear at size 4 in all lulu tanks and bras, shorts and leggings. I size up to 6 on scubas for a roomier fit. I have *many* Daily Practice Jackets in size 4 purchased in spring 2016. This jacket is most definitely a size up to a 6. I really, really liked it actually. Before I pull the trigger, I’d like to see a few more color options. Otherwise I may settle with black because I liked the design. The length is really good actually. It feels like vintage lulu to me, which I think is uber great.

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